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An ATV pop up trailer is a vehicle that is widely used all around the world especially in the USA, because you can travel with it to the wildest areas.

Some people say that the real camping is the off terrain camping. ATV stands for All Terrain Vehicle, which means that these tent trailers are able to be towed on dirt roads as well, therefore they can reach places where other types of pop ups cannot go.

ATVs have a different construction and their most important parts are the wheels and tires. The wheels and tires of an ATV pop up trailer are bigger and stronger that the usual ones and they are also made using different materials. The suspension system of the vehicle is different as well, which makes it suitable for country roads and forest roads as well.

Why to have an ATV?

ATV pop up trailers have a lot of benefits. Since camping is the most exciting and enjoyable when it is in the wilderness, having such a pop up camper can give you the peace and quiet you need. With an ATV you can go to places that other campers cannot go to, and enjoy more time in nature without having a lot of people around. ATV pop up camper trailers will be easier to tow no matter how bad the road is.

Manufacturers and Models of ATV pop up campers

SylvanSport Go

ATV pop up trailers are not so easy to find, but there are some companies that manufacture them. One of the best brands for ATV trailers is SylvanSport. The trailers made by SylvanSport are lightweight and they assure a smooth ride on any terrain. They are great for driving out into the woods with your boat or hiking gear, and they also offer a warm and dry place to sleep at night.

The SylvanSport Go ATV camper is just as functional as it is durable and easy to use. It can be pulled by the smallest cars, yet it has a spacious interior. It is great as a family trailer, but also perfect when you go out for an adventure with friends. If you love to camp, go hiking, fishing or biking you will find it very useful.

It has a structure which makes it one of the best ATV trailers on the market, with high-floatation tires and good suspension geometry. It comes with a durable all aluminum frame which makes it lightweight, a Thule compatible rack system and a Kelty pop up tent structure. It has a low profile design for minimum drag and super fuel efficiency, which makes driving easier.


- Trailer Size (closed travel mode) 138 x 74 x 51 in
- Interior Floor Dimension 48 x 84 in
- Trailer Size (open travel mode 138 x 74 x 79 in
- Trailer Size (Camping Mode) 167 x 124 x 106 in
- Weight (unloaded) 800 lbs
- Front Storage Capacity 9 cu ft
- Standing Height (camping mode) 87 in


- light weight at 840 lbs
- Torsion suspension for smooth load control
- 13” ground clearance and high flotation tires for off-road use
- UV resistant plastic storage boxes
- Waterproof gear storage
- 1000 lb. load capacity
- Control-Tilt™ cargo bed with pneumatic dampening system
- Self lubricating hubs
- Cast aluminum wheels
- Spare tire
- LED lighting
- Reinforced diamond-plate flooring for heavy loads (up to 1000 lbs)
- Waterproof electrical system
- Insulated bed platforms for snug sleeping
- Stargazing windows
- Custom self-inflating air mattress from Pacific Outdoor Equipment
- Equal to a King-size and a half of sleeping surface

Livin Lite QuickSilver ATV Motorcycle trailer

The QuickSilver ATV camper trailer is ultra light and suitable for camping in the wilderness. This pop up tent trailer can be easily towed by a motorbike, and it unfolds into a safe sleeping area. It even has a comfortable living area where you can have a nice time when the weather is bad and a cozy night no matter where you are. The Quicksilver ATV camper can also come with a camouflage tent, so if you want to get lost in nature and forget the world for a while, you can fit in more with such a pop up tent trailer.


Overall Length (travel) 8 '- 9"
Overall Length (open) 14' - 0"
Overall Width 42"
Box Size 42"W x 65"L
GVWR (lbs.) 600 lbs.
Dry Weight (lbs.) 420 lbs.
Load Carrying Capacity 180
Hitch Weight 40 lbs.
Tire Size 8"
Sleeping Capacity 2


- 12V electrical system
- overhead fan/light
- outlet to power a TV or Radio
- storage rack on top
- cooler rack
- rear LED tail lights
- all aluminum frame

Buying ATV pop up campers

The two ATV pop up campers mentioned above can be purchased through the websites of the manufacturers, where you can also locate stores and dealers in your area. Since ATV tent trailers tend to be quite expensive, it is also worth to look at second hand ones on websites such as Yakaz or eBay.

Visitor's Story

An air conditioner for pop up camper can be very comfortable when traveling in your with your trailer. An ATV pop up might not need air conditioning but you may want consider the options.Camping can be a lot of fun when you have all the luxuries of home. Air conditioning just happens to be one of them.

Supplying the tent pop up trailer with this accessory will help with very hot weather, especially if you’re in Arizona. You can haul your ATV’s and camp all in one. This permits for a great outdoor experience. The truck pop up trailer is also another way to transport your ATV’s.

The ATV pop up trailer comes equipped with a place to sleep and can be towed behind any vehicle you choose. The camper length when opened up can be as long as seven feet and eleven feet wide.

This provides for enough room to sleep two or three people. The idea behind this trailer is more for recreational ATV enthusiasts.

Alaska and Alabama have some territories that are best seen on ATV’s, so the ATV pop up trailer becomes a necessary when traveling to these states to do some adventurous riding. The canvas is waterproof and the windows and screens are made of a strong material. The zippers are made to with stand weather also.

The whole idea behind the ATV pop up must have been thought about by an avid ATV rider. The trailer concept of being able to haul your ATV to your destination and then use the trailer as a camper is definitely for short term camping but can be accommodating when needed.

I have a Coleman pop up trailer and am very comfortable. The ATV pop up trailer probably would not be the ideal way for me to go camping. I am too comfortable with all the accessories that my tent pop up trailer has to offer me. I couldn’t even convince my wife to change styles.

The ATV pop up camper is also great for an extra pop up in case you have overnight guests when camping. If you have an ATV and a trailer pop up that you tow along with you, this sure is a plus for guests who need to stay the night. If you are an avid ATV rider then the comforts probably won’t matter much. You can make it a little more comfortable by adding a few available options.

ATV pop up trailers can be found at any ATV dealer as well as truck pop up trailer dealers. The classifieds is also another way to find a pop up camper. The best way to find the right size and accessories is probably to look through a dealer web site and then you will have more of an idea as to what size you need.

The ATV pop up trailer can be used for everyday camping by just adding some comfortable bedding and accessories. It is basically the same as a tent except it is of the ground. Searching the classifieds should help you obtain some places to buy an ATV pop up trailer and can also help you find another ATV if you want one.

Sometimes you find them as a set. The trailer pop up and the ATV come together as a package deal. This is also one way to start out if you are new to ATV riding and camping. The best way to start is to start out slow, you need to get used to the ride and the sleeping quarters.

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