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AutoHome manufactures some of the most advanced hard-shell roof-top tents especially designed for adventurers exploring vast swaths of wilderness....

       AutoHome is a brand name of roof-top tents manufactured by an Italian company Zifer (primary business since 1958). 

The company located in Montovano (Northern Italy) has large global distribution network and in North America is represented by AutoHomeUS (Carson City, Nevada). Well, to keep this presentation short, let’s quote here company’s statement: AutoHome – “The place where the latest in aerospace materials, European fabrics and Italian design are artfully blended with old-world craftsmanship.”

      Their RTT portfolio includes the following series:

  • Air-Top: designed for all-seasons and Includes 4 models

Autohome hard-shell roof top tent in road configuration


51”/57” x 83” x 12” (closed)


119 lbs to 130 lbs

54 kg to 59 kg


3k$ to 3.6k$

  • Columbus: includes several models of RTTs in 2 versions -  Variant and Carbon Fiber. The latter offers the lightest AutoHome models of roof-top tents

Columbus roof-top tent: here ready to use



51” /57”/63” x 83” x 12” (closed)

51”/57” x 91” x 12”

Carbon Fiber

51”/57” x 83” x 12” (closed)


114 lbs to 141 lbs

(52 kg to 64 kg)

92 lbs to 103 lbs

(42 kg to 47 kg)


3 k$ to 3.7 k$

4.8 k$ to 5.7 k$

Both series:  Air-Top and Columbus are powered by gas-rams and can be fully set-up in in just few seconds. 

  • Maggiolina: It includes several models of RTTs in 4 versions. The Carbone Fiber one offers the most advanced and lightest design.


Grand Tour

51”/57” x 83” x 14” (closed)

63” x 85” x 14”

AirLAnd Plus

51”/57” x 83” x 12” (closed)

63” x 85” x 12”

51”/57” x 91” x 12”


51”/57” x 83” x 13” (closed)

Carbon Fiber

51”/57”/ x 83” x 12” (closed)


128 lbs to 161 lbs 

(58 kg to 73 kg)

123 lbs to 158 lbs

(56 kg to 72 kg)

143 lbs to 152 lbs

(65 kg to 69 kg)

101 lbs to 108 lbs

(46 kg to 49 kg)


3 k$ to 3.9 k$

3 k$ to 3.9 k$

3.1 k$ to 3.9 k$

5 k$ to 6 k$

     While all AutoHome RTTs are resigned for “demanding” weather conditions, at low temperatures it is recommended to fit the tent with an optional winter hood. It is an impermeable membrane that when fitted over the tent will form an extra highly reflective layer of thermal insulation.

The company also offers several accessories like for example changing room, winter hood, awning, anti-condensation mat, interior storage pockets and more…

However, the 87” long, adjustable aluminum alloy ladder rated for loads of up to 750 lbs comes as the standard feature.

Maggiolina Carbon Fiber.

Maggiolina Carbon Fiber roof-top tent

      The largest model measures 57” x 83” x 12” when closed while opened offers 35” of headroom (mattress to ceiling).  The shell is made from carbon fiber bonded correspondingly w/ coating (roof) and foam (bottom platform). These two crucial elements make it lite (108 lbs) and incredibly strong. Layers of thermal insulation (foam in bottom platform and thermal foil ceiling) offer comfort in any weather conditions (rain, snow, wind etc…). To limit exterior noise, the tent has also acoustic insulation. 

Sidewalls are made from Dralon®. This synthetic fabrics is specially designed as waterproof and highly breathable. The latter property is of crucial importance as it allows natural exchange of air and moisture preventing this way water condensation!

Altogether, thanks to modern materials the tent is resistant to light (UV, discoloration), dirt and mildew.

       Most AutoHome RTTs have gas-rams assisted auto-opening systems. In other words, the whole set-up process takes seconds. Well, the Maggiolina models come with manual opening system (crank-driven shafts and scissor lifts). It offers possibility to manually adjust tensions and so provide better resistance to strong winds. As the matter of fact, thanks to crank-up design Maggiolina tents are designed to withstand (actually to provide comfortable and quite sleeping) winds reaching up to 50 mph. 

When closed, tent’s low profile (12”) and sleek design does not add much to aerodynamic drag.  Combined with light-weight it is an excellent choice from the point of view of road handling and fuel efficiency. However, with the cost of about 6k$ (plus tax and shipping) it is a definitely a heavy load for the valet.

The tent comes with 54” x 72” x 3.2” thick” closed-cell” foam mattress, stainless-steel mounting kit and 87” long (adjustable) aluminum-alloy ladder (tested for 750 lbs load).

Columbus Carbon Fiber

Columbus Roof-Top tent fully opened (above) and folded (below)

      The smallest of two models measuring 51” x 83” x 12” (when closed) is designed for two adults. Weighting only 92 lbs, it is the lightest one from the family of all roof-top tents offered by AutoHome. Similarly as the Maggiolina CF model, its roof and bottom platform (incorporating foam-based thermal barrier) are made from the ultra-lite carbon fiber.  However, in contrast to Mggiolina, Columbus’ side-walls are made from synthetic Airtex®. 

Thanks to advanced gas-rams based opening system and locking mechanism the tent can be set-up literally in split second. 

Standard interior features include mattress (48” x 79” x 2.6”), two inner side-pockets, ceiling-mounted cargo net, two arched side doors with mosquito nets and dual overlapping rear doors with variable opening system for privacy and controlled ventilation.

Summarizing: ultra-lite, aerodynamic (sleek, low-profile design), easy to set-up/fold-down, factory-equipped with usefull features,  the Columbus CF is probably one of the best roof-top tents.

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Well, they are pricey, however if you decide that indeed it is something for you, take advantage of being closer to the sky and enjoy the new view of the Milky Way :-) 

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