Living in a Truck Camper

Lliving in the truck camper - is it a pleasure or a nightmare?

Do you ever think what would it be like to live in a four-wheel vehicle?

Have you ever thought that moving from place to place whenever you get sick of the current town can be very interesting and exciting?

 If you deem it is not possible because it would be very hard to sell your house often, than you are greatly mistaken.

Selling the house is highly difficult and strenuous process but changing the place of living often is not as hard as you may think. If you wonder how, the answer is very simple – to live in a truck camper.

There are thousands of people, who decide to sell their houses in order to buy truck campers and try to live in them moving from one spot to another.

 Most people seriously consider this way of life due to hard economic crisis. This nomadic way of life can be very interesting but occasionally it may be a bit difficult especially for families with kids. The same as living in a house has some advantages and disadvantages, living in a vehicle also have some benefits and also some drawbacks.

If you enjoy combining travel with home-like environment, then there is no doubt that this is the choice for you. Improvements in technology and all the amenities a truck camper has to offer have made possible to live in it. Before making such decision, one must take into consideration all the pros and of course all the cons. After summarizing all the facts for and against living in a truck camper, the final decision can be made.

The Pros of living in a truck camper

Living in a Luxury Truck Camper "Lance 1172" - is it possible?

  • Living in a house on wheels gives you a wonderful experience to travel around while still having your own space, your own bed and kitchen. Knowing that you never have to pack and unpack when you want to travel somewhere is invaluable. Living in a truck camper allows you to travel wherever and anywhere you want and your home is where you are. This is maybe the best advantage of such way of living. Freedom to change the plan of traveling at the last minute is an incredible feeling. And when you are tired of driving, just park the vehicle and you are already at home.
  • When you live in a truck camper, you don’t have to think about monthly mortgages, utilities and property taxes and all the taxes that you have to pay when you own the property. So having a truck camper as your home can be highly cost effective. The only payment that you may have includes RV parking fee and gas since RV parking monthly rental fee includes a place to park a vehicle, the water, the septic service and the electricity. Even if you are constantly on the road, it can be a lot cheaper because some RV parks don’t even charge over night fees at all if you stay only one night.
  • Owning a property requires lot of outside work, cutting lawn and yard maintenance, while living in a truck camper frees you from all this work and gives you more free time to spend it with kids, friends and neighbors.
  • Since truck campers are not too large, cleaning it doesn’t require a lot of time in comparison to a big house. Plenty of time will be available to spend it as you wish.
  • Moving with your favorite vehicle from one place to another allows you to meet many interesting people who also like the same way of living as you do and with whom you may exchange experiences.

Bigfoot Truck camper from outside

The Cons of living in a truck camper

  • The main disadvantage of living in a truck camper is a limited space. At first, it may seem that there is enough of space inside of the camper, but after a few months you may feel differently. Moreover, a couple with kids won’t have privacy because there isn’t enough of space, especially if you would like to have some personal time. 
  • Another drawback is the separate driving area from living area. If you are on the road, every time you want to enter the living space you will have to stop, exit the driver’s cabin and enter into the camper.
  • Energy issue is another important aspect that you must consider when deciding on living in a four-wheeled vehicle. In general it may cost you more due to “short-term” contracts (few days here, few somewhere else etc..). Also due to the fact that heating or cooling equipment will not have as high efficiency as you can find now in modern home equipment and that truck camper’s isolation usually will not match that in modern home, you will use more energy as well (unless you move your truck camper following the “seasons”. 
  • When it comes to maintaining a truck camper, you must be pretty skillful to make at least most repairs and fixes by yourself. Otherwise you risk spending substantial amount of money and time in garage…

Visitor's story.....

I had the pleasure to meet a couple who enjoy traveling and living in a truck camper year round.

They have everything they need including accessories and comforts that provide them with everything they need to enjoy life and see the country while visiting friends and family everywhere.

They have some very nice things to say about the experiences that they have had while living this way.

Their life of living in a camper is comfortable because they have a truck camper with opening side that provides for extra room when extended.

With the added cargo rack, they have plenty of room for storage and it does not clutter the inside of the camper. They really have a good time traveling this way, which gives inspiration to everyone.

They said they use to have a tent pop up travel trailer, but decided to get a truck shell as he called it and have one compact way to travel.

I had to ask them why not a four wheeler or a van for camping, after they laughed a little, they explained that they need a place to call home and that living in a truck camper provides a stove, refrigerator, heat and air when they need any of these for travel.

They are both in their early forties, both decided to save money for years to become independent travels, and living in a truck camper is affordable and allows them freedom. They do not tow around other things such as a motorcycle or a bike, they just rent things like that if they ever find a need for these things.

I hope to meet up them again soon in New Mexico or New York to see how their adventures are coming along. They seem very dedicated to traveling and living the free life until retirement.

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