Camping Gear - Clothing

Do not underestimate this part of your adventure: Camping Gear - Clothing

Some of the most important camping gear is the correct clothing for the season, terrain and activity you are planning.

You don’t want to wear a down parka and snow shoes for a beach vacation or a swim suit and flip-flops for a winter camping/hiking expedition in the Canadian Rockies.

No matter what kind of camping shelter or time of year you plan to camp, you need to bring at least one warm outfit.

For tent camping you will want outdoor clothing that can protect you from insect bites.

A very popular item is convertible pants that you can remove the lower legs and wear them as shorts. You can zip or snap the legs back on when it is cool or to protect your legs from bites or irritation from some plants.

If you are backpacking in to your camp site, good hiking boots are very important. They give support to your ankles and make walking over rough terrain easier. Be sure to wear good hiking socks with your boots. You may want to bring sneakers and or flip-flops for comfort when you are hanging out at the campsite.

Bring seasonal clothes but have at least one outfit that will help you stay warm or cool, to be prepared for sudden unusual weather fluctuations. Also bring one extra outfit to allow for getting rained on, slipping in the mud and any occurrence that forces you to change clothes in the middle of the day. Don’t forget to bring rain gear.

RV camping gives you more leeway in dress since R’s are enclosed and you are somewhat protected from the weather. Most RV’s have heating and air conditioning so you can maintain a pretty stable indoor temperature.

However when you are not inside you will want to dress appropriately for the season. Depending on the kind of terrain you are camping in, you may want to get the family mesh big hats to keep insects away and don’t forget bug spray. Again you will want to bring at least one outfit that is “out of season” incase a sudden weather change hits.

Rain gear is a must for any type of camping whether you will be living in a tent or a luxury motor home. You will want to protect your family in heavy rain.

Beach camping also requires seasonal attire. If you are a sun worshipper you will probably bring one or more swimsuits, shorts and sleeveless shirts, suntan lotion, sunglasses and sandals or flip-flops.

If you will have kids with you they will likely need a few extra outfits, they will get muddy and dirty. Kids also need swimsuits, sandals, sunglasses and hats.

Even at the beach in the summer it is advisable to bring a warm outfit for every member of the family. It can get quite chilly especially in the evening or near the end of the season.

Will you be fishing from the water’s edge? If so, you may want to get waders (boots). A good sun hat and possibly a vest to held your smaller fishing accessories like flys and hooks.

While a life jacket is not technically clothing, make sure young children wear one whenever they are playing on the beach. Kids are fast, just turn away for a second, they could run out into the surf or be knocked down by a wave.

As you can see, all types of camping have several clothing items in common. Such as rain gear, protection against insects, sturdy shoes for traversing rough terrain and clothes to be comfortable even if unexpected weather changes pops up. Regardless of what kind of RV you have or where you camp, you need to have the proper clothing as part of your camping gear.

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