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Coleman company has been the leader in the camping industry for a very long time and they are known for manufacturing high quality campers.

Knowing this fact you may think that it is almost impossible that such campers can be destroyed or that may need some repair.

However even the best made campers may need some repairs because they are used for a very long time.

The following videos will explain how you can solve some problems that may happen to you while you are on camping with your Coleman camper.

What may happen with your Coleman camper? For instance, your Coleman camper won't fold down. What to do in that case? If this happens to your camper, all you have to do is to cut the cables that hold up the roof as you may see on the video, so the roof will come down so you can continue with your travelling.

So this one is about a pop-up camper that will not fold down....

The next video shows how to repair water damaged wood frame, walls, and ceiling inside the camper. If the camper had bed water damage and if the frame, ceiling and walls are totally destroyed you have to cut off all the wood that is damaged and replace it with new ones.

Also if the ceiling is ruined, buy new boards and attached them, and cover all the gaps with aluminum tape. Use new lumber framing for the walls and necessarily dry out all the insulation that is wet. While the insulation is being dried out, you can attach all new boards and wood frames. And if you have thought that repairing the camper that experienced water leakage, you are wrong. It may be less expensive than you have imagined and can be even much better than it was made in the factory.

So let's see how to repair water damage inside a camper or RV (wood and frame repair)....

This video will explain how you can repair Coleman pop up camper roof that is damaged and have some severe cracks caused by UV damage. In this case, the best solution is to use U-Pol products, repair paste and plastic filler to fill the gaps and when you have done filling the gaps on the roof of your pop-up then use another U-Pol product called raptor to paint the whole surface.

So this time presentation of Coleman Bayside Elite popup roof repair with U-Pol #1

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Coleman Campers are high quality campers that can see used for a long time and they rarely show any signs of aging. However, just like every machine, car or tent, they also need to be checked and repaired from time to time.

There are various places online that will explain what to do if you experience some problems with your Coleman camper and you won't even have to go to the service for advice.

If you live in the area of California, here is the link for the best camper repair place in the area:

Just like in all the best camper repair services, here you can count on their help for many things. They offer various services like Coleman camper roof seal repair, Coleman campers canvas replacement and even repairing minor defects like Coleman camper curtain repair.

However, if you think that you don't need to take your camper to be repaired instead you just need some advice on how to repair it yourself, here you will find another link that could be very handy in such a situation. If you have some problems with your camper, take a look at this website. It contains a lot of useful links that can help you with your damaged camper. Whether the damage is minimal or more serious, this website is great for everything: Often it is easy to mend things by hand at home, not to mention that this way you will save a lot of money.

Here you can find advice on Coleman camper repairs and other tips about campers and trailers.

A lot of people visit it if they have 2003 Coleman camper problems and they usually find the answer to their questions regarding the problem. You can look among the posts and comments and see what problem other people experience with their campers. For example 2002 Coleman camper roof repair problems are quite common.

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