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Mobi-Lodge Continental travel trailer - specifications, construction details as well as the list of standard features and options.

         What differentiates Mobi-Lodge travel trailers from the competition is their expandable design. Slide-out modules are quite popular in traditional “on-road” higher-end RVs, but rarely (if at all) seen in off-road applications. If you missed the presentation of Mobi-Lodge Continental camper, please go to:

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Otherwise, after the descriptive part let's get to technical details

Mobi-Lodge Continental travel trailer


Overall length (1)

Cabin length

Travel mode width

Camp mode width (2)

Exterior Hight

Interior headroom

Dry weight

GVWR (3)

Tongue weight

Ground clearance

Freshwater tank

Graywater tank

Blackwater tank




18'5 "

15'5 "

82.7 "

11'6 "

8'2 "

6'5 "

3,020 lbs

3,858 lbs

143+ lbs


40 gallons



11 lbs









1,370 kg

1,750 kg

65+ kg


150 liters



5 kg



1. All imperial dimensions (feet, inches, pounds ..) are converted from metric units and represent approximate values.

2. Slide-out bedroom deployed, exterior fold-out kitchen closed

3. Can be upgraded to 4,300 lbs (1,950 kg)

Galvanized steel chassis

Construction Details:

  • Chassis : Hot-deep galvanized 0.16 ”(4mm) -thick steel frame
  • Shell : Steel-braced fiberglass, mono-hull construction
  • Floor : 0.7 ”marine-grade ply covered with fiberglass
  • Hinges & fittings : stainless steel
  • Axle : Single, 5,500 lbs (2.5 ton) Buirquip brake axle
  • Suspension : Heavy-duty rated 5,512 lbs (2,500 kg) w / long leaf springs
  • Wheels: 16 ”alloy mags w / Hankook Dynapro 265/70/16 all-terrain tires. 
  • Windows : Sliding, armored glass
  • Stabilizers : 4 (body) and 2 (slide-out) manual, HD tongue wheel
  • Coupler : Run-in type with 6,173 lbs (2,800kg) rating
  • Slide-out : One (bedroom)
  • 12V Electrical wiring : Anderson connector
  • Colors : White with charcoal contrasts (Standard)

Aerodynamic nose

Interior Features

  • 74 cu. Ft, 3-sections storage (closet, wardrobe, and pantry)
  • Compartment for Water Heater, LPG, and tools (rubber hammer, screwdrivers, plier, cutter…)
  • Compartment for 12V battery (specs for 2) and AC / DC converter
  • 4 x plastic containers (5.3 gallons each)
  • 4 armored glass sliding windows w / privacy canvas & insects screens (bedroom and dining / kitchen
  • Countertop along the window
  • Storage pockets  

Panoramic window opens the interior dining corner into nature

Interior Dining Area

  • Flip-up dining table for 2
  • 2 x Spider camping chairs w / backrests (can be upgraded to Director chairs w / side tray)
  • pantry
  • Minibar & 4 wine glasses with holders for 3 wine bottles

Bedroom is a bright part of the design


  • Slide-out unit w / bed island;
  • Walk-around double-size bed
  • Luxury mattress
  • Linen set with double bed duvet, fitted sheet & two pillows
  • 2 x night tables
  • Electrical outlets

Fold-down stainless steel sink

Visible the new interior fridge (here with open door)

Fold-out outdoor Kitchen

  • Fiberglass fold-up roof with gas struts
  • Microwave 
  • Two burner gas stove with glass top backsplash
  • Luxury 2-bowls stainless steel sink w / glass covers (all in a separate fold-down module)
  • 4.8 cu. ft (135 liters) 2-way fridge w / freezer (located across entrance doors) 
  • Fold-down working space
  • Pantry w / cupboards
  • Complete kitchen set for four including, cutlery, plates, bowls, mugs, glasses…, stove ware (pan, pots ..), kettle, food containers, 
  • 2.6 gallons drinking water tank w / dedicated compartment…
  • Stainless steel BBQ in a canvas bag (stored under the microwave);
  • Backlit lighting


