Kelly Blue Book for Vintage Cars

Know the price of your Vintage Cars using the Kelly Blue Book.

For all the vintage cars enthusiasts who are interested in buying such cars, blue book for vintage cars may be their best friend.

Before deciding to purchase any vintage car that you are fond of, you should arm yourself with blue book for vintage cars which will help you determine the actual price of the desired vintage car.

In the world of vintage cars, it can be very difficult to determine what the real value for a particular year and model of a vintage car is.

The best place to stipulate the value of a vintage car is Kelley Blue Book. It is also known as Kelley Blue Book: Early Model Guide 1946 to 1986 because it lists vintage cars from production year 1946 through 1986.

Unlike the blue book values for newer models, the values of vintage cars are not given online. Early Model guide is published twice a year in January and in July and one can get the genuine Kelley Blue Book for vintage cars cataloge from the Kelley Blue Book Company where you can find accurate appraisals for cars older than the 1980's.

An example of a vintage car from

If you are planning to purchase any model of a vintage car, you wouldn't like to pay too much for a car that isn't worth the price. On the other hand, if you are selling you wouldn't like to undersell a valuable car. In this case, blue book is very important. Thanks to Kelley Blue Book for vintage cars, buyers will know that they are getting a good and fair deal while sellers will know that they are asking a decent price for the vintage cars.

Kelley Blue Book for vintage cars can save you a significant amount of money offering you all the important details about the vintage cars.

What is it that determines the value of the vintage car?

Exterior look, the mechanical condition, and the interior cleanliness are some of the factors, which influence the vintage cars blue book value. Any vintage car, which has original body and hasn't been repaired and only has been restored, will surely be sold for a higher price while cars with rust and dents will be estimated at lower price.

The mechanical condition is also very significant. If the engine and transmission are in excellent function, the price will normally be higher. Some smaller problems with breaks or fluid leak won't significantly affect the price.

And the interior cleanliness is highly valued because dirty interior or stained upholstery will noticeable lower the value of the vintage car.

Kelley Blue Book has been used for estimating the value of new and used cars and for some time it is used for estimating the value of the vintage cars. With its help you can get a very good deal buying the vintage car you like.

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Visitor's story

Many people have a fascination for vintage cars. Indeed there is something in vintage cars that has a unique appeal for all of us.

Maybe it is the nostalgia that is creates when we look at them or ride in them. Or it may be the old-movies aura that they create when they are present in the scene.

There is something special about the look and feel of vintage cars that evokes a special response in all of us. This is probably what compels a lot of vintage car enthusiasts to spend time, energy and money in acquiring and collecting vintage cars as a hobby.

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to acquire and maintain these cars in a good condition. Most of the people who do this as a hobby are well-versed in auto mechanics themselves. It would take a lot of personal knowledge in automotive technology to take proper care of these vehicles built a couple of decades or even a century back.

Since the spare parts for these vehicles would be hard to come by, most enthusiasts would be equipped to fabricate their own parts or modify parts from modern cars to fit their old vintage cars.

There are a number of people involved in buying and selling vintage cars. In fact, it is a lucrative business given the amount of interest in the niche and the large amounts of money that people are prepared to pay for vintage cars. But guessing the proper price for these vehicles is a very difficult task as there are no contemporary yardsticks to compare them to.

The best option for this purpose is the Kelly Blue Book for Vintage cars. With this price list guide, you can have a good idea of the correct price for a vintage car. The Kelley Blue book also provides prices for new cars, old cars, motorcycles as well as RV’s pricing.

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