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Great ways to Build Your Own Camper.

I have a cousin who is great with machines and tools.

He had no formal training in automotive technology, but he picked up these skills on his own.

As young boys, we used to play with our toy building kits.

He probably got his inspiration from those early days to become a DIY kind of guy.

Whenever I designed anything, I always called him over to bring my designs to life. He was only more than ready to oblige.

He got a thrill out of building some of the outlandish designs that came out of my drawing board.

I was not a bad designer myself. I am a good artist, but I also have a flair for taking other people’s designs and tweaking them to come up with my own creations from time to time. So when I wanted to create my own camper for our adventure trips, I first went on the look out for good designs to base my plans on. I picked up two books after searching through numerous bookstores both offline and online.

The first book was called “How to Convert/Restore Old Cars, Station Wagons, Vans, Trucks and Buses into Rv's”. It contained a huge number of photographs of the various designs for campers and recreational that people came up with over the last century. The second book was called “How to Build Low Cost Motorhomes 2004 Edition” by Louis C McClure. It had a number of blue prints, drawings and schematics or low cost motor homes.

Vans are actually the best "material" to convert to campers. Yes, you need skills and "vision" to DIY, but you start with an existing frame....

Using these two books as my base, I started conceiving my own design for a camper, which I handed over to my cousin once I was satisfied with my creation. Then he set out to work and fleshed-out the design over a period of two months, working on weekends. Together, we were able to come up with a really great camper which we proudly take around for our camping trips.

Silas Paul, CO

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Build Your Own Truck Camper Plans

I own an old car dealership and have been in the business for quite a long time.I do not restrict myself strictly to cars however. When I spot some good trucks or buses, I try to acquire them too. Whenever I come across an old but good vehicle, I sometimes keep it for my own use.Over time, I had collected a good amount of old vehicles, which I had a plan to convert into recreational vehicles whenever I found time.

I started searching for a good book to help me with my conversion projects. It is always good to start off with good plans and schematics to begin with. My search brought me to “How to Convert/Restore Old Cars, Station Wagons, Vans, Trucks and Buses into Rv's”, a 192 pages hardcover book that had an incredible number of interesting photographs of vintage units that were built right from the 1913’s.

This was the kind of inspiration I was looking for. When you get to see pictures of what other people have been able to achieve, that inspires you to try your own thing. The book really got me started and I was well on my way converting my old vehicles into some of the best recreational vehicles seen on the road.

... otherwise, you have a lot of woodwork to make the shell.....

The photographs in the book almost serve as a historical and pictorial overview of the designs conceived over the decades throughout the last century. Some of the designs are outlandish while others are incredibly creative. Although the book does not have much of how-to material, the pictures do provide a good idea of what is possible as long as you can build whatever you can conceive on the drawing board. I ended up making a couple of truck campers purely from the inspiration from the book. I was even able to sell a few of them to my customers.

Steve Markston, IL

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Building Plan For Camper Trailers


I great resource for building plans and systematic directions with peoples to give you ideas on how the inside and outside should look are plentiful.I found a 1982 or a 1983 camper trailer plan and decided to read it and check out the pictures. I was amazed at how it looked throughout the project. It does not take long and it does not cost a fortune to build your own camper trailer.

Recently in Rhode Island, I saw a camper that the person built himself. It was just beautiful inside. He started with a shell of a pop up camper, since it was older and bees had made a home inside, which destroyed everything. He gutted the entire camper and was left with just a shell. He then used his building plans to create a wonderful pop up camper.

Most people find that building their own camper from just a shell allows them to make the camper set up exactly the way they need it and end up more comfortable than most of us. The accessories and the materials amount to less then going and buying a new or used camper in most cases.

If you look for a building plan for camper trailer, you will find many different kinds. I saw one last year in South Carolina and the person had a nice little set up. He had customized the inside so it was a one of a kind.

Many people today, choose to build their own campers for the reason of having the inside room just the way they need it. Camping needs to be enjoyable and these people make campers that fit their needs and desires.

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