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Millions of people enjoy camping in the outdoors with their friends and family.

For this purpose, they use many different types of campers which ideally match their purposes and needs.

Folding truck campers are one of numerous campers used for camping around the country.

They are very convenient and practical units, which can be parked and folded at any campsite which is actually the main advantage over other campers.

Since folding truck campers are very flexible in use, they are perfect for all camping enthusiasts who like camping without high transportation costs.

Folding truck campers are usually made of canvas or some other material that is soft which makes them lightweight. Due to their lightweight feature, these campers are extremely easy for towing.
Folding truck campers often consist of two foldouts, which enable a family of four to sleep very comfortably. They also consist of a small dinette, a refrigerator, a storage area, and cooking area. Also, there is a outside shower and usually a grilling area.

The price of the folding truck capers is quite acceptable. If someone decide to buy a new folding truck camper, they can be bought at reasonable prices although buying a used one may be much more affordable. Those who are not a regular camper may also rent one which may be very cost-effective.

Manufacturers of folding truck campers

Here are some of the renowned folding truck camper manufacturers: Coleman, Flagstaff, Palomino....

Coleman folding truck campers are unique and economical type of campers. They belong to the group of quality and comfortable folding truck campers which will surely enhance your camping experience with all standard and additional features and benefits included. They are lightweight type of campers which length ranges from 8' to 15'. When they are set up they provide dining, sleeping area, full kitchen, and depending on the model have sleeping capacity up to 8 people.

Flagstaff MAC-208 folding camper

Flagstaff folding truck campers are ideal for families providing them enough comfort and convenience. Every inch of inside space is turned into very functional living space. Plus they are of very quality construction, built to last for many years to come. Each model of Flagstaff folding truck camper is equipped with sleeping area, storage drawers, two burner cook top, booth dinette, sink, and many more amenities which will make your trip enjoyable and exciting.

Palomino folding truck campers are made for active families with many different floor plans and lot of additional features. Every unit is fulfilled with enough amenities in order to provide full comfort and fun travelling. Palomino folding truck campers are built with a strong steel frame and quality sidewalls. The very important feature of these campers is that they are easy and fast to set up.

Flagstaff folding camper inside - it's modest but for many it provides enough of comfort ...

Visitors' stories.....

The folding truck camper rests in the back of a pick up truck.

When you open up the camper, it can provide a spacious camper that allows you to enjoy comfort.

Although some campers such as a pop up trailer may offer more room, the truck camper is nice for traveling anywhere and does not require towing.

The campers for the most part are easy to remove and mount on the truck bed.

The truck campers have the standard accessories such as a kitchen, bathroom with shower and toilet and a place for sleeping.

The dealers that carry truck campers vary from state to state and most states do have a dealer close by if you look in a directory under truck campers.

Arizona and Arkansas even have dealers along with used folding campers if you want a used camper.

The 2003 and 2004 models when purchased were a bit pricey, but when bought used they have come down in price allowing people to get a great little camper for less that appears brand new. People sometimes offer more accessories when buying a used truck camper than what you would get in a brand new camper.

The length and width of these campers vary, for instance one truck camper I saw was a Bronco with a length of thirteen feet four inches. The width was seven feet two inches.

When opened up the height was a little over six feet, which gives you plenty of head room unless you are taller. The folding truck camper has a water storage tank that holds up to twenty-two gallons of water.

The camper provides some of the comforts needed when camping. If you need more room, add a screen tent for entertaining and dining or sleeping outdoors under the stars.

The foldable truck camper is nice for traveling. I seen a truck camper sale St Joseph was having one time, I forget the area, but there was a foldable camper and a Fleetwood truck camper.

Then I found a tent pop up travel trailer with many spare accessories. This sale was worth visiting since I did find some great deals.

Getting back to the foldable camper, these campers provide just as much comfort as the tent pop up travel trailer.

A four wheeler or a van camper cannot beat the foldable truck camper when you need something that accommodates all your needs.

Traveling all over I have run into a few great deals on foldable truck campers and have found them in some strange places, one was in West Virginia in a front yard.

Another was in Wisconsin at a place called Rawhide Boys Ranch were they take cars and campers fix them up and resell them to support the ranch.

A truck shell can be taken and totally fixed up and customized to look just beautiful and then they sell the campers and in some cases motorcycles to finance the workings of the ranch. I was very impressed with this type of foundation that helps boys learn about camping in a sense, but also by fixing and repairing such things as bikes and foldable campers along with automobiles.

The camping experience allows everyone to benefit in some way or another. When you are out on the road, you should always look around and see what you can find. Some good deals have been found by people either looking on the road or on the internet.

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