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Eriba’s Touring 820 travel trailer represents luxury and classy elegance combined with the quality of design and manufacturing process...

         By all accounts, the ERIBA-HYMER Gmbh (Bad Waldsee, Germany) is not a newcomer to the RV industry. It all started in 1957 when representatives of two firms - Alfons Hymer (at those times manufacturer of agricultural vehicles) and Erich Bachem (ERIBA) designed their first travel trailer “Ur-Troll”. A few years later, ERIBA rolled-out popular Touring models and their success lead to the merger of both companies in 1980. The rest is a resonating history! In 2019, Erwin Hymer GmbH & Co. KG made waves by the introduction of ERIBA Touring 820 travel trailer at the prestigious CMT (Caravanning, Mobile leisure, Tourism) trade show in Stuttgart.

Eriba Touring 820

Eriba Touring 820: Floor-plan

The new model represents the continuity of ERIBA’s sixty years-old Touring series, although in this case in the luxurious version. Interestingly, for many American RV-ers, Eriba Touring 820, due to its curved shape and shining aluminum skinning will look very similar to famous Airstream models! 

          The front and rear wraparound windows extending over 180 degrees make the strong statement. Seen from the outside, the combination of dark-tinted surfaces with shining Crystal Silver metal makes the impression that you are just one step from taking-off towards the Moon. The large, porthole on the side of the trailer greatly reinforces such an impression. Seen from the interior, the “walls” of windows combined with rounded shapes of furniture make you feel stepping on the board of the luxurious space-yacht sailing on the sky.

Well, although over the time, Eriba touring models gained similar cult status as Airstream models, let’s make it clear - the similarity ends once you cross the entrance doors.

Eriba 820: Wraparound windows


         Touring 820 is a combination of deeply-rooted tradition (distinctive shape of the aluminum-skinned shell) with a clear sign of time – a futuristic style reminiscent of the era of “space travel”. But modernity of Eriba’s Touring 820 is not only limited to “visual” effects (silver panels, smooth lines, stylish finish, etc…), it’s also what is hidden from the eyes. For example, the whole body is completely wood-free. The shell’s frame features “steel-cage” design, proven on the roads by countless touring trailers that left the factory doors over the last 60 years. The floor, however, took advantage of the latest technologies. Also wood-free, it is made from GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic – or shortly Fiberglass) proving that at Hymer, time did not stop in the 60’s. In fact, new technologies are being continuously developed and implemented into designs to exceed customers’ expectations and quality standards. 

GRP-made floors offer several indisputable advantages. They are very robust and durable (no rot, no corrosion, excellent weather protection, abrasion resistance etc). But that’s not all – inherently GRP floors have much better thermal properties (higher R-value compared to metal).  In fact, while the Eriba Touring 820 is not considered as an all-weather RV, it has excellent thermal insulation. The GRP floor has extra Styrofoam insulation, while the walls and roof are built from closed-cell Polyurethane foam sandwiched between Aluminum Sheets (PUAL technology). With a floor-heating system and frost-protected water installation, the Touring 820 is well adapted to European mild winter conditions. The optional layer of GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) covering the roof is intended as a protection from hail. 

Interior: Living area 

Thanks to panoramic windows the living space is "open" to the outdoors

Interior finish

        The smooth, rounded shape of the furniture not only gives the feeling of stylishness but also guarantees “collision-free” movements across interior space. Large windows and skylights lessen the barrier between the camper’s interior and outdoors, making an impression of open space – feeling further deepened by the impressive interior headroom (6.6 feet). The interior finish brings a lot of residential ambiance. The dark furniture nicely contrasts with bright walls, while the furniture’s super-matt finish contributes to sort of warmness (it’s also resistant to UV, abrasion, and stains!). 

The kitchen nook with its smoothly rounded shape looks like it’s coming straight from the desk of Italian designers!

