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 Damon is a famous motor home company which is actually bought by The Thor another famous RV company. 

Damon is well known for producing Class A motor homes, Class C motor homes, fifth wheels and diesel pushers.

For more than 29 years of work the Damon company have been producing the most popular and the most recognized recreational vehicles in the world.

Their motor homes are very well known for innovative floorplans and higher standards in quality.

All their motor homes are equipped with amenities that are of very high class. Moreover they are famous for well planned use of space and excellent quality.

Top selling Damon motor home campers are Daybreak, Challenger, Intruder, Ultrasport, Astoria, Tuscany and Escaper.

Daybreak is highly luxurious motor home equipped with features and amenities that can be found only in much more expansive motor homes. Each Daybreak comes with kitchen that is consisted of beautiful handcrafted solid wood cabinetry, 3-burner stove range and oven, In the living area, there is a single or double slide-outs which allow you comfortable moving. The bathroom is also very comfortable and includes skylights and rich solid wood framed mirrors.

Daybreak models:

Model 28PD 32HD 34BD 34XD
Length 29'5" 33'8" 35'6" 35'5"
Height 12'7" 12'7" 12'7" 12'7"
Width 101" 101" 101" 101"
fresh water cap 100gals 100gals 100gals 100gals
Sleeps up to 3 5 7 5

Challenger is another powerful Class A motor home model made by Damon. It also feature highly elegant and luxurious equipment and is mostly quality constructed. Kitchen is equipped with flush mount double door refrigerator, pantry, 30burner range and oven, microwave oven, booth dinette, king mattress and queen mattress.

Challenger models:

Model 32VS 355D 36FD 37DT 37KT
Length 33'8" 36'5" 36'8" 37'10" 37'10"
Height 12'7" 12'7" 12'7" 12'7" 12'7"
Width 101" 101" 101" 101" 101"
fresh water cap 65gals 65gals 65gals 65gals 65gals

Damon Tuscany RV

Tuscany represents a sophisticated combination of high-end living features and elegant design. It offers full comfort and style providing spacious living area, full sized king beds, large wardrobes, large basement storage. Beside the high-end features Tuscany has to offer, it also highlights its beauty and elegant style.

Tuscany models:

Model 40RX 42WX 45LT
Length 41'2" 43'2' 44'11"
Height 12'9" 12'9" 12'9"
Width 101" 101" 101"
fresh water cap 91gals 91gals 91gals
GVWR 37,600 lbs 44,600 lbs 44,600 lbs
GCWR 47,600 lbs 59,600 lbs 59,600 lbs

Visitor's story....

I saw one of these campers at a custom car show last year.

I was inside an Ultra Sport and it was just beautiful. The inside was spacious and comfortable while maintaining an elegant look for any traveler.

Even the cockpit was spacious with a leather recliner for those days when you need a break once and a while. The bathroom has a standard sized home toilet, which does make bathroom trip more enjoyable then some of the toilets you see in campers. I felt like I was at home in the bathroom, but also in the entire motor home.

A nice recreational vehicle was sure to be popular with travelers and campers. If you look for a camper when upgrading from a popup to motor home, you might try looking at camper shows as well as other sources.

You can never have too many accessories and these motor homes have as many as you need to enjoy life on the road. They come with an affordable price as well as extra features, depending on the package you buy. Unbelievably, you can even have a pillow top mattress for a comfortable nights sleep.

You never know what Damon motor home campers will think of next. I am waiting for installation kits for motor homes to install the camera back up aid. If we can do it ourselves, it would make affordable than having it installed professionally.

Damon or any other motor home manufacturers should consider the kits as an added feature to older mobile homes on the road I think. I just had to get that in there for prosperity.

The next time we talk, I hope it is out on the road sitting around a warm crackling fire.

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