DeVille Vintage Travel Trailers

DeVille trailers were manufactured by Catolac Corporation, located at 9573 East Garvey Boulevard, El Monte, California.

The company has been making trailers during remarkably long period of time - from 1927 to 1970.

But most of the trailers which are being owned or restored today are from the 1950’s to the late 1960’s.

The popular models of DeVille brand were Legionaire (15 ft), Moroccan (25 ft), Modern (32 ft), and Algerian.

The company cleverly advertised their products with words: “It's Not How Many You Make, But How Well You Make Them” - That's The Catolac Way.


Legionaire rolled out in 1957 was considered as the "Cadillac" of trailers and it was a real privilege to own it. The trailer came with a full-size bed and a dinette/ twin bed. The trailer was fitted with white-wall tires, baby moons, birch-finished interior, modern appliances made of Formica, screen door and gas light. The numerous extras like new vintage-style tile flooring, safety detectors, converter, awning, rain sensor ceiling fan, LP tank, two built in stabilizers, two exterior lights, 12-volt brakes, battery, 7-pin hook-up, cushion covers and curtains, shelf built over bed for extra storage and a closet with five shelves were adding luxuriousness.

Amazingly, given the size of the trailer, there was enough of storage space there. Even today, this beautiful trailer attracts attention everywhere it goes because of its curvaceous and glistening exterior. The trailer had a towing weight of 1800 lbs and length of only15 ft.

DeVille vintage camper

DeVille 1958

This model was a small, canned-ham style compact trailer with all the regular features. The kitchen galley is right at the opposite wall of the single entrance door. There was a three-burner gas stove, ice box and a wide sweep sink in the galley. Some fittings were chrome painted. There was a wide front window and jalousie windows on the remaining sides.

The small trailer came with semi teardrop size tires.  Dinette was at the rear and the full sized bed at the front of the trailer. The woodwork in the interior was of very good quality, birch panelling gave an enduring look to the interior. Overhead lockers and cabinets provided sufficient space for small family. There was a small water tank and hose system at the rear of the trailer, however trailer did not have the toilet.

The exterior was made from 1 inch thick Mesa Deluxe sheets. This was a single axle trailer.  The body length was 12 ft and the weight barely 1400 lbs. Being so small and lightweight this model was easy to tow and manoeuvrings.

DeVille Travel Trailer - kitchen cabinet with its rounded shape

Model 20

This model has the overall length of 20 ft and exterior width of 7 ft and 10 inches. The trailer had enough of space to sleep 4 adults and 2 kids. The weight was approximately 3760 lbs with the hitch weight of approximately 370 lbs. The birch-wood interior, Formica counter tops, chromed fittings gave the interior a very smart look.

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