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What is the best RV motor home to buy? The answer is:  there is no “best RVs”, the question should be – what is the best RV for you!

Owning an RV is surely a great experience because it gives you the opportunity to travel with your family or friends and compared to tents it is much more comfortable.

But buying a recreational vehicle is generally a very serious investment and in some cases, the cost of an RV may be so high that you could even buy a house for the money spent on a motor home.

Shopping for motor homes is in most cases very exciting, but with so many models offered on the market, it can be a bit daunting as well.

Since buying an RV is a highly important decision, and since it isn’t cheap at all, it is necessary to thoroughly reassess all your needs because once you buy a motor home it is almost impossible to change the features and size you’ve chosen. Therefore, you should look at several different models, compare all the options and of course compare the prices.

What is the best RV motor home to buy? If you ask yourself this question, the answer is:  there is no “best RV”. What is best for an individual may be completely unsuitable for another.

Can the best RV for you be a luxury Tuscany Motor Home? Let's make the tour of this impressive motor-coach.

In order to decide what RV is the best for you, you must decide how you plan to use the RV, where you would like to take it, how many people will be traveling with you, how much money you are willing to spend on buying an RV.

When purchasing a motor home most buyers spend a lot of time looking whether everything works properly since there are a lot of components to an RV starting from the inside appliances to the outside features. Checking out electrical and water systems is highly recommended because if all the appliances work well it will save you a lot of money. If you decide to buy a new RV, it is important to decide which appliances and feature you need.

...may be this luxury Monaco Motor Home?

Another aspect that buyers are considering when shopping an RV is the size of the motor home. Motor homes are generally categorized by length. The longer the RV the higher the price and therefore the amenities are more lavish. So, it is very important to think twice what size of the recreational vehicle you need and whether you’ll be able to drive if you choose the large motor home.

.... or this more modest C-class motor-home is the best for you?

No less important is the point whether you will tow your motor home or not since all RVs are categorized as either motorized or towable.
Apart from the standard features included in an RV, you may choose many optional amenities, according to your preferences, needs and budget.

When talking about what RVs are the best, there are several models that may be freely considered as the best motor homes. These are mainly class A motor homes and fifth wheels, which are luxuriously equipped and provide ultimate journey. Some of them are Thor motor coach, Damon motor coach, Fleetwood motor homes, Winnebago motor homes, Monaco motor coach....

Visitor's story......

You want to buy a motor home but have no clue as to what is the best RV motor home for you.

There are all sorts of things to take into account when deciding on the best home motor RV for you.

How many people will normally be traveling in the recreational vehicle? Do you want a drivable or towable home motor RV?

What type of engine do you want, gasoline or diesel? re there amenities you must have?

The list goes on and on. Since it is just my wife and I we opted for a smaller more compact motor home, a camper van.

My neighbor across the street has four young children, so he bought a 35 foot travel trailer. His sons love sleeping in the over cab loft.

On the other hand our friends Jack and Nan, whose kids are grown with their own families and RV’s, feel that they scrimped and saved their whole lives and now they want to indulge themselves. They recently bought a new top of the line Class A motor coach and they actually live on the road.

In their case the answer to "What is the best RV motor home for you?" is the most luxurious RV around.

I know an older couple who recently bought a pop up tent trailer since they feel that they are too old for the tent camping they have done all of their lives. However they still like the idea of "roughing it" and living a less frantic life style.

Home motor National RV makes diesel and gasoline Class A motor coaches for those Rvers whose answer to our question is . . . . . Luxury!

We here at Online Rv-ing want to supply you with all the information you need to answer the question and have an enjoyable adventure every time you hit the road.

To find a home motor RV sale go to RV USA Now you have to decide "What is the best RV motor home for you." Do you want a home motor RV used? Check out their site for great deals on all kinds of recreational vehicles, new and used.

You can locate a buyer for your current RV or sellers with RV’s you may want to buy. Motor home RV rental information can be found at Good Sam Club. On their site you can use the members forums to ask how other people answer the questions like: " How to go rv-ing?" or "Where to find the best RV motor home for you?"

Home motor part RV and supplies can be found with good prices at They have everything from awning repair kits to water tank parts.

What is the best RV motor home for you, is a question often asked on RV discussion boards and forums and of course there is no one answer. However I would have to say that an RV that you love and can afford pretty much covers it.

However the only one who can truly answer that question is you. That is why I tell newbies to test drive or rent a few different types and models before you try to answer that question. What is the best RV motor home for you? Good luck and hope to see you at the next RV rally.

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