Class B RV Motorhome Parts

 1.      Original Manufacturer Replacement Parts

Original manufacturer replacement parts are made by the manufacturer to make sure that when something is broken in your original motorhome, you don’t have to replace it with a less high quality part made by a random RV company.

Purchasing the original replacement part can make a big difference. For example if you have an Airstream class B motorhome and you need to replace an exterior part, you won’t even notice any changes when you use an original manufacturer replacement part. There are certain RV and motorhome supply stores that specialize in providing original manufacturer replacement parts for owners of motorhomes.


2.      Salvage Parts

Sometimes when a motorhome is destroyed by an accident or by the elements, there are still many parts of it that are in perfectly good condition. When this happens the owner often sells these items as salvage parts for a small fee. Junkyards also often have damaged class B motorhomes that have many useful items that can make your motorhome better. These parts are often original doors, windows, compartment doors and more. 


3.      Other parts

Interior parts

Interior parts that need replacing time after time are water tanks, such as fresh water tanks and gray water tanks. Window latches and door latches are also some of the first things that break because they are used so often. Such parts including water pumps, waste sending units, fresh water sending units and waste tanks can be purchased in most RV supply stores.

Exterior parts

Class B motorhomes are quite small, but even though their construction doesn’t have to carry too big loads, sometimes certain parts need to be replaced. Engine parts such as oil cooler hoses, cruise control transducers and speedometer cables are easy to find in the stores listed here. Other exterior parts for your motorhome that you can purchase from these shops are windshields & gaskets, brake cables & hoses, wheel cylinders, leveling valves, side window glasses and more.


4.      Where to find class B motorhome parts


Mike Thompson’s RV 

Here you can find even Original Manufacturer Replacement Parts for motorhomes manufactured by Winnebago Itasca, Thor Industries, Keystone RV, Coachmen and more. They also have hard to find Rv and motorhome parts that could be just what you are looking for in order to fix your class B motorhome. This store is very easy to use if you are looking only for class B motorhome parts, because it is listed as a different category. Mike Thompson’s RV has three stores that you can visit to see what they have and talk to the dealer if you are not sure which part is the best for your motorhome. The location of the stores can be found on the website of this company.


Gateway Motorhome Company GMC

The Gateway Motorhome Company or GMC has special parts for motorhomes such as suspension kits, side glasses, stabilizer kits, bushings, links & brackets, upper & lower radiator hoses, belts kits and more. They also carry regular parts such as rear suspension parts, engine parts and parts for the interior. If you are looking for something that you cannot find here, you can call the company and they will order it for you.



Arizona R.V. Salvage Inc

This store is a bit different from the ones listed above. They are one of the biggest companies that sell salvage parts for motorhomes. They test all their products before they sell them to make sure that they are of good quality and that they will have a long life. Many of their items are also repaired by skillful mechanics. The best thing about this store is that they have affordable prices and a lot of parts to choose from.

Visitor's Story:

If you need parts for your camper van shower or refrigerator you will need to find a place to get class B RV motor home parts.When we needed parts for our 1993 recreational vehicle we always checked online first. We find the best products, warranties and prices, this way. However if you are having problems with the van it self, tires, brakes and other parts related to the operation of the RV in most cases you can get what you need from any auto parts store.

Check the prices, warranties and service before you buy anything. Compare the RV store and auto store and go with the best value. Don’t forget to include RV club discounts in your comparison. Our refrigerator failed while we were camping in Oklahoma and had a replacement sent to us in two days.

A friend purchased an awning for her B motor home in 2002 while camping in South Dakota and is still using it.

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