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Hybrid Off-road Travel Trailers

Kimberley Karavan Classic: specifications, technical information and the list of features for a hybrid off-road travel trailer.

This is a the continuation of the Kimberley Karavan Classic description from the previous page. This time Specifications, Technical Details, Standard and Optional Features as well as comments...

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Kimberley Karavan Classic

Kimberley Karavan Classic can follow whenever your towing vehicle can go ....

Source: magazine.rvdaily.com.au


Note that measures in imperial units are approximations from metric units, and they may slightly vary in models designed for US market.


Exterior length (1)
Exterior width
Exterior height (2)
Campsite configuration
Exterior length (1)
Exterior width
Exterior height (2)
Shell length
Shell headroom
Dry weight (3)
Tongue weight (3)
Fresh water tanks
Grey water tank (4)
Black water tank
LPG (5)
Sleep (6)

Imperial Units

17’ 8”-18’ 2”
6’11”- 7’4”

≈ 7’
3,330+ lbs
5,420 lbs
287+ lbs
26.4 + 15.4 gals
13.2 gals
2 x 9.2 lbs

Metric Units

539 – 553 cm
159 cm
211.5-223.5 cm

671-685 cm
159 cm
310-322 cm
1,510+ kg
2,459 kg
130+ kg
70 + 120 l
60 l
2 x 4.5 kg

1. With compact drawbar extension
2. With 285/65/R17 wheels and rooftop A/C unit
3. With standard features
4. Optional 
5. Optional
6. Standard layout

Kimberley Karavan Classic

Karavan Classic: The pleasure and relax time....

Karavan Classic: Technical Data


  • Frame: Laser-cut, interlocked, hot-dip galvanized steel w/ Anti-Sway Bar
  • Shell: Composite FRP sandwich with core from closed cell rigid extruded polystyrene; High Molecular Weight Thermoplastic (HMWT), alloys, and marine-grade stainless steel
  • Floor: ArmaPET (high strength and thermal resistance composite from Armacell (Canada)
  • Windows: 5 x large, sliding, tinted
  • Suspension: Independent trailing arm w/custom air-springs, and 2.5” mono-tube racing shock absorbers
  • Wheels: Steel rims w/AT265/75/R17 tires (optional alloy rims w/17” AT tires)
  • Brakes: Power-assisted Hydraulic, w/12” Vented Disc (5,500 lbs rating, 1,200 psi pressure; Parking- Brake function included.
  • Lifting System: Remotely controlled 12V “worm drive” Linak actuator w/manual crank backup
  • Stone protection: Polyurethane stone protection system on stone guards (optional Frontal Stone Deflector)
  • Hitch: Articulating McHitch 5,500 lbs Off-road Easy Hitch (Optional VC DO35 – 7,700 lbs Off Road Hitch)
  • Interior finish: “soft” thermal barrier preventing condensation
  • Connector: Anderson
Kimberley Karavan Classic

Karavan Classic: Traditional drum brakes are replaced by more efficient, ventilated disc brakes

Kimberley Karavan Classic

Articulating McHitch coupling


  1. HMWT – Typically, these Fiber-Reinforced Polymers (FRPs), are Polyethylene-based HMWPE, well known for their excellent impact strength. They are corrosion-resistant, and water-repellent but are also wear-resistant, non-sticking, and self-lubricating. While, due to the higher density they may not be the first-choice materials for lightweight RVs, in an off-road environment high mechanical strength as well as weather and abrasion resistance are pre-conditions for long-lasting and durable structures.
  2. Worm-drive actuator is a gear arrangement in which a “worm” screw interlocks with a wheel. It generates high output torque and (what’s more important) – it is self-locking. In the case of pop-up trailers, it prevents uncontrolled drops!
  3. Standard version of Air Suspension requires periodical manual filling. To make it easier, the manufacturer offers an optional kit including Air Compressor w/tank and Remotely-Controlled Electric Filling System (unfortunately quite costly).
  4. Anti Sway bar is attached between the hitch of the towing vehicle and the trailer’s tongue (that’s why they are called Hitch Sway Bars in contrast to more traditional Suspension Sway Bars). It helps to reduce side-to-side movements of the trailer on the highway but also improves the stability of the tandem (towing vehicle and trailer) on uneven paths when exposed to twisting as well as push-forward/pull-backward forces.
  5. Airbag Springs are sort of “Rubber Bladders” containing compressed air. They can be “on-demand” inflated or deflated by the compressor to “adjust” the suspension to the load, speed, and quality of road (flat versus bumpy). In an off-road environment, they are recognized for their ability to significantly smooth the ride over bumpy terrains.
  6. McHitch - The most significant advantage of the McHitch coupling is its precise nature (the large receiver collar helps you slip it on). However, un-hitching may be a more difficult process, as it requires good alignment (especially horizontal) of the hitch and receiver. Lat moment news: On February 2023, McHitch ceased production!
Kimberley Karavan Classic

