Eriba Touring 820
Specs and Technical Details

If you did not see the presentation of Hymer's travel trailer Eriba Touring 820, it's strongly suggested to first see its description accompanied by several photos to have better idea about this luxurious camper.

See: --> Eriba 820 Presentation

Eriba Touring 820

Eriba 820: Living quarter

Otherwise, please continue to see the Eriba 820's technical specifications, construction details, standard features and options below. 

Specifications (1)

Overall length

Exterior width

Exterior height

Body length

Interior length

Interior headroom

Dry weight (2)

GVWR (3)

Cargo capacity

Freshwater tank

Greywater tank (4)

Blackwater tank










4,520 lbs

5,512-6,173 lbs

992-1,653 lbs

13.2 gals

8 (13.2) gals


2 x 5 gals



8.48 m

2.36 m

2.79 m

7.08 m

6.88 m

2.03 m

2,050 kg

2,500 – 2,800 kg

450 – 750 kg

50 l

30 (50)

2 x 11kg

1. Values in imperial units represent approximation (conversion from metric system)

2. Defined as “weight in running order”, what assumes full tanks of fresh water and LPG

3. Higher GVWR is an option

4. Larger capacity is an option (smaller tank is removable, the larger one is fixed)

Twin axle (note stylish rims with twin spokes)


  • Chassis: fully galvanized steel
  • Body: Steel-cage w/Cristal Silver aluminum sidewalls  
  • Roof: Cristal Silver Aluminum w/optional Glass-Reinforced Plastic (GPR) for hail-protection,  
  • Roof Spoilers: Cristal Silver GRP technology 
  • Tongue: Galvanized steel w/wheel jack and built-in load indicator
  • Floor: Glass reinforced Plastic (GRP) w/Styrofoam insulation 
  • Insulation: PUAL (Closed-cell Polyurethane foam (PU) sandwiched between aluminum sheets (AL)) (thickness correspondingly floor/walls/roof:  2.0”/1.18/1.18”)
  • Axle: Tandem (fully galvanized steel) w/independent suspension
  • Windows: Tinted, 180 deg panoramic (front and rear)
  • Wheels: alloy rims w/twin spokes
  • Brakes: Automatic adjustment
  • Coupling: Anti-sway w/automatic overrun and reversing mechanism 
  • Electrical Interface: 13-pin Jaeger 
  • Leveling: Hydraulic lift system with automatic leveling front and rear
  • Layout: Front lounge/rear bedroom


  • Walls covered with imitation of leather
  • Ceiling coated with microfiber fabrics
  • High-quality leather upholstery (Tortora/Grigo)
  • Velvet-ash Furniture finish (w/super-matt fronts)
  • Dark-tinted windows (panoramic front and rear, and porthole-style one on the driver’s side)
  • Panoramic double-glazed skylights (31.5’ x 19.7”) w/LED-illumination (living area and bedroom)
  • Blackout blinds and mosquito nets
  • Double floors in the storage space under the bed and sitting area for better air circulation

Lounge can be converted into sleeping room

Extra cushions for your comfort ...

Lounge/Living Area

  • Dining table w/scratch-resistant surface (convertible to queen-size bed)
  • Illuminated glass cabinet/bar compartment w/space for 32” TV (next to the entrance door)
  • Floor-to-ceiling wardrobe w/interior light
  • High-backrests sofas w/2 cushions (19.7” x 19.7”)

Privacy curtain separates the bedroom from the remaining part of the camper


  • 2 x metal-frame beds w/ wooden slatted-frames folding upwards for easy access to the storage space underneath
  • 2 x Muliti-zone cold-foam EvoPore mattress w/removable, washable covers
  • Folding privacy curtain separating the bedroom from the living area
  • 2 cushions between longitudinal single beds
  • Bedspreads
  • Large Skylight

Sink's lid serves as a cutting board

Fridge with freezer

One more "hidden" storage in the kitchen


  • Compressor-based fridge & freezer (40.2 /4.6 gallons) w/night mode)
  • Thetford dual-burner stove
  • Stainless-steel sink w/cover (including cutting-board)
  • Main wall and the left-side separation wall in brushed-aluminium look
  • Cabinets (drawers w/ roller-mounted “soft-touch” closing and push-lock mechanism)
  • Overhead cabinets
  • Pull-out tray w/integrated coffee machine and capsule dispenser)
  • Integrated (wine) bottle storage
  • Pantry for cooking utensils
  • Electrical sockets (overhead cabinet)
  • Large porthole window