The ceiling is fully covered by microfiber fabrics – and it offers warmness and better acoustic insulation. High backrests sofas in the lounge are finished with high-quality leather upholstery making it not only an elegant dining room but also a place calming senses where you can relax! And finally, all-round view windows allow you to reach outdoors in the comfort and safety of the lounge…. 

If the extra sleeping space is needed, the dining table can be lowered converting the sofas into another queen-size bed.

Bedroom with characteristic V-shaped queen-size sleeping space

Easy to access under-bed storage


      With the cabin’s length of 23.2 feet (overall length of 27.8ft), Eriba Touring 820 offers quite a spacious interior with enough room to create a “residential” ambiance. The bedroom (or rather the sleeping quarters) is located at the rear end of the trailer, the lounge and living at the front while the kitchen and bath are located in between. Given the “architectural” symmetry of both end-zones (especially large 180 degrees panoramic windows), there is no big difference between these two places. However, due to the location of the entrance door at the front, the rear end offers a more peaceful environment for sleeping. It does not mean however, that the bedroom will isolate you from surroundings. The panoramic windows (if blinds are open) will allow you to fall asleep surrounded by Mother Nature, or even take on an interplanetary trip (large skylight helps to dream…).

The bedroom houses two tightly attached individual beds. This configuration offers the best of the two worlds – a comfortable queen size sleeping area without any “hole” in between, but also easy access to the large storage area underneath. Each bed independently opens upwards (correspondingly to the left and the right walls). It’s not a walk-around bed, however, the rounded “opening” (cutout) in the structure of beds largely facilitates getting in and out of the sleeping quarters (and the access to the storage). Slatted wooden bed bases promise good air circulation and help to get the best sleeping experience on multi-zone cold-foam mattresses (Evo-Pro-Tech).

The folding curtain separating the bedroom from the living area offers privacy (note that Touring 820 can comfortably sleep up to 4 adults because the lounge can be converted to an equally spacious sleeping area). 

Overhead cabinets lining along the bedroom ceiling offer a lot of storage space, although understandably, the access is mostly only from the top of the beds!  For everyday use, the handier is a spacious floor-to-ceiling wardrobe with shelves and clothes’ hanging section located between the kitchen and the bedroom.

Eriba 820: Kitchen

Pull-down coffee tray

Kitchen & More

The architectural design clearly defines the kitchen area as an entity opened towards the lounge. Its main working area is “enveloped” in the countertop seamlessly curving upwards towards the ceiling where it nicely wraps over the top in a form of a huge, laying-down “U”. Two recessed shelves on the left wall, a recessed storage compartment in the worktop, a stylishly rounded overhead cabinet and a large (opening) porthole beautifully enhance the kitchen’s aesthetics.  A coffeemaker on a pull-out tray (with storage for used capsules) is another highly-elegant but also very practical accent helping to keep the kitchen clutter-free. 

The single-bowl stainless-steel sink with cover (can be used as cutting board) and left to it 2-burner cooktop complete the working area (It’s true, that there is no much free working space unless the sink is covered by the mentioned lid).

The main kitchen cabinet contains large, deep drawers and a narrow pull-out pantry – all roller-mounted with soft-touch closing and locking mechanisms. To the left of the kitchen nook, you will find a compressor-based fridge & freezer with a capacity of 40.2/4.6 gallons (note that for the night, the fridge automatically switches to the “silent” mode).   

The bar with a glass cabinet and space for flat-screen TV in the central part of the camper corner is part of the lounge. Located on the opposite wall to the kitchen it shares the space with one more (although quite narrow) wardrobe for hanging clothes and next to it – a dry bath with a shower. 

Eriba 820: Bath

Bath: tight but functional


       It’s a tight space but designers managed to build it as the dry bath with a separate shower cabin, toilet, sink, mirror and generous cabinetry to store cosmetics and all sorts of bathroom accessories, toilet paper, soap, etc…. The folding shower door is there to keep the bath dry, although once deployed, the shower space may look very tight…

The cassette-toilet may be a bit surprising choice for a luxurious RV but certainly, it reflects eco-times. The level indicator and wheels help to handle the “situation”. 