Karavan Classic: Sleeping quarter

Source: T&T Overland (Expandable Trailer Goes Anywhere: Kimberly Karavan)

Sleeping/Living area

  • Queen-size bed with dual layer foam mattress (optional Innerspring)
  • Under-bed drawers, magazine racks, mirror and privacy screen
  • Artificial leather seatings: small for 1 person w/storage, and larger (for 3 persons)
  • Slide-out table
  • Bed step
Kimberley Karavan Classic

Karavan Classic: Kitchen cabinet drawers (bamboo fronts represent the only wood in the trailer)

Kimberley Karavan Classic

Karavan Classic: 12Vdc compressor-based fridge with freezer

Source: RVTrader (USA)

Kitchen (Interior)

  • Cordian-equivalent benchtop
  • Stainless-steel sink w/hot & cold water,
  • 4.2 cu. ft compressor-based fridge w/freezer
  • Energy-efficient, portable, 1-burner induction cooktop (Options include a diesel cooktop or countertop-integrated 2-burner induction cooktop)
  • Microwave (optional)
  • 2 x large under-countertop cabinets with drawers
  • Front shelves and cupboards
  • Dedicated ceiling-mounted Fantastic Fan
Kimberley Karavan Classic

Karavan Classic; Optional 1-burner inductive cooktop

Kitchen (Exterior)

  • large stainless-steel sink w/hot and cold water
  • 2-burner, stainless-steel stove w/griller (LPG)
  • Stainless steel benchtop
  • Stainless steel drawer
  • Shelves/cupboards
  • 1 x AC power outlet
  • Weber BabyQ BBQ (optional)
  • 2 x WOK burners (optional)
  • E-Version (no LPG) including Weber BabyQ BBQ and 1-burner Induction cooktop.
  • “Drawer Fridge” (option)

Exterior Features

  • Multi height dual wheel Jockey Wheel
  • Rear Stabilizers
  • Fold Out Triple Entry Step
  • 7.2’ x 9.8’ Kwik Awning w/valance and zip for walls
  • A-frame mounted Multibox
  • Holders for 2 x 4.2 lbs LPG bottles (US version: 1 x 20lbs)
  • 2 x Jerry-can holders
Kimberley Karavan Classic

Karavan Classic: Merlin's Solar panels

Source: caravancampingsales.com.au

Energy Systems (Electrical, LPG, Diesel)

  • 48V Power Hub with Control Panel (Multibox)
  • X-Stream fast charging 3,000W AC charger w/70A DC Output at 13.6V
  • 3,600W AC Pure Sinewave inverter,,
  • 2 x Solar regulators (1,600W max)
  • Merlin, 240W roof-mounted Solar Panels w/30Amp MPPT Regulator
  • 60A DC/DC Charger (1,000W).
  • Bluetooth and Wifi.
  • SMART Monitor for total power control
  • 2,000Wh, 48V Lithium Battery (up to 10,000Wh available as an option)
  • LED lights throughout (include bar light over kitchen benchtop and over dinette)
  • LED trailer lights (tail, brake, turn, park…)
  • Power outlets (Interior and outdoor galley AC, 12Vdc, USB…)
  • Anderson Plug Cable
  • AC Surge Protector
  • 2 x Fantastic fans
  • 1 x toilet power vent
Kimberley Karavan Classic
  • LPG: 2 x 9.2 lbs tanks/ 1 x 20 lbs US version (both optional) w/plumbing lines

Left: US version with 1 x 20 lbs tank, Right: Australian version

  • Diesel: 2.6 gals tank w/plumbing lines
Kimberley Karavan Classic

Karavan Classic: Diesel (black) and Jerry cans (yellow). Not that one of Jerry cans you can use for extra diesel fuel.

