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Purchasing a camper van

If you are looking to buy a camper van and you don’t have such a big budget at hand, you surely thought about purchasing a used camper.

There are tons of private sellers out that that offer camper vans of all kinds in great condition.

However, before you choose a camper, you will need some help to decide whether the price that you are asked to pay is really worth it.

If you don’t want to get ripped off, you need to know the actual value of the camper before you pay for it.

It happens often that both the private seller and the buyer don’t know the market well enough to be able to find a suitable and fair price for both parties. It is even more difficult to find the price of a camper van than a car, because there are more factors that you have to consider. This is also a reason why a lot of people can be easily mislead when purchasing a camper van.


The Kelley Blue Book

There are many ways to find out the value of the camper van you are about to buy (or to sell), but the best one if the Kelley Blue Book. The Kelley Blue Book is an actual small blue colored book that helps you define the value of the vehicle you are thinking about buying.

Initially this book was made for automobiles, but today it is available for other vehicles as well, such as camper vans. For many years it was the only value book, but even though in time others have appeared, it still remains the favorite of most people who are active in the vehicle market. It is regularly updated and released to make sure that the prices it shows are accurate.


How to use the Kelley Blue Book

Once you have your Kelley Blue Book, you will find a lot of information in it. The campers are categorized according to the manufacturer, the model, the year of making and other categories as well.

Other factors are also taken into consideration when determining the value, such as facilities and condition. For example you have to be able to look at the camper van and see whether it has all the facilities inside that it should have.

You will have to know many details about the vehicle in question that you are interested in before using the Kelley Blue Book, so make sure you have as much information as possible at hand. This way in the end you will find in the book the approximate value of the vehicle.


Where to find the Kelley Blue Book

This small blue book can either be purchased online or rented from a library. Right now it is not available online, but it is worth to have one because it will help you not to be cheated. If you prefer a similar book that helps you with an accurate value, there are some other ones that are available for free online.

Visitor's story

If you decide you want to purchase a van camper, take a look at the Kelly Blue Book camper van retail value before making any kind of decision.

This book gives the make, model and size along with other information. The retail price for a van camper results from the year, size, condition and mileage.

If you find a fully loaded camper van, you will most likely pay more than you would for a camper van with less luxury. If you happen to find a 1997 camper van from West Virginia or a 1998 camper van from Washington the retail price will reflect the camper van only, not the location.

Some vans come with just the standard accessories, the more the accessories the more you may have to pay for the camper. If you have a pop up trailer to trade in on a camper van, you need to compare the retail values before finalizing any deal.

The idea of using the blue book to purchase and sell a camper van makes good sense. Not only can you find out what to sell the camper for, but it also helps you decide what camper has the right price.

When you look over the camper, you can make a notation as to what the camper has for accessories, miles, the engine size and the transmission type in order to find the right retail value when looking in the Blue Book.

The Kelly Blue Book camper van value comes with a list of model, years and different makes so you can comfortably find the right value without making a mistake that could turn out to be costly. If you do not have a Blue Book, the local libraries carry them and some online sites have them available for viewing inside the library.

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