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Which are the unique Coleman pop up camper parts

If you are an owner of a used Coleman pop up camper, you may be soon in need of pop up camper parts because after some time of being used camper parts become damaged and need replacement.

Fortunately, parts for Coleman pop-up campers are not very difficult to find because Coleman is not only well-known but also very popular brand so there are many dealers selling replacement parts for Coleman campers.

Before buying pop up camper replacement part, you have to know the exact model and production year of your camper. 

There are so many models of Coleman pop up campers on the market and each model differs from another in some slightly details so apart that fits into one model doesn’t necessarily fit to another one.


In other words - knowing exact year of the production and the model of your camper is crucial..

Sometimes it occurs that you may need parts for your Coleman pop up camper at inconvenient time for example while you are on vacation. In such situations, it would be useful to have some of the parts with you so you could change the broken parts. While you can’t always predict when you may need to replace some part, it is recommended to inspect thoroughly your Coleman pop up camper before heading out on your trip.
The most commonly replaced parts for Coleman pop up campers are canvas tops, screens, refrigerators, grills, screen porches, battery boxes, tires, tire mount, cushion covers…..

Presentation of how to replace the canvas in Coleman pop-up camper...

But there are plenty of other components in the camper that can fail. For example, cooking systems include appliances that may fail working due to their long-term usage. Awnings and air conditioning also may broke and then you will need to replace them. That’s why it is important to find all the resources where you can buy replacement parts for your camper. And when the problem occurs, you will exactly know where to search for the parts.

Beside someone may called them main parts for Coleman pop up camper, there are secondary parts which importance must not be underestimated. These parts such as porch lights, access door locks, bed slide end caps, lift cables, storage box latches, tent support clasps, tent support tips, top latches, top seals are as important for comfortable trip as for example kitchen appliances.

When you need to replace any part on your pop up camper, and you are not skilled enough to do it yourself, there are number of dealers that are not only selling parts but also do the service of repairing and replacing the Coleman pop up campers.

There is another important tip that you must know when buying parts for your camper. That is a warranty.

When buying Coleman pop up camper parts it is important to ask for the warranty for the specific parts because the warranty ensures that your investment is fully protected for a certain period.

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Coleman Trailer Company has always been associated with quality and durability.

Nowadays, the demand for Coleman tent campers and Coleman pop up camper parts is still very high for all types of Coleman pop up campers, from the Destiny series, to Americana and Highlander. Coleman has been producing campers since 1966 and in only 13 years they became the most famous campers brand in the US.

Their trailers are economical, comfortable and adaptable and having a basic knowledge on their camper parts can help the buyer choose the perfect Coleman model for his needs. There are some camper parts specific to Coleman trailers, as well as some materials these parts are made of. The Posi-Lock lift system is one of the Coleman’s characteristics and, unlike the campers from other companies, this system posts directly to the camper’s frame. This is believed to be one of the main reasons why the Coleman trailer is so perfectly waterproof.

Moreover, in order to create the tent part of the trailer, the company uses a specific fabric called Sunbrella 302, which cannot rot or get soaked, yet it allows fresh air into the interior of the tent when it rains outside.

There are also many optional Coleman pop up camper parts, which leaves the buyer the option of customizing the interior of the trailer, as well as its exterior. Coleman offer a large variety of air conditioning systems, sink covers, bed shelves, self-storing canopies, screen rooms, furnaces, bike mounts, cargo baskets, water heaters and outside showers, double cross bar kits and many, many others.

As usual, there’s no better source of information on all the Coleman Series and accessories than their own company website, The site also has lists with trailer dealers, video tours, online trailer manuals and pieces of information on preventive maintenance.

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