Kelley - Kelly Blue Book RV Motor Home Guide

Have you ever wondered what value the Kelly Blue Book RV Motor Home Guide would place on your motor home?

Kelly uses the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price as the place to start.

A certain percentage of the MSRP is deducted depending on the year, make and model.

As a seller, the RVF value of your camper listed in the Kelly guide is generally on the high end and can be to your advantage.

One Kelley - Kelly Blue Book lists truck campers, motor homes and van conversions.

The other covers park model trailers, fifth wheelers and pop up (folding) trailers.

You can purchase the Kelley (often misspelled Kelly) Blue Book official RV guide at

If you are in the market for a new or used mobile home the Kelley - Kelly Blue Book RV Motor Home Guide can help you in deciding if the price you are being offered is a fair amount.

There are companies that will do free appraisals based on actual selling prices of similar RV’s as well as Kelley and NADA guides.

As a buyer you want to save money so after you have checked the Kelly guide look at dealers and on line for the same make and model you are interested in so that you will recognize a fair price.

As a seller if you plan to ask for the Kelley Blue Book RV Motor Home Guide value, compare your mobile home with others of the same age, make and model as to amenities and extras, that will justify your asking price. Since as we mentioned the Kelly Blue Book tends to price recreational vehicles higher than the actual market is doing. You will have a hard time selling your RV if it is priced much higher than the going rate.

Set for yourself, the lowest amount you are willing to accept for your trailer, then price it somewhat higher according to the going rate, mileage, extra amenities you have added or replaced and the value listed in the Kelley - Kelly Blue Book RV Motor Home Guide. All of these together should help you come up with an attainable, fair price to offer interested buyers.

As a prospective buyer, decide on the absolute highest amount you are willing to pay. Make a list of amenities that are must have items for you. Perhaps you don’t need a microwave but insist on a refrigerator. You must have an air conditioner but aren’t particularly insistent about an awning. This list will help you decide on which RV’s you can be happy with and can afford.

The Kelley - Kelly Blue Book RV Motor Home Guide can not be accessed on line, although there are consignment dealers who will give you quotes from the guide. However we suggest that you purchase the Blue Book for yourself at Amazon

A recreational vehicle is a big investment, and if you are selling your RV you will want to recoup as much of your money as possible. Your buyer however wants to save as much money as he can. The Kelly Blue Book can be of help to both of you.

Although the guide may not be totally accurate, it can still be of help to you whether you are interested in purchasing a new or used motor home or if you want to sell your camper for the best possible price.

The Kelley Kelly Blue Book RV Motor Home Guide is a useful tool for anyone buying or selling trailers.

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