Where to Find Cheap RV Insurance

Modern RVs may cost fortunes, as they are exposed to road accidents, forces of nature, breakdowns and our lack of attention the right RV insurance is necessary......

        A recreational vehicle or RV for short is your home on wheels (at least for the period of your vacation).

These days increasingly more and more people use RVs when going on a holiday.

Although not always it is less expensive solution, but certainly it offers great mobility (without exhausting alternatives of “packing/unpacking” in hotels), more privacy and much appreciated customization allowing for “home-away from home” ambiance.

Many of these mobile homes are quite expensive and even when unused and stored on the driveway they are still exposed not only to the forces of nature but also to robbers. Adding to that potential “collision” damages when on the road sends the clear signal: you need the right RV insurance plan, plan that is inexpensive but covers possible damages within your level of tolerance.

The RV insurance is designed for people who own recreational vehicles such as truck campers, motor homes, fifth wheels, and travel trailers. Being covered by RV insurance can help the finances when there is any accident encountered with your RV.

By choosing the right RV insurance coverage, owners of these recreational vehicles can have peace of mind and enjoy the trip. In case of breakdowns, you do not have to worry anymore because the repair costs and replacements are covered by the insurance company.

Regular auto insurance protects the driver and vehicle only. A recreational vehicle insurance coverage is like a combination between a home insurance and car insurance since recreational vehicles are considered as home by insurance companies.

Where to get Recreational Vehicle Insurance

There are many companies that provide insurance for recreational vehicles. Among the best are Sam's Club, RV America Insurance and The Hartford.

Here are some considerations before buying RV insurance:


When you are using an RV, there are a lot of things that are being kept inside. These things may be of medium to high value so make sure that you are getting an insurance that covers everything that can be found inside the RV including the vehicle itself. A good insurance policy will not charge extra for this.

Things that are attached on your RV such as satellite dish or antenna must also be covered by your policy.

It also helps to ask about the collision coverage that is being offered. For example, in case your RV catches fire, can it be replaced at the prevailing market value? Or it is damaged by the forces of nature like for example the falling tree, or by vandalism…..


For overwhelming majority of us, the rate is an important factor when buying the insurance. Read the coverage and the rates so that you can compare with other policies that are being offered to you.

Shop around

Do not get the first one that comes along. There are a lot of insurance policies for recreational vehicles. Get a quotation from other companies first before finally deciding which one you are going to get.

Consider Personal Liability Insurance

It is suggested to get coverage in case a road accident happens. You have to be protected when you or someone else is inside the vehicle.

Discounts and other Benefits

Insurance companies may offer discounts so you can ask your agent or the company itself if they offer any. Some insurance policies have other benefits such as roadside assistance, 24-hour emergency plan, and others.

Just make sure that you read everything first and ask about clarifications that you may have before you sign the deal. Although we all know very well that nothing is for free, we still want to get the most out of our money at lowest risk.

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