Aluminum Truck Campers

Truck campers share the concept of motor homes and fifth wheels. 

Like motorhomes –these campers are “integrated” into the truck (they fit into the truck bed so they are not trailers).

 However similarly to fifth wheels – they are detachable allowing its owner to use the truck for daily needs.

Typically, truck campers are made of aluminum and fiberglass materials (believe or not - many camper manufacturers still use wood as the construction material). 

Thanks to this design, truck campers are not only impressively sturdy but also lightweight. As the outcome - they do not have big impact on the fuel efficiency of the truck.

The most known and recognizable manufacturers making all-aluminum truck campers are Livin Lite, Arctic Fox and Sun Lite.

Camplite is an example of an “all-aluminum” ultra-light truck camper from Livin Lite. It is available in several models - designed for more fuel-efficient trucks (small trucks, short-bed truck, half-ton trucks etc…).  The “all-aluminum” design means that the floor is aluminum, framing is aluminum and even the cabinets are aluminum. Additionally the hard-sided exterior walls are protected by special paint guarantying that Camplite models will stand the test of time and will last very long time.

Most Camplite models have amenities of a larger truck camper including full LP package, bathroom, standard dinette table…..

Tour of the Livin Lite all-aluminum truck camper....

Arctic Fox is another famous brand of aluminum truck campers, which produces sturdy weight saving aluminum frame constructed campers. They are four season campers made to withstand the harshest weather conditions. Their design is distinctive and thanks to enclosed, insulated and heated holding tank area, they provide excellent protection from freezing.

Sun-Lite truck camper, model 800

Sun Lite truck campers made by Sun Valley are actually pop up truck campers boasting the lightweight feature and durability thanks to aluminum, which they are made of. Even better, they have the low profile roof-line which allows for greater clearance when navigating on the roads. Offering all the main features, Sun Lite truck campers are ideal for anglers, and hunters, especially when maintenance, which is very easy is concerned.

Visitor's story.....

I have seen an aluminum truck camper such as the Artic Fox camper, which was very spacious inside and had all the accessories one could possibly need.

It was a beautiful camper inside and out. Although the one I seen was not a popup camper, it had plenty of headroom for the people who owned it.

I believe it was a 2006 and very nicely decorated inside as well.

The people where traveling all over and had been to many state campgrounds including Maine.

I seen a Sunlite camper that was a 2005 in Maryland that was also a nice truck camper and it had a popup camper with as much room as any other truck camper.

The tastefully decorated camper with oak woodwork and cabinets looked beautiful. It had a kitchen, bedroom, portable toilet and many little accessories for convenience. I was quite impressed with this camper.

Some truck campers are made of fiberglass, although the type of material is important, it is also important to have an inside that meets all your needs as well. Therefore, some people have aluminum campers because the inside does suit their needs better. Either one is good for any weather conditions and withstands many different conditions.

The aluminum truck camper is popular among many campers and it does not need any special care. Whether you buy a 1980 or 2006 camper with a popup or not, you will be getting an exceptional camper that, you can travel in all over the country. It does have advantages with gas prices being so high today, you do not have to tow a pop up camper behind and use a little more gas. Therefore, these campers serve their owners well. You need to be able to enjoy camping, and this is just another way to have fun.

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