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RV Rentals in Delaware seem to be one of the best options for spending amazing vacation in this state;

Delaware - the second smallest American state is located on the Atlantic Coast.

Despite the fact that it is very small state, it has a lot to offer for visitors, especially for “motorized” ones traveling with RVs.

It boasts many historical places, parks, museums and wonderful beaches.

One of the most popular museums is Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library. Another is the Hagley Museum in Wilmington where a large collection of antique vehicles could be seen. While still in Wilmington one must see Nemours Mansion and Gardens, built in the early 1900s as a gift from Alfred du Pont to his wife Alicia. This fascinating house has also magnificent gardens and grounds.

The Delaware Old State House in Dover built in Georgian style contains the Governor’s presentation and ceremonial office, 18th century court room and legislative chambers on the first floor. 

Discover the sights and sounds of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. From the boardwalk to the waves, find out why Rehoboth Beach is an ideal family-friendly East Coast beach destination

Outdoor enthusiasts may enjoy some of the state parks like for example the Brandywine Creek State Park. This famous park lies on 933 acres and is important for birds and other wild life. Within the park, there are lot of walking trails, playgrounds, Brandywine Zoo and many other attractions. In the Zoo, there are some North and South American endangered species.

Those who prefer water and sun, Delaware offers many amazingly beautiful beaches. The best one out of numerous state’s Atlantic Ocean beaches is the Rehoboth Beach. It has a mile long boardwalk along the sandy shore. South of the Rehoboth Beach is the Dewey Beach - another lovely one and famous place for campers.

Parkview RV Center is a Delaware company offering both - selling and renting recreational vehicles. For rental, the company offers travel trailers and class C motor-homes. The rental price ranges from $100 and more depending on the model of the vehicle.

Parkview RV Center
5511 DuPont Parkway
Smyrna, Delaware 19977
Website: www.parkviewrv.com

Let's have a look at what Allstar Coaches has to offer :-)

Allstar Coaches is the leading provider of luxury RV rentals in the United States. The company offers luxuriously equipped Class A diesel motor homes. These are non-smoking vehicles, sanitized and professionally maintained to the absolute highest standard. Many people are looking to buy a motor-home, but first they would like to try it first. That’s why Allstar Coaches developed an incentive program where they offer customers the opportunity to rent an RV and apply their rental costs to the purchase of that specific motor home.

The company offers the airport pick-ups and drop-offs at PHL, ABE, MDT, EWR, BWI as well as a delivery to practically any location in the state.

Phone: (866) 838-4465

website: www.allstarcoaches.com/delaware.html

....and here is a very helpful motor-home instruction video made by El Monte RV Rentals....

It's kind of "all you have to know before starting your trip in a rented RV"

El Monte RV offers for rent several recreational vehicles including Class A motor-homes, class C cab-overs and slide-out over cabs style and trailers. Thanks to country-wide operations the company also offers an attractive option of one way RV rentals!
For members they have several seasonal discounts.

El Monte RV
1 Washington Street
Newark, DE 19711
Website: elmonterv.com

Visitor's story....

Visiting the state of Delaware was almost like stepping back in time.

Not only is the entire state one of the smallest, but it has some of the greatest expanses of preserved areas dating back as far as 1600.

Experiencing these sights and sounds was a magical experience that allowed me to really envision how things could have been in the past.

Not only did this experience allow me to see things from the past, it also allowed me to experience how things have really changed.

For our trip we decided to stop into Killens Pond State Park which was incredibly beautiful and took a pop up camper rentals Delaware with us to use.

There are times when you never really notice the change until you can see them side by side and going to Delaware was an eye opening experience. Using a pop up camper rental Delaware, my family and I roamed all over the state viewing some of the gorgeous historic attractions that helped to really land Delaware on the map. Overall the experience of Killens Pond State Park was an amazing experience that I would love to experience again.

With beautiful wharfs, fabulous parks and plenty of great attractions Delaware was a great little state to visit.

In terms of excitement I was quite pleased to have gone and even happier to have chosen to take a pop up camper to sleep in. No hassles with tracking down a hotel with availability and this also allowed me to reconnect to nature as well.

I must say I thoroughly enjoyed this trip and would happily do it all over again. There is plenty to see and do in Delaware and I certainly loved the experience of seeing great pieces of history unfold before my eyes.

Despite the small size of Delaware, you are bound to find huge opportunities to have plenty of fun. Exploring a state has never been so much fun until you have the opportunity to really connect with the area and have a ton of great adventures.

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