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Pop-up camper for winter vacations? Learn from experience of those that lived such adventures, read opinions and tips….

Pop-up campers are an innovative twist on the traditional camper trailers with the added feature of being able to expand the roof by several extra inches through the use of a folded canvas.

This can be a highly useful feature for someone looking to have a trailer with enough extra space to be able to walk around comfortably while also being able to fold up to a size that is compact enough to fit in a standard garage.

There is a large debate as to whether or not pop-up campers can deal with the harsher atmospheric climate of the winter season.

Here are a few forms that discuss the topic in detail and offer valuable advice for you to be able to make an educated decision if you are in the market for a new camper.

This is a great discussion that touches on the issue of pop-up campers in the winter and how they compare to a standard camper. There appear to be mixed opinions on the subject with some people leading toward the preference of a standard camper due to the fact that the canvas makes a poor insulator. Dissenting opinions suggest that if you carry a good heater and protect your canvas from mice damage, the pop-up campers can perform equally well. The full discussion can be seen at:

Texas Bow Hunter

This discussion revolves more around how one can solve insulation issues with pop-up campers by adding custom modifications. One user suggests that simple two cm foam insulation wrapped around the outside of the canvas and covered by a cloth to protect from atmospheric moisture is an excellent way to remedy any potential heat issues that one might run into. Check out the rest of the discussion, which includes other great solutions at :
SurvivaList Boards


This forum largely deals with problems that one might run into with managing a heating system to accompany your pop-up camper. Some users make the argument that built-in heating systems for many pop-up campers are not able to tolerate high altitudes and sometimes fail. On the other hand, one user offered the suggestion to start heating before you pop up the roof. See the rest of this discussion at:


This is a discussion that poses several other creative solutions to dealing with preserving heat in a pop-up camper in the winter, including the use of an extra tarp outside the canvas, purchasing a high-quality sleeping bag as well as several others. You can read the rest at:

Zombie Hunters

Though not technically a forum, this blog offers a great deal of winter pop-up camper advice, as well as the comments section for added opinions by other users. For example you may like to see Best Winter Beach Camping Gataways at:

Camping Blogger

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