Catching eye are small details like wooden shower panel (with beautifully contrasting natural colors), handy toothbrush holder, towel bars….

Control & Monitoring System

Technical aspects. 

  • The standard electrical package includes shore power connection, 95Ah AGM battery, battery charger (w/automatic changeover switch to towing vehicle), dimmable indirect interior and exterior LED lights, gooseneck reading lights w/USB sockets, power sockets throughout and a Smart-Home control & monitoring system for monitoring the battery, water and LPG tanks, temperature etc…). The manufacturer also provides a smartphone application so all control and monitoring can be done remotely.
  • The 2kW roof-mounted A/C unit and 3kW floor heating system are standard features. The ventilated backrests (lounge) and under-bed storage boxes help to evenly distribute warm air across the camper.
  • The 2.2 gallons water heater feeds the kitchen and bath faucets. 
  • The fresh-water tank is insulated and heated while the plumbing is frost-proofed. The kitchen and shower share the grey-water tank.
  • Entrance includes an electric pull-out step with dedicated LED light 
  • Anti-sway coupling w/automatic overrun and reversing devices greatly improves the stability of camper on the road.
  • Touring 820 is equipped with the sort of “signature” exterior illumination, gently underlining its exterior splendor in the night-time. It’s a small, but very attractive touch differentiating the camper from the competition. 
  • Four hydraulic stabilizing jacks can automatically-level the camper at the touch of the button. It’s a unique but certainly, very appreciated solution for RV-ers offering perfection and security. 


The list of options is as impressive as the list of standard features. It includes a multimedia package (TV, Stereo, speakers and digital antenna), Power Package (extra batteries, Solar, exterior power and TV sockets….), awning, exterior gas, and city water hook-ups, water pump, bike rack, roof hail protection, electric mover, spare wheel, anti-skid system, upgraded chassis and suspension … (see details below).

XT Mover - great help for manoeuvring in tight places  

Pros and Cons

      By most accounts, Eriba’s Touring 820 travel trailer represents luxury and classy elegance combined with the quality of design and manufacturing process. It’s spacious, and thanks to panoramic wraparound windows it’s largely “opened” to the outdoors, enhancing out-of-town experience. It does not mean. however, that the final product is flawless.  In fact, practicality is not always its strong point.

  • Like most large rigs, the Touring 820 is designed for towing on smooth highways and camping on well-equipped campgrounds with access to electricity, water and sewer. The standard freshwater tank with the capacity of just 13.2 gallons and 8 gallons (13.2 gallons option) grey water tank promise very little water autonomy. Buying an optional city-water hookup (not sure why it is not the standard feature) will let you off the hook when it comes to fresh water, but the small capacity of a grey water tank is still the hard limit. To make it worse (or maybe I should write “unconventional”) – the grey water tank is portable (housed in an exterior locker). Built-in wheels and small capacity make it easy to move out what some may see as beneficial, however, it’s still an almost everyday job! The bottom line – luxury for the weekend, clear limitations on longer trips.
  • The cassette toilet with level indicator eliminates the black-water tank. Well, once again – the cassette on wheels is easy to operate, but for many, it may not be a dream-solution!
  • On the positive side: like many European and Australian RVs, the Eriba Touring 820 can be equipped with an Electric Mover (option). Little known in North America, it’s a very popular (although $$) device that allows you to detach your rig from the towing vehicle and maneuver it to the desired location on the campground by using a remote control. Frankly, it greatly helps to “navigate” in tight spaces!

See the specifications and technical details at:

--> Eriba Touring 820 Specs

Pictures: Courtesy of Erwin Hymer GmbH & Co. KG

Note:  Check with the manufacturer and / or authorized RV Dealer for the up-to-date list of features, options as well as latest specifications. These written above may not be accurate and certainly are subject to change by the factory. We are not responsible for any inaccuracy, the above text is provided only for the general information.

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