Kelly Blue Book for Vintage Motorcycles

Determine the price of Vintage Motorcycles using the Kelly Blue Book.

Buying vintage motorcycles

Years ago it would have been very tough to find a fair price for a vintage motorcycle when you wanted to sell one or buy one.

It took a lot of research and a lot of inspection not to mention a long negotiation process from both parties to finally come up with a value on which they both agreed.

Nowadays it is much easier, and often people buy vintage motorcycles with minimal inspection.

This is all thanks to a value book that contains all the information you need in one place in order to purchase a vintage motorcycle.

The Kelley blue Book

The Kelley blue book has been created to give suggested retail prices for the buyer and the seller of a certain type of vehicle. Initially they started with cars, and today they have a value book for all kinds of vehicles, including motorcycles.

This book is useful whether you want to sell or buy a second hand motorcycle. Today this guide is the most widely accepted value book and it has become a standard along all value determinations. It is updated twice a year and released for people all around the world who want to keep up with the values of their vehicle.

Vintage Motorcycles from 2010 Concours d'Elegance: 1916 Excelsior Track Racer

How to determine the value of a vintage motorcycle with this guide?

Determining the value of a motorcycle that has been manufactured a while ago can be quite difficult, but with the Kelley blue Book you will be able to have an approximate value much more easily.

When you are facing a motorcycle dealer expert or a private seller, it is relevant to know what the vehicle you are buying or selling is worth.

This way you can also avoid being paid less if you are selling your vintage motorbike.

Why you need the Kelley Blue Book

The Kelley blue book will show you what the motorcycle is worth approximately taking into consideration multiple factors.

These factors include the manufacturer or the brand of the vehicle, the model, the year it was made, mileage and some other features as well.

The current condition of the vintage motorcycle you want to sell or buy is also taken into consideration when determining the final price. In the end thanks to this small blue book you can get an honest deal both for yourself and for the buyer/seller.

There are several books out there that help you figure out values of the market. However, the Kelley Blue Book is the best and most reliable one of all.

It is made by doing very rigorous research taking into consideration market prices of motorcycles, historical trends, popularity, reviews and many other factors.

This is how in the end they come up with a value that is the best for the current market prices.

Presentation of Harley Davidson, Crocker, Excelsior, Thor, Pierce Arrow, Indian, Sears, Reading, Flying Merkel, Henderson motorcycles and bicycles. Most are nearly a hundred years old and still running and riding. Legendary pieces of history and the forefathers of 2-wheeled racing events....

Visitor's story

There is a whole bunch of people fascinated by vintage motorcycles all over the world.

Normally, all of us are attracted to motorcycles because of their macho looks and unique design.

And when it comes to vintage motorcycles, there is an even more special appeal in seeing the designs from yesteryears in action.

It brings back many memories of the movies from the world war years. Most of the olden day action adventure flicks also feature a number of motorcycles.

Therefore, vintage motorcycles evoke a sense of nostalgia for most of us. That is probably why they are so popular even in this day and age.

Caring for and maintaining these marvels of engineering is a task best left to people who are experienced motor enthusiasts. That is why most vintage motorcycle collectors are good technicians themselves. Otherwise, it would be very difficult for them to keep these vehicles in good condition.

It takes a good amount of technical knowledge, skill and experience to maintain these vehicles and keep them running. Acquiring spare parts for them is another major issue. People might even have to fabricate their own parts according to the particular model that they own or modify some parts from an existing vehicle to fit their vintage model.

Vintage motorcycles can demand quite a price if the vehicle is a rare model and has been maintained in a good condition by the owner. Of course, determining the price of a vintage vehicle is always a tricky issue because there is no current reference to compare them with, in order to arrive at the right price.

The best price list guide for these vehicles is the Kelley Blue Book for vintage motorcycles. The Kelley Blue book also provides prices for new cars, old cars, new motorcycles as well as RV’s pricing.

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