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The best type of camper awning lights

Lot of people while camping enjoys spending plenty of time outside under the awning.

While sitting there, especially in the evenings, it would be very pleasant to have an adequate amount of light for whatever they are doing.

Even if you are away from the camper and you want to illuminate an outdoor area, camper awning lights are perfect option.

Lights for camper awnings are intended to make a pleasant atmosphere ideal for conversations, gatherings with friends or with camper’s neighbors.

There are a number of different camper awning lights. They come in various designs and sizes. Which one you will choose, depends on your awning and camper design.

First of all, there are string lights which are very popular but definitely not for everyone. These lights are as their name says, hanging on strings and can be attached to the awning with clips, which allow easy removal. Usually these string lights come with a timer, which allows you to leave them on. The timer will take care of shutting the lights off after you have gone to bed. Very often, string awning lights resemble Christmas lights with similarly shaped bulbs.

Some types of awning lights are solar powered.  They are very decorative and don’t require an electrical access. That’s why these are very functional as they can be used anywhere. Usually, solar powered awning lights can last up to 8 hours when fully charged. There is a sensor, which automatically turns lights on at dusk and off with daybreak.

Another type of lights for awnings are LED lights which are ideal for any ambient accent lighting. They usually come in a roll and may be cut to accommodate length of most awnings. On the back of the lights is an adhesive tape which makes the application of the lights very easy. However if you decide to take LED awning lights you may have some problems with bugs, mosquitoes and other insects, which head towards the lights. LED lights are energy efficient and do not release almost any heat typical for incandescent bulbs “naturally” killing bugs….. The main advantage – they are rather “maintenance” free lasting very long!

Little advice? Go for LED lights!

If you decide to buy traditional light sources (any form of incandescent bulbs) you have to understand that they will not last long.  Weather conditions (rain, wind…) and frequent set-ups (if you are RV-ing rather than permanently setting up your camper in campground) will substantially decrease the lifetime of incandescent light sources.
No matter which type of awning lights you choose, they all come in many different designs and shapes. Each of them has one same purpose-to add to the décor of your camper and to provide a certain level of safety.

One more note: before purchasing lights for your camper awning, you must make sure that you know the exact length of the awning.

People who are looking for a way to ensure that their camper is lit up well when they are off camping are sure to appreciate the awning lights for campers that are available now.

With several different styles that are designed to help you make the most of your camping trips, you are now meet with several great options.

With designs that are intended to attach to pickups, trailers and even the awnings themselves there are several great options that can be explored.

While deciding for yourself which style of awning lights are best suited for your needs is going to likely depend upon your primary usage it is very important to ensure that you only use lights that are made for outdoor usage.

Never use any awning lights that are not designed to handle outdoor conditions as this can cause a potential fire hazard. Everyone enjoys a great camping trip, but if a fire occurs the fun is destroyed.

Using the awning lights for campers is a great way to ensure that you can still sit outside and enjoy the great fresh air, without being forced to use gas lanterns and other costly as well as dangerous lighting methods. With the increase in the number of people who are exploring camper trips, this makes the perfect opportunity to explore the large selection of lights that are available to attach to your trailer or pickups and really find something that you enjoy.

From clip-ons, to those that attach to the trailer itself as well as those that are placed into the ground you are free to pick the style that works best for your needs and no longer have to worry about sitting outside in the dark. Camping is for fun, and now with the great awning lights for campers that are available, you are sure to really get the most from your next camping trip.

Traditional incandescent RV awning lights (Shaded Globe)

Visitor's Story:
Camper awning lights come in different shapes, sizes and materials. Some of the lights that come inbuilt with the awnings can sometimes not be totally satisfactory. The problem with some of these lights is that the shell would be made of a hard, translucent material that does not allow light to shine freely outward.

This can make the light look dull and defeat the whole purpose of having awning lights in the first place. So, the awning lights that come with most pop up campers may not always be the best ones to go for.

You can buy other awning lights of various different from a vendor who sells electrical appliances for a popup camper. While these lights come with bright and clear shells, they are also be quite attractive that it can attract thieves who might want to steal the lights away.

The best solution to the problem is to have lights that are bright enough and those that cannot be easily removed by thieves. The design that most suits this description is the light strips that are designed specially for camper awnings. These Camper awning lights in the form of strips slide down into the groove in the take-up roller of the awnings.

Since they are firmly anchored to the awning, they cannot be easily removed by unscrupulous people. The strips of light are powerful and provide adequate lighting for any purpose during camping. The lights also have a low profile which means that they will not be caught in the wind and produce aerodynamic drag.

Most of the other kinds of awning lights used in pop up campers normally are bulky which can produce aerodynamic drag, which can result in higher fuel consumption while on the road. Light strips for the popup awning is therefore the best solution. Visit to see different kinds of awning lights.

Paul Robins, CA

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