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Rent and RV in Montana and then hit the road to explore the “Big Sky” state

Known as the “Big Sky” state, Montana is a great place for vacation due to its beautiful landscapes and unspoiled nature - streams and lakes, parks and closing horizon mountain ranges…..

And truly, the best way to explore vast areas of this state is by RV-ing; you travel at your own “speed” stopping whenever you find some charming place, scenic view….

In the eastern part of Montana you can visit towns of Billings and Great Falls.

Billings is the largest city of Montana (although relatively small given its population of only about 160,000). Billings proves however that small does not mean not attractive.

In the metropolitan area and close proximity you will find many attractions including Pompey’s Pillar, Pictograph Cave, Yellowstone Art Museum but also places deeply written in national identity like Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument or Bighorn Canyon…

The city of Great Falls is mainly known for the first recorded UFO incident (famous Mariana UFO from 1950).

East Montana offers hunting, camping and fishing opportunities. There are some ski resorts and summers resorts in the Montana Rockies which attract millions of tourists from all over the world with their scenic spots and recreational activities.

Glacier National Park is another destination which attracts many visitors every year thanks to its fascinating scenery and recreational opportunities. Visitors coming to this park will enjoy the most beautiful forests, rugged mountains and green meadows. However, the most visited attraction in the state is surely Yellowstone National Park. Montana includes three of the Park’s five entrances.

 Another popular destination in Montana is the city of Missoula located near the confluence of fife mountain ranges.  You will find here variety of festivals, fairs and trade shows during all year. The most popular - the Western Montana Fair takes place in August.

People who like history should visit the Little Bighorn Battlefield, Bighorn Canyon National Recreational Area and Big Hole National Battlefield. While touring in your motor home around Montana you may notice thousands of plants and animal species because fortunately Montana is still unspoiled by so called ‘progress-of-civilization”… Simply, life goes here at its own (slow) pace…..

Montana can be a great place to explore by RV-ing. It can be very affordable way of traveling especially if you are traveling with a small group of individuals or with your family.

 In order to help you find below some of the rental companies in Montana.

Source: www.sarpyrv.com

Sarpy RV Rental is Montana’s RV rental company specialized in newer RV Rentals. The company provides Class C recreational vehicles and travel trailers. Class C motor homes can be rented for $240 a day with the limit of 100 miles per day.  Travel trailers are cheaper for renting and their prices start from $115 per day. Sarpy RV Rental has two locations in Montana. One is in Billings and the other one is in Bozeman.

Sarpy RV Rental Billings
955 King Avenue East
Billings, MT 59101

Sarpy RV Rental Bozeman
65 Woodbury
Belgrade, MT 59714
Website: sarpyrv.com

Gardner’s RV & Trailer Center offers a wide selection of travel trailers, Class C motor homes and Class B motor homes to rent daily, weekly or monthly. The prices start from $99 per day depending on the size of the trailer. The Class C motor homes rates start from $249 to $269 per day for the largest model. The company also offers camper vans, which are very practical because these units can go into places where there may be no access for traditional motor homes.

Gardner’s RV & Trailer Center
3100 Hwy 93 S.
Kalispell, MT59903
Website: gardnerrv.com

Source: www.piercervrentals.com

Pierce RV Supercenter is one of the largest rental companies in the northwest and the largest one in Montana. The company has rental offices in Billings and Kalispell, offering a large selection of newer Class A and Class C motor homes, variety travel trailers and a toy hauler RVs. Rates for Class A motor homes are from $239 to $309, for Class C rates are $266 and travel trailers can be rented from $99 to $119. These rates are based on a daily rental and there is a 3 days minimum rental period.

Pierce RV Supercenter of Billings
Billings, MT 59108
Website: piercervrentals.com

The other day I was telling Celina "always plan your vacations".

But she would never ever listen and merely consider being adventurous.

Camping, hiking, surfing and bird watching are just few of her favorite hobbies.

So, one can very well conclude that our trips are generally full of excitement, and even in Montana she took her most reliable friend (except me) pop up camper rentals Montana.

The place is a dream with heavenly locations that leave you with fresh breezes stroking your face.

I would rather describe it as extremes in either ways –Glacier Park as a bag of mixed adventure and changing weather and Yellowstone Americas first national park that give you a ride of amazing wildlife, unique geysers and hot springs.

Since we were not the city buffs sort we preferred to sail along with snowmobiling, rafting, hiking, skiing and mountain biking. What I remember most of it is a splendid hunting expedition! It was an outstanding experience for us.

We visited few interesting museums, battlefields and art galleries. C.M Russell art museum is worth a mention here and even museum of the Rockies was a great place.

Its planetarium and a living history farm on about 10 acres were awesome. Governor’s mansion was amid the most fascinating monument we visited and this Queen Anne style mansion was a perfect memoir of early 19th century. The Montana film office was also an interesting place to visit as we could glimpse a few celebrities there.

The entire trip was charged with excitement with more to lure us but we had fallen short of battery. The places we visited and activities enjoyed were awesome and it was a good trip with all due thanks to my wife and pop up camper rentals Montana.

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