Camper Van Hire in England

Visiting England? See where to hire campers for best experience on UK roads but also great vacations in the Kingdom.

Need to get away for a week or two? 

Camper Van rentals might be your ticket to freedom. 

They are inexpensive and fun. 

Take your bedroom with you; stop where you want and explore, or make tracks, and get your favorite destination for a bargain holiday. 


    Spaceships Campervan Rentals has offices in London (England), Edinburgh (Scotland), Dublin (Ireland), Barcelona (Spain), and Rome (Italy).  The have units to choose from a seating and sleeping arrangements for 2 to 4 passengers, a decent amount of storage space, a 2-burner gas cooker, fridge, dual-battery system, so you can run your equipment and know that your vehicle is still going to start in the morning.  No need for mains power if you want to go to an obscure location, or simply save the fee at a regular campground.

Just Go

    Want to explore the UK or Europe?  Just go may be your solution.  They have the largest fleet of “self-drive” Motor Homes available in the United Kingdom.  They specialize in units suitable for couples, families, or friends that have a need to explore the UK and Europe, as well as New Zealand and Australia.  They have motor homes suitable for between two and five people including toilets and showers for complete independence.

Wicked Campers

    If you don’t want to be laid back and obscure; if you want to be absolutely certain that everybody knows that you’re on the road, and you’re going to have fun, Wicked Campers may be the place for you.  Each camper is decorated in outrageous graphics. 
    Not only are they available in the UK, but they have offices in Amsterdam, Spain, Italy, Dublin, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, and Africa.

Kamper Hire

    If you lovingly remember the Westfalia from Volkswagen, Kamperhire has a camper you’re going to love.  It sleeps four, and has a dining area for everyone.  It comes up with a 42 litres fridge, sink with 30 litres freshwater tank, and everything you need for the open road.  There’s even a heating system for cooler nights that doesn’t require that you run the engine.

Budget Campervan and Motorhome Rental

    Last, but not least, Budget Campervan and Motorhome Rental has a wide selection of vehicles, discounts for booking early, and will even hire to those only 21 years of age.  They also have one-way hires available if you need it, so feel free to ask.  If you have a license from outside the UK additional insurance is available.  Of course you can take your camper or motorhome to Europe on the ferry or via Eurostar.
    Need a small sleeper car?  Perhaps you need a two-berth VW classic camper, a low-top, a high-top, or the ever popular pop-top.  If you’re heading to Glastonbury this could be the perfect solution for you.
    With over 36 pickup locations in the UK you’ll find them to be completely convenient.  But it doesn’t stop there, they also have offices in 27 different countries.  Whether you’re in Australia, Canada, Botswana, Switzerland, or Zimbabwe, they’ve got you covered.  Visit them today and see where they can help you.

Visitor's story....

Hiring a camper van for travel during your vacation can be a great idea.

The concept of holidaying in a camper has a number of distinct advantages that cannot be realized with other traditional forms of enjoying a holiday that most people are accustomed to.

First of all, the camper gives you the opportunity to personalize your travel and staying experience.

Instead of traveling by plane or train without much privacy, you can enjoy time exclusively with your family by traveling in a camper.

The camper also provides total privacy and freedom during your stay which again may not be possible in a hotel stay. You can go wherever you want, do almost whatever you like, and have a great time in your camper. You can find a number of sources for Camper van hire in England.

Hiring a camper van has many advantages over owning your own camper. Most van companies keep their vehicles in good shape which would free you of the worry of maintaining a vehicle. You would also be paying for the usage of the vehicle only for the duration of the holiday, instead of making a huge investment that sits in your garage for the better part of the year.

Before you take possession of the van from the hiring company, ensure that you have checked that all the systems and subsystems are working in proper order. If something were to breakdown when you are in a remote place, it could be difficult to rectify the problem. Most reputed companies that offer Camper van hire in England would ensure that their vehicles are in top performing condition. They also include insurance as part of their hiring charges so that all eventualities are financially covered. And most driver licenses for driving a category B, C, or C1 vehicle is sufficient for driving a camper van. For more information, please visit

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