Luxury Motor Home Campers

Luxury Motor Home Campers - are they  a remote dream?

If you like the idea of traveling around the country and see all the beauties it has to offer but are unwilling to relinquish the comfort of the home, luxury motor home campers are the ideal solution for your travel.

Luxury motor homes are actually campers with lot of extra features and amenities, which are not considered as standard and often offer sleeping room for two to eight people.

The interior of the these campers are usually made of high quality materials like real wood, polished steel, granite, ceramic tiles and natural materials like leather, wool and silk.

When it comes to price, it is usually very high due to extraordinary design and expensive materials that are being used for building such motor homes.

Beside standard features that these campers have, the most popular luxury motor coaches include automatic ice-maker, comfortable king size beds, gas or electric fire places, full size refrigerators, large bathrooms with tubs, showers, LCD TVs in living room and bedroom, satellite and cable hook ups and so on…..

Discover American Coach motor-home...

The most famous manufacturers are American Coach, Beaver, Gulfstream Coach.

American Coach is a renowned manufacturer of luxury motor homes. Their campers are exquisitely crafted and wonderfully designed. Each model made by American Coach is built to last and it offers more interior space than any other motor home. When traveling in one of American Coach motor homes, certainly your journey will be extraordinary. The elegance and comfort offered by these motor homes provide truly unique camping experience. No matter which model you choose be it Revolution, Tradition, Eagle or Heritage you will enjoy the perfectionism of the motor home and of course you will be thrilled by amazing features and luxury each model provides.

...and now you are invited for a tour of the Beaver Marquis motor-home (presentation by Beaver)

Beaver motor coaches have been present for nearly three decades and are known for their luxury and comfort. They are designed for those with refined taste and offer a lot living area, comfortable sleeping space as well as full functioning kitchen with all possible appliances that can be found in a motor home. With all the luxurious amenities, Beaver motor homes allow you to travel in comfort and style. Beaver company offers four different models, which actually don’t differ in amenities and luxury. Each model is loaded with the highest luxury features. These models are Contessa, Marquis, Monterey, Patriot.

While a picture is worth more than thousands words, keep in mind that the video is a a sequence of pictures! And you have to see this one - presentation of Gulfstream Coach "Tourmaster"....

Gulfstream Coach is one of the most popular and renowned manufacturers of luxury motor homes and has the largest product line in the RV industry. They produce many different models, each of which offers wonderful design and amenities that attract all RV enthusiasts who love to travel in style. Bounty Hunter, Crescendo, Independence, Sun Sport, Sun Voyager, Tourmaster, Yellowstone Luxury Diesel Pusher are some of the luxurious models made by Gulf Stream Coach.

Visitor's story.....

If you want elegance and travel hand in hand, you might find luxury motor home campers the idea travel vessel.

I happened to see a luxury RV down in Georgia.

It was amazing inside. I would have called it home in a heartbeat.

It was just as elegant inside as it was outside.

As you enter through the door, you were greeted with a white leather couch, a white leather chair and a recliner in white leather.

It had dark blue chalet curtains with eyelet toppers. The lights and walls molding were gold plated which added the warmth to the room.

It had a satellite TV dish with a theater surround system throughout the motorcoach. The bathroom was amazing. Never have I seen such a beautiful room, with decorative lighting and etched shower doors and a full sized toilet.

In the master bedroom, there was a queen-sized bed with wall lamps on each side alone with track lighting that travels throughout the mobile home. If you were not so attached to your popup camper, would you seriously consider this motor home for traveling and camping?

The idea of traveling in a motor home rather than a popup camper intrigues many individuals. You have so many comforts and can take a nap or watch TV while the driver drives you wherever you want to go.

You can cook and clean while rolling down the road. Although these motor homes are luxurious, you will pay for them as well. The popup camper is much more affordable for the majority of campers.

The luxury motor home campers range in length up to 45 feet and allows for plenty of room for added guests whenever you travel.

The couches usually have fold out beds. Once you park, the slide outs add even more room to an already spacious motor home.

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