Bar with an Entertainment Center

One of wardrobes (this one next to the entrance door) 

Dry Bath

  • Bench toilet w/level indicator and cassette on wheels
  • Separate shower w/folding doors and wooden slats-panel
  • Acrylic washbasin w/recessed sink
  • Wall cabinet w/mirror and trays
  • Toothbrush holder
  • Skylight (15.7” x 15.7”) w/blind and mosquito net
  • Ventilation

Roof-mounted A/C unit

Ventilation behind sofa's backrests 

Climate Control

  • Roof-mounted, 2,05kW A/C unit w/remote control
  • 3kW Floor-heating system
  • Ventilated backrests (Lounge) 
  • Ventilated storage boxes
  • Frost-proof water installation (includes insulated and heated water tank)

Automatic levelling system

Exterior Features

  • 4 x Self-levelling stabilizing jacks
  • Integrated locker (houses LPG and grey-water tanks, spare wheel, and chocks)
  • Lighting belt strip
  • Electric, illuminated pull-out steps
  • Entrance door: w/electric closure assistant, 2-locking points, dustbin and insect net
  • Stainless-steel bumper, skirting and manoeuvring handles

Standard AGM battery

USB ports integrated with reading lights


  • 95 Ah AGM battery w/space for 2 optional batteries)
  • Battery charger (230V/12V) w/automatic changeover to towing vehicle
  • All LED lights including: 
  • Dimmable indoor/outdoor lighting
  • 4 x Gooseneck reading lights with integrated USB sockets (lounge and bedroom)
  • Smart-Home System (interior control panel and smartphone application) for monitoring and control of water heater, temperature (A/C or heating), tanks fill level, battery etc…
  • LED awning light w/motion detector
  • 230V double sockets (kitchen, living area, bath and bedroom)
  • 3kW floor heating system
  • 2.2 gallons water-heater
  • Shore connection

Main wardrobe (next to the bedroom)


  • Exterior locker
  • Under-bed storage (bedroom)
  • Under seating storage (lounge)
  • Wardrobe
  • Kitchen and overhead cabinets


  • Smoke detector w/alarm
  • Spare tire (option)

Tongue-mounted bike rack

Roof-mounted solar power


  • 32” TV or
  • Multimedia package (includes 32’ TV, DSP box, 2-speaker DAB+ radio and a digital antenna)
  • Tongue-mounted rack for 2 bicycles (51” x 33.5” x 19.3”, 132 lbs)
  • Roof awning (16.4’-L x 9.8’-W) w/ anodized aluminum housing
  • Solar System (2 x 90W panels, controller)
  • Electric Mover for tandem axle w/remote control
  • Anti-skid system
  • Spare wheel w/lockable underfloor bracket
  • Upgraded chassis and wheels for 6.172 lbs GVWR (tire size 195 R14 C 101 L)
  • GRP roof protection (for reduced hail impact)
  • Exterior storage compartment 
  • City water hookup
  • 13.2 gallons underfloor grey-water tank (insulated and heated) w/heated hoses
  • External gas socket with shut off tap
  • LPG pressure regulator w/automatic changeover
  • Monitor of LPG tank levels w/heating control against icing)
  • Exterior sockets (230V, 12V, TV)
  • External water pump (not possible in combination w/ city water hook-up)
  • 2nd and 3rd battery (95 Ah AGM and/or 135Ah Lithium) with additional 18A charger
  • 1.8kW inverter w/main priority circuit)

Stylishly integrated awning

Will we see Eriba’s Touring 820 on the North-American market?

       Undeniably, for most RV manufacturers, the North-American RV market is the “place to be”. No wonder, the German international was represented there by Ervin Hymer Group North America. However, recently the Ervin Hymer GmbH was acquired by Thor Industries (by now the world’s largest RV manufacturer) and this may limit the possibility to launch the Touring 820 in the US as it will be direct competition to Airstream (also part of Thor Industries). Well, obviously, it’s too early to jump to the final conclusion. As usual, time will give answers…. 

Pictures courtesy of Ervin Hymer GmbH 

Note:  Check with the manufacturer and / or authorized RV Dealer for the up-to-date list of features, options as well as latest specifications. These written above may not be accurate and certainly are subject to change by the factory. We are not responsible for any inaccuracy, the above text is provided only for the general information.

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