How to Winterize Camper for Winter Living

Going for winter camping? Find some useful tips for a successful venture.

Wait a second. We have finally gotten the formula for reading your thoughts.

Beep and beep goes our machine and we faintly make out that you are planning to go camping this winter.

Well to tell you the truth a thorough reading of this will only be done by a person eventually planning on to get adventurous the upcoming winter.

So if you are going camping this winter let me tell you that here you are going to find some of the most useful tips for a successful venture. General things to know, blah, etc.

The foremost equipment you require during an adventure be it any kind, is a shelter. Whatever you do, wherever you go and however well planned you may be, you still are an ordinary human being who wants a place to take some rest. For this you need a Camper. You can opt for small set up and fold back campers such as Pop-up Campers or easily retractable and economical trailers or you can go for the absolute best, RVs.

RVs are literally your homes on wheels. Depending on your requirement and choice you may choose what it is that suits your purpose. The RVs are the most luxurious ones in this category. You must also go for analyzing your financial resources and decide upon the camper of your choice.

You must go through the points that follow to know about the different things that you are going to need on your adventurous venture. This may be boring but remember the very best things in life were always thought upon as boring.

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  1. Water: The most important lifesaving element out there in the wild proves to be water. You must be holding sufficient water in your camper to keep your gullets wet and in perfect sync with life. Winter can be dangerous as it takes a great pleasure in freezing your water supplies.
  2. Heat: The next most important element of nature which will help you the most is heat. Winter can freeze your entrails and significantly hamper your bodily metabolism. To save yourself from the harsh conditions of winter you would need sufficient amount of heat in and around your Camper to help you survive.
  3. Insulation: Insulation against the cold helps you steer clear of the wintry cold. Any weak spots in the body and make of the campers or any other breaks and cracks on the floor or walls of your Camper can expose you to dire conditions of cold. Insulation is another important necessity which will protect you on your venture.
  4. Fuel: Fuel is the most important necessity out there in the cold snow be it electricity or propane or a battery. Understand the usage of the fuel and analyze its availability. Accordingly decide when to spend and when to save your fuel supplies.
  5. Sewers: Since life generates waste you need to have proper mechanisms to store or dump your waste. The waste we generate can never be allowed to stay as it is inside the Camper. So you would definitely need proper sewers and drainage systems.
  6. Skirting: Adding extra layer layers of unused materials between the base of the Camper and the ground can actually be considered as a wise decision since it insulates the sleeping floor from the harsh cold of the outside ground.
  7. Vents: An increment in the moisture inside the Camper can be an abomination as well. To control the moisture levels, you certainly need to have vents in your Camper.

Apart from these, there would many more small and basic requirements such as your brush or comb (LOL). We hope with experience and application of a little common sense you can be able to figure out what are the necessities.
The above list appears boring and complex. To have it all covered and get ready to tie up your seat belts on the journey to the wild, here’s what you have to do.

Skirting your RV is a simple and inexpensive process; it can save you a lot of heating energy and dramatically improve the comfort of living...

  1. Keep a good and sufficient backup of drinking as well as flushing water. A gallon or two would do. Store in properly insulated containers to prevent freezing.
  2. Have a hot air gun with you to do away with the snow supposedly your water supplies and sewers freeze due to the extreme cold.
  3. Use fiber glass batting insulated enclosures to protect the holding tanks from freezing its water content. If possible you can go for using electric bulbs which would generate some heat and keep the water normal. Heating panels inside the enclosure can be advisable if sufficient electricity is available.
  4. Use polycel or Monofoam to mend any cracks or breaks in the make of the Camper. These could provide the necessary insulation from the harsh cold.
  5. Insulating foams can also be used on the insides of the plumbing pipes, electrical outlets or any other fissures on the walls of the Campers. With the necessary opening left everything else should be stuffed with foam.
  6. Take as much bedding and quilts as possible.
  7. Always look on ways to park the RV in the winter sun to heat up the Camper.
  8. Always check and monitor the usage and availabilities of propane, battery charge and electricity. Save and spend accordingly.

Apart from the above tips, you can always put two and two together to get a clear picture of your way of life out there in the cold and how much of what would you really need while on your Camper. Enjoy your adventure. Wish you a happy winter.

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