About Alaskan Truck Campers

The Alaskan truck camper has a pop up top that allows for more headroom.

If you have a truck and want a great truck camper, you might consider on of these truck campers.

It is easy enough to find a 2001 camper with the popup top in certain areas of the country.

If you travel to Alaska, you will see that many people drive the truck campers and have fun going into areas that regular campers cannot fit.

I have seen these campers called cab over, and there are many new and used campers advertised online at various websites. I ran across an advertisement for a 2002 in Kansas and one in Iowa for sale. The price was affordable and I am sure they will go quickly. They generally have a stove, portable potty, icebox, water tank and in some cases a microwave, although you can add a microwave yourself if they do not come with one already.

If you have a chance to find on of these popup campers, you will find yourself with a good deal. You can find some older models as well that are in great shape for a good price. I have seen people selling the cab over for as low as one thousand dollars. This was for a camper in nice shape with many accessories. You can look around and find a nice looking camper with appropriate ties downs to attach to your truck.

The Alaskan truck camper has been around for many years, there are people selling a used camper popup as old as a 1970. As you see, you might not have heard much about them until lately, but they have been around for many years. If you were lucky enough to find a cheap one, you would have found a good deal for a truck camper.

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