Service door for the toilet (note the gravel protection over the front)


  • Dry bath in camper's nose with 24.8 sq ft (2.3 m2) area
  • Luxury water-flushed toilet w / ceramic bowl and 3.7 gallons (14l) chemical cassette (serviced from the outside)
  • Bath sink w / hot & cold water 
  • Spacious shower with height adjustable shower head 
  • 12Vdc roof-mounted fan
  • Window
  • 2 x towel hangers and holders
  • Toilet paper holder
  • Mirror 

Water / Plumbing

  • On-demand gas geyser water heater 
  • 40 gallons (150L) freshwater tank 
  • Dometic 12V high-pressure pump

Portable solar panels (option)

Electric / LPG

  • Shore power connection w / 50ft (15m) long cable
  • Advanced 15A AC / DC battery charger w / monitor & alarm system
  • 105 Ah AGM deep-cycle battery (2nd battery optional)
  • 12Vdc roof-mounted fan (bathroom) 
  • 4 x AC power plugs (originally 220Vac)
  • LED lights (4 indoor, 5 outdoor, trailer brake and indicators)
  • 11 lbs LPG tank

Exterior Features

  • 2 x Black 5.3 gallons (20l) Jerry fuel tank w / mounting brackets
  • Shovel (rear-mounted)
  • Standard crank awning with three poles (stored in a canvas bag with zip, fixed to roofline above the kitchen)

Full-size spare wheel is a standard feature


  • Fixed digital safe
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Shovel
  • Spare tire
  • Tools

With an optional tent


  • Canvas cover over the slide-out bedroom to protect against seeds & branches
  • Upgrade to the standard crank awnings including:
  • Three tent sides 13.1 'x 6.2' (4m x 2.5m) with windows & front door to fit standard awning
  • Draft skirt to fit standard canvas awning
  • 105A deep cycle battery 
  • 12k BTU split A / C unit with exterior compressor
  • 2 x Quattro caravan movers with remote control, manual engage and metal protection guards 
  • Upgrade to 3x BF Goodridge 265/70/16 All-Terrain Tires
  • Sunroof with shade & fly net Roof vent with shade & fly net,
  •  12V 2-way fan module (bedroom)
  • Upgrade to 2x Directors camping chairs w / side tray
  • Upgrade of GVWR to 4,300 lbs (1,950 kg) 
  • Upgrade to Hotel-grade double mattress
  •  Upgrade to Hotel-grade queen mattress 
  • Upgrade to luxury linen set for queen bed duvet, fitted sheet & two pillows  

Imported crank awning 11.5 'wide x 8.2' deep (3.5mx 2.5m). The two integrated legs can be fitted to the side of the caravan or downwards, secured to the ground. The awnings come with wind straps. Two wind panels with a draft skirt can be used with or without the crank awning. A front panel can also be used to form an enclosed tent under the kitchen awning. It includes:

  • Upgrade to luxury crank awning, with rafter bar & wind straps (above the kitchen) 
  • Upgrade to luxury crank awning, with wind straps, (above the slide-out)
  • Two wind panels with windows & draft skirt for use with or without kitchen crank awning 
  • Front canvas slide panel with window & door for use with crank awning

Alternative to the standard canvas   awning or luxury crank awnings. It covers 180 degrees towards the rear. The tent sides can be fitted individually as needed and a room divider is also included for your guests. It includes:

  • Upgrade to 180 swing awning, 
  • 23 ft (7m) side panels with pipes, windows & door for swing awning 
  • Draft skirt to fit swing awning, around to the rear 

Off-road kit including:

  • Canvas & rubber stone guard fitted to front of body 
  • 2x Blue 5.3 gallons (20L) metal Jerry water cans 
  •  Metal protection guard in front of the water tank 

Solar Power System including:

  • Up to 2 x 130W slimline solar panel fitted to the roof (<6A) plus 15A controller
  • Up to 2 x220W portable fold-out solar panels with 10m cable (<12A) plus adequate smart controller

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All pictures are courtesy of Mobi-Lodge

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