Source: T&T Overland (Expandable Trailer Goes Anywhere: Kimberly Karavan)


  • 2 x Freshwater tanks (rear 26.4 gals and front 15.4 gals) w/monitors (includes separate plumbing lines w/valves)
  • 2 x Water pumps
  • Water Tank Outlet Tap
  • 13.2 gallons Greywater tank (Option)
  • Diesel, on-demand Webasto Water/Air Heater
  • Inline Water Filter System (optional)
  • Shower ensuite with hot/cold water
  • Outdoor shower (optional)
  • Waterless (Composting) swing-away toilet /Wrappon Toilet is an option.
Kimberley Karavan Classic

Karavan Classic: Toilet/Shower ensuite 

Source: RVTrader (USA)

Kimberley Karavan Classic

Karavan Classic: Toilet/Shower ensuite (here shown w/curtain)

Source: T&T Overland (Expandable Trailer Goes Anywhere: Kimberly Karavan)


  1. One water tank serves kitchen sinks (indoor and outdoor) while another one is connected to showers. This arrangement in an off-grid environment allows refilling showers’ tank with potentially ”lower-quality” water from lakes, and creeks without cross contamination with your freshwater etc..
  2. "Wrappon" is a portable toilet equipped with an "automatic wrap mechanism" originally developed by Japan Safety. Since the excrement is automatically wrapped (individually wrapped) each time, odors and microorganisms (bacteria) are sealed.
Kimberley Karavan Classic

Karavan Classic: Two Fantastic Fans covering kitchen and shower

Climate Control

  • 2 x ceiling-mounted Fantastic Fans
  • Hi-speed Cabin Air Pressurizer
  • Webasto Water/Air heater
  • Roof-mounted AC unit w/reversible mode (optional)
  • Diesel Air Heater Ducted w/air speed controller, 2kW rating (optional)
Kimberley Karavan Classic

Karavan Classic: Rear storage compartment


  • 10.6 cu.ft Multibox front storage box
  • Rear storage compartment
  • 2 x pull-out under-bed drawers
  • Kargo Karrier mounted on the top of Multibox (optional)


  • Spare wheel (underbelly-mounted)
  • One-touch electric Parking Brake
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Pre-wired for a Reverse Camera
  • WiTi Anti-theft, GPS tracking …. (Options)
Kimberley Karavan Classic

Karavan Classic: The white box on the roof is the inlet for the Cebine Air Pressurizer, next to it - Radio Antenna


  • Bluetooth Soundbar (Compatible with smartphones / USB / MP3, Integrated Bluetooth music streaming & remote control)
  • LCD TV, Antenna, Satellite Antenna, Modem, GPS-tracking, Anti-Theft etc ……(all options)

Options (here only very limited selection from an endless list)

  • Drawbar Extension
  • Outside Hot/Cold Shower w/ Visi-Flow AUX water source
  • 12.3 gallons greywater tank
  • Diesel Air Heater Ducted w/air speed controller (2kW rating)
  • Microwave Oven
  • Selection of kitchen/galley appliances
  • Lightweight Rooftop AC roof-mounted with reverse cycle heating
  • Merlin, roof-mounted solar panels (up to 600W total)
  • Underbed Mattress Di-Electric Membrane Heater
  • Bed Step with Seadeck Cover
  • Winterization (all plumbing and water tanks)
  • LED reading lights
  • Front Stone Deflector
  • Large selection of Canvas
  • Large choice of Multimedia hardware
  • Tongue-mounted bike rack
Kimberley Karavan Classic

Kimberley Karavan Classic: as for an off-road travel trailer it looks very inviting....

Source: RVTrader (USA)

Summarizing: Kimberley’s Karavan Classic is a rare example of a Hybrid travel trailer. It offers compactness on the road necessary for off-road RVs, but also comfort, interior space, and headroom when unfolded. And all that within the protection of hard sidewalls. The almost endless list of options allows you to customize the camper according to your needs….
Note that the Australian Kimberley (located on the east coast in Ballina), also has branches in the US (Bellefontaine, OH) and in the UK (Nottingham, Chesterfield, and Darlington).

Kimberley Karavan Classic

Before leaving this page: That's the Kimberley's family of trailers including also luxurious Cruisers Class T and S (top left) as well as the Off-road Camper Trailer (bottom left) representing the the lower end of the product line. 

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