Bluebird Motor Home Campers

Bluebird Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers of buses and recreational vehicles in  the world.

In the last 40 years, Bluebird has produced the most luxurious and the most sophisticated motor home in the recreational vehicle's industry.

That is Bluebird Wanderlodge.

Bluebird Wanderlodge is a high-end brand of Class A motor home recreational vehicle that had been building from 1963 to 2009.

For many years, Wanderlodge motor home camper belonged to the exceptional class of motor homes together with other premium brands.

The price of this exquisite motor home camper could be compared to a medium sized house, which counts them amongst the most expensive recreational vehicles. Another interesting fact about this luxurious recreational vehicle is that it was sold around the world to celebrities, dignitaries, and heads of state.

2003 Bluebird Wanderlodge LXI

The first Wanderlodge was based on Bluebird American school buses and its body was built entirely of steel instead of fiberglass. Modern Wanderlodges exude with elegance of design and are considered as the safest and the most well designed motor homes on the road. It boasts elegantly appointed interiors, has unsurpassed power and easy handling which provide you the complete control of the vehicle on the open road.

Bluebird Wanderlodge is full of excellent amenities, which makes this vehicle perfect choice for any vacation or road trip. Some of the amenities are a backup camera, keyless entry, privacy curtains, washer and dryer, Corian counter tops, wood and carpet floors, leather, a free standing dinette, safe and many more amenities which will enable you to enjoy the details of first class luxury.

Bluebird Wanderlodge motor home camper specifications:



Interior width








Wonderlodge offers all the comforts and luxury of home and with all amenities and features it provides, this luxurious recreational vehicle became one of the most elegant and sophisticated among all other motor home campers of this kind.

Visitor's story....

I came across some Bluebird motor home campers for sale. There was one and the year was a 2001 Wanderlodge.

This is actually a nice motor home with only twenty-seven thousand miles at the affordable price of two hundred and ten thousand dollars.

I guess I would wonder why the mileage is so low.

They must just use it from to time-to-time for traveling.

I would have that many miles in one year or less. If the engine were still top notch, this would be a great buy.

Now if you were just starting out, this would be a nice motor home with refrigerator, separated bath and toilet. With a nice master bedroom and many accessories to make you very comfortable, the Bluebird is a great first camper.

If you have been a popup camper person, you will find a motor home spacious and easy enough to control and drive. The motor home whichever one you choose will provide you comfort and fun times. You will always have protection from the weather and some extras that make it a complete home.

If you are like me, you will just jump in and take off for part unknown. I enjoy just driving and stopping from time-to-time in different areas of the country.

I usually meet some very nice people wherever I camp. We all need a break from the everyday hustle and bustle, and camping is one sure way to achieve this release.

If you have a chance to look at some of the Bluebird motor home campers, you will not be disappointed. They are nice campers, especially if you are stepping up from the popup camper.

You will be very relaxed when living in a motor home, no matter what type or make you buy and where you travel.

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