Beach Camping Gear

Beach campers must have some basic beach camping gear in order to fully enjoy time on the beach; let’s see the list of basic items not to forget….

Beach camping is a fantastic way to really enjoy all the fun that the beach has to offer. 

It is one of the least expensive ways of spending time during weekends or holidays.

Beach camping offers campers a completely different camping experience.

When preparing for the beach camping campers must have some basic beach camping gear in order to fully benefit day(s) on the beach.

This gear can be divided into groups, which are equally important.


  • Tents – Having a good and suitable tent is very important. There are many different types of tents: single and double walled tents, A-frames, dome tents, hoops, and tepees. Which one you will choose depends on your needs.
  • Ground tarps – This will keep the bottom of the tent dry and prevent punctures caused by small stones or sticks.
  • Stakes – They will help in case you want to put up tarp for additional shade.
  • Axe and hammer : They are essential for mounting the tent.
  • Dust pan and brush:  Since you'll be camping on the beach, there is always a possibility of bringing the sand inside the tent. Dustpan and brush will help you clean the tent. 
  • Tables and chairs: Folding chairs are very suitable for sitting around the campfire. 
  • Lantern and flashlights- These are essential part of the beach camping gear for the nights.


Beach shelter for kids - cabana

  • Sleeping bags- There are different sleeping bags designs and also different types of insulators in sleeping bags. Down-filled sleeping bags are a bit expensive but may last two or three times longer than synthetic-filled sleeping bags. They are also softer. On the other hand, synthetic-filled sleeping bags are very convenient because they can be washed in dried in washing and drying machines.
  • Sleeping pads- They provide cushioning and insulation. Their main purpose is to insulate your body from cold surface.
  • Air mattress and a pump-This equipment is for those who want a little more comfort.
  • Pillows and blankets- There are many different types and designs of pillows and blankets that are used while beach camping. Blankets are very useful if the nights are a bit colder.


  • Camp stove- There are different types of camping stoves-solid fuel stoves, which uses fuel like alcohol gel or "hex" blocks. They are easy to use, safe, and reliable. Unpressurized liquid stoves, which use methanol, are also easy to use. Pressurized liquid stoves, which use Coleman fuel, unleaded petrol, and paraffin, are very fast and efficient. Gas stoves, which use gas fuel are easy to use, easy to maintain and easy to clean.
  • Cookware- This type of camping gear includes frying pan, pot for boiling water, plates, bowls, forks, spoons, knives, cups. If you don’t like washing the dishes than disposable cups and plates will be perfect.
  • Kitchen supplies- include kitchen towel, can opener, thermos flash, salt and pepper, sponge and dish soap, food storage containers, matches or lighter, coolers/ice, bucket.

Check new models and shapes of beach umbrellas :-)


  • Swimwear
  • Beach shoes and sandals
  • Beach towels and mats
  • Hat and visors
  • Beach umbrellas – wood pole umbrellas, fiberglass umbrellas, vented beach umbrellas, clamp-on umbrellas, canopies and cabanas,
  • Sunscreens and tanning lotions
  • Beach chairs – low and high seat chairs, beach loungers, canopy beach chairs, sling beach chairs, lawn and deck chairs
  • Beach inflatable – beach balls, beach boats, loungers, and rafts
  • Beach bags – beach tote bags, cooler beach bags, canvas beach bags, beach backpacks, towel beach bags, waterproof cases



  • Personal medication
  • Bandages
  • Plaster strips
  • Sterile Gauze
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Sanitary towels
  • Pain relievers
  • Antiseptic cream
  • Sunburn lotion
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Scissors
  • Eye wash/eye drops
  • Mosquito repellent spray
  • Bug spray


  • Broom
  • Plastic bags for rubbish
  • All purpose cleaner
  • Laundry bag

Visitor's story.....

Camping at a beach is a unique experience.

Whether you camp on an ocean beach or at a lake or river RV park there is some beach camping gear that you wouldn’t use camping in the woods.

Yet much of what you will use beach camping is also used by folks who prefer other camping venues.

Things like grills, outdoor folding tables and chairs, bed linens, dishes and cooking pots all can be used to you make camping easier no matter where you camp or what kind of mobile home or tent you have.

Some clothing items you may need at the beach are swim suits, bathing caps, beach shoes or flip-flops and sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat.

Kids playing on the beach should wear a life jacket. Everyone in the party should know how to swim. If you have a boat and the beach RV park allows it, you can fish or just cruise the coast. Everyone on board should wear a life jacket. Check with the RV park or state and local authorities to see if you need a permit to fish. Also find out if it is OK to put ashore.

Don’t forget to bring the fishing poles, water skis and jet skis. Again find out if there are rules about how far from shore you must be or if skis are even allowed in the area.

Be aware that sandy ocean beaches can have shells and other debris washed up by the tide or trash left behind by inconsiderate campers. So wear sandals and make sure the kids do also.

Folding chairs and tables for eating outdoors are a must and sun worshipers will want folding chaise lounges, suntan lotion or sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or more. Sunglasses and hats are advisable for everyone.

If you are going to camp at a fresh water beach, be aware that the area is likely forested. Gear for this type of beach camping is a combination of standard camping gear and ocean beach supplies.

Fishing, boating, water and jet skiing can all be enjoyed in fresh water as well as in the ocean. Many hunters also are Rvers and camp near a lake or river as a base camp. Since hunting season in most areas is during the fall and winter, warm clothing is a necessity. You will also want sturdy boots, warm hats, gloves and maybe even earmuffs.

Check with local authorities about what permits or licenses will be needed. Be careful about campfires, you may need a permit for that also. Never keep a loaded gun in your RV. It is not only dangerous but illegal in most states. Most outdoor/camping stores carry gun racks or cases that can help you transport your firearms safely.

Who would ever have thought that guns could be considered camping gear? One caution, many campgrounds both public and private forbid the possession of weapons on campground property. So check before you go.

The type of food you bring depends on your taste and storage ability. You don’t want to bring a lot of fresh or frozen food, if you don’t have the ability to keep it from spoiling. So when planning your camping trip, be sure to bring coolers of ice, or even better, an extra electric freezer.

Beach camping is becoming more popular all the time. People like the idea of being able to enjoy sun, surf and sand without spending a lot of money on hotels and restaurant meals. So you will likely find more outdoor and camping stores devoting more advertising to beach camping gear.

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