Alma Vintage Travel Trailer

The manufacturer of Alma Travel Trailers was the Alma Trailer Corporation formed in 1934 by William and Harold Redmond and Allen Hathaway.

Allen was also the designer and patentee of the trailer.

The manufacturing plant was located at Alma, Michigan. Alma travel trailers were produced from 1934 until 1960’s.

The most successful models included Silvermoon, Liberator and Challenger.

Alma trailers were especially known for their easy manoeuvrability and haulage.

Special care was taken by the company’s engineers to make the trailer properly balanced, the undercarriage properly positioned and the material used to build the trailer light.

A lot of effort was also assigned to the design of the hitch to make sure it will not put an extra load on the rear axle.

Alma Silvermoon

Alma Silvermoon model was released in 1945. The company called it “America’s most livable trailer”. The width of the trailer was 8 feet and the length – amazing 50 feet making it a real mobile home. The trailer also went by the name of “85”. Silvermoon was particularly attractive because of its dormers up front above the hitch. Dormers provided additional space and light because of their protruding nature. They were fitted with glass windows. The trailer had two doors and a trapdoor at the rear door opened for trunk space.

1946 Alma Travel Trailer


Liberator Special

Liberator is one of the popular models from the stables of Alma. In 1945 the company introduced the Liberator Special model with many new features. The manufacturers called the model Trailodge, instead of somehow “uninspiring” name ‘trailer’. The overall length of the model was 18’2”. The interior space was only six inches less than the overall length due to its aluminum panelled exteriors and complete insulation. The trailer was engineered to be pulled easily by almost any type of vehicle with minimum power.

The trailer was fitted with tasteful décor and fixtures. A full size, restful bed in its own compartment, a modern kitchenette with ample drawers, cupboards and working space provided extra comfort for traveling and living inside the trailer. The doors and windows came with screens. The lantern rooftop of the model added extra headspace for the travellers and additional natural light. The Liberator Special was perfect for two and large enough for four.

Alma Travel Trailer: By all accounts this is really a Mobile Home.....

Alma G 29

Alma G 29 model was introduced in 1952. The overall length of the trailer was 28’6” (kind of “mid-size” model between gigantic Silvermoon and modest Liberator). It was 8ft wide. The trailer had one bedroom and one bathroom. It had tandem axles, electric brakes and two gas bottles. Side walls were made of treated steel and exterior panels painted with baked enamel. The better-than-average drawer, cupboard and wardrobe space made life of the travellers more comfortable compared to a “typical” comparable trailer of those times.

The “heliarc” welded (very precise welding process making use of tungsten electrode and helium gas), watertight, with sheet aluminium roof adding extra security to trailer’s occupants, Alma G29 was a fruit of very advanced design and manufacturing process. The Venetian blinds on the windows gave the interiors a rich look. The toilet and bathroom were tastefully decorated with tiled walls, shower and medicine chest. The kitchenette was spacious and modern with tiled walls, state-of-the-art stove, refrigerator, spacious counter and cabinets.

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