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Ford Rangers trucks are rarely sold as newly made campers, but...

Ford Rangers are rarely sold as newly made truck campers, but if you own one you can easily purchase an extra product and make a comfortable camper out of your off road drive.

While there are many options when it comes to having a Ford Ranger Truck Camper, there are two simple ways that are not too expensive either.

The Ford Ranger camper shells and the Ford Ranger truck tents are two choices that will offer a warm and comfortable sleeping place and storage space as well for your travels. Both of these can be purchased separately and installed on the truck in a few simple steps. They both have their benefits and cons as well, but in the end whichever you choose you will have a new way of using your truck.

Ford Ranger Camper

One of the best ways to have a Ford Ranger camper is buying a Ford Ranger camper shell that can be attached to the truck. These camper shells can be purchased separately, and they come in various models.

They are great for camping but also for storing things and transporting your stuff such as sports equipment. The Ford Ranger camper shells are easy to mount on the truck, and one of their major benefits is that they can also be taken down any time if they are not used.


Ford Ranger Camper shells are usually made of a durable fiberglass that is available in many colors, so you can find one that will fit with the color of your car easily. If you have a Ford Ranger truck already but you would like to use it as a camper, the cheapest way to do so is by buying one of the Ford Ranger camper shells. It costs about $1000, or somewhat more if you decide to upgrade your options.

Pros and Cons

A Ford Ranger camper shell offers more protection than a canvas tent does. It has hard walls that are made of a durable fiberglass aluminum, which are also better for cold weather. The downfall of The Ford Ranger camper shell is that most models don’t have enough headroom.

Ford Ranger Truck tents

While Ford Ranger camper shells offer a safe and dry place to sleep when you are traveling or you are in the middle of an adventure, they are not the greatest living spaces. For one thing, in the classic models you cannot stand up and move around comfortably.

If you would like a more spacious interior that you can enjoy while traveling, try the Ford Ranger truck tents. This wonderful combination of a truck and a tent makes it possible for owners of Ford Rangers to upgrade their trucks, or for those who love their Ford to be able to use it as a camper occasionally.

The Ford Ranger Truck tent offers what no other camper can. It can be taken off-road, while it also has enough space for sleeping, storage and also spending some time during the day in case of bad weather. They are also cheap and lightweight, and they won’t interfere much with your driving and fuel cost


Camper truck tents compatible with the Ford Ranger trucks are for instance the Napier Sportz Truck Tents. They keep water out from the sleeping area efficiently thanks to their special canvas. They have a lot of headroom so you can stand up comfortably inside. Most models come with an awning and they can be set up in just a few minutes.

Pros and Cons

The Ford Ranger truck tents are the best ways to go camping and have more comfort than sleeping on the ground in a tent. These truck tents are also bigger than a camper shell with more headroom and space to move around inside. Their downfall is that they don’t offer as much safety as a camper shell can, since they are made of canvas.

Visitors's Story

The Ford Ranger truck camper is a popular way to travel. I believe I have seen more Fords on the road with campers then Chevrolets or Dodges.

The camper shell fits nicely on the truck and does look very comfortable from the outside.In Minnesota last year, I saw camper for a Ford and the inside was pretty darn nice.

The older trucks have nice campers as well but the newer trucks with campers have out rated many other years and makes.

If you do have older model truck such as a 1981 or a 1982, you have a nice camper, but you might need a newer truck, since the campers hold up better than the truck body’s as we all know. They come with great accessories and are just as spacious.

You can visit any car and truck shows and see the new models with campers that really look nice inside. You will be impressed with the inside décor when you see it, it is very nice looking.

In Mississippi, many people still live in truck campers while they are rebuilding their homes. They have decided to stay and rebuild and one way to do this was to live in truck campers and popup campers. You can see that these are not only meant for camping, they are also very useful for other purposes. The campers are meant for extended living; therefore, they have many accessories and plenty of space.

The Ford Ranger truck camper no matter what year you have or look to buy will give you enough room for camping and relaxation. One thing to remember is you do not spend all that much time inside anyway, you are usually outside enjoying the weather.

Since there is so much to do and see, you probably will only want to use it to sleep and maybe enjoy a quite dinner from time to time.

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