How to Raise Pop up Tent

Learn How to Raise Pop up Tent

Pop up tents or backpacking tents as some love to call them, are simple shelters which you can carry with you whether you are biking, hiking, camping or you just enjoy spending some time in the outdoors.

They are very practical since they don’t require too much maintenance.

If you buy yourself a good quality tent it will last very long and you will be very satisfied.

Although they are very simple to set up, raising pop up tent requires few steps that must be undertaken:

1.    First, you must find the adequate spot where you will place your tent. Ideal spot is flat and clear area with no rocks, stones, tree roots or clutters. However if there are some of these then clear the area of any rocks or sharp sticks that may damage your tent floor. A ground floor for the tent may be a sheet of plastic cut to fit the footprint of the tent. When you have placed the ground sheet, spread the main body of the tent over the ground cloth.

2.    The body of the tent should have either metal rings or fabric loop at each corner, thread the stakes through and hammer the stakes into the ground at each corner of the tent. While the main body of the tent is lying flat on the ground, take out the collapsible poles and assemble them by straightening the joints.

3.    When the poles are assembled, tie in the middle of the roof of the tent. Join the poles using tie.

4.    Lift the tent into place and slide the ends of the poles into the pins at each corner of the tent.

5.    Tie the ropes to the stakes.

When setting up the tents you must pay attention not to place the tent under the trees that have large overhanging branches because in case of storms trees may lose limbs and damage your tent. Moreover, you must be aware of the surroundings. If there are potential rockslides or avalanches or even potentially dangerous wildlife you must avoid such places as pop up tents can’t provide you adequate protection. Also you have to make sure not to light the fire near you tent as it may be flammable.

Visitor's story.....

How to raise pop up tent campers is very easy and does not have to be done with much physical work at all.

The latches need to be unlatched all around the camper, the pop out the crank and gradually raise the top by cranking top open. Newer tent pops up campers have an easier cranking mechanism than the older models. Truck pop up campers today, have some available with a push button to raise the top without any physical work needed at all.

When you think about how to raise pop up tent tops, you want something that sets up in no time at all, so you can enjoy the days ahead.

The 2 wheeler and 5 wheeler make an excellent way to camp. If you have a van for camping, you may or may not have any type of set up involved. It is a matter of opening the doors and having fun.

I think of camping being fun and adventurous, I learned how to raise pop up tent campers when I was very young.

My family has a great respect for the wilderness because of being able to camp and learn many tricks to make things a little easier. If you ever have problems, there is always someone willing to lend a hand.

Now whether you travel to Alaska or even Alabama, you will know how to raise pop up tent tops and start relaxing in the sun.

Now that the colder weather is upon up, you might have to turn the heat on to take the chill out at night, but either way you will enjoy the fun and adventures that await you in the new season. Learning how to do things, such as raise pop up tent tops is all a part of the experience.

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