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The motor home Coachmen RV trailers are some of the most widely recognized names in the industry today.

Coachmen Industries has been building some of the nation’s most recognizable trailers for over 50 years.

Their products are among the hottest trailers on the market today.

The company established the reputation for producing quality motor home trailers.

Being durable and lightweight, these products meet the demand of Coachmen’s customers. Furthermore, not only are Coachmen motor home trailers user-friendly, they are friendly to the environment offering the possibility to enjoy your vacations.

Coachmen offers three classes of trailers: these are Travel Trailers, Toy Hauler Travel Trailers and Destination Trailers

Coachmen Freedom Express - can you believe it? Kitchen island, fireplace and this is only just one small picture....

Coachmen Travel Trailers are designed to suit families who are willing to spend some time on the road. They are equipped with all the amenities you find at home so when traveling with Coachmen travel trailers you will have all you need starting from the kitchen facilities through the living space to sleeping area. Everything is packed to fit all your needs giving you the feeling of being at home.

There are six models of Coachmen travel trailers Freedom Express Liberty Edition, Freedom Express Ultra-Lite, Catalina, Apex Ultra-Lite, Clipper Ultra-Lite, Viking Ultra-Lite.

All Coachmen models are designed as user-friendly and cost-effective. They are all lightweight and easy to tow. Some models are bigger, some are smaller but all of them are designed with family in mind.

Tour of the New Coachmen Freedom Express Toy Hauler.........

Coachmen Toy Hauler Travel Trailers boast not only comfort but also include some practical features like large fresh water system, insulated floors and many other amenities that are built in these wonderful recreational vehicles. Spacious living area, roomy bath, well equipped galley, and plenty of storage are just some of the features that make Coachmen toy hauler travel trailers very popular and wanted among camper enthusiast and all those who enjoy adventure.

Special note deserves the cargo storage where you can place your toys-ATVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and other sporting gear. And when you unload your toys at the campsite, this cargo space converts into a great living space for up to eight people.

Coachmen toy hauler travel trailers models are Adrenaline XLV, Blast, Freedom Express, Freedom Express LTZ and Surge.

Inside of the Coachmen Trailer Catalina (Destination Series)....

Coachmen RV Destination Trailers are designed to maximize living space, comfort and storage area. Also the focus is directed to quality which makes the Coachmen the most recognizable brand among numerous brands in the RV industry. These extended travel trailers are made to impress and satisfy every customer because they have lot to offer. Their interiors are so beautifully designed that you won’t be able to resist them. With all the features and all the options included, the journey is more enjoyable than it has ever been.

Models of Coachmen RV destination trailers are Catalina Deluxe Edition and Catalina Destination Series.

Visitor's story.....

The motor home Coachmen RV trailers are one of the most widely recognized names in the industry today. Coachmen Industries makes everything from pop-up tent trailers to top of the line Class A motor coach models.

The company operates several subsidiaries that produce RV’s under the names Coachmen, Georgie Boy, Sportcoach RV, Viking and the Shasta line. Shasta specializes in Class C mini-coaches, travel trailers and fifth wheelers.

You may be asking yourself what type of recreational vehicle you should be looking at. There are many factors to take into consideration when making this decision.

First is your budget. How big of a payment can you comfortably afford every month? How many people will sleep and travel in this motor home? 

Whether you are buying a pop-up or a Class A motor home Coachmen RV trailer will be a top quality mobile home that will give you years of pleasure. Whatever type of trailer you choose you can’t go wrong with a motor home Coachmen RV trailers or one made by a Coachmen subsidiary. 

When my friend Jack needed some pipes and plumbing supplies for his Coachmen we ordered Coachmen RV parts online at Camping World. However if you need a brand specific motor home RV part, they can only be obtained from Coachmen RV dealers online.

Coachmen offers just about all types of camper RV’s to fit a variety of budgets and tastes. Maybe you want a Coachmen recreational vehicle but can’t afford a fancy top of the line motor home. Why not take a look at a Coachmen RV trailer pop up. You can sleep six in these RV’s.

A friend I met a few years ago when Rving in the northwest, bought a Class C mini motor home RV from a Coachmen Oregon RV sale on line. He has never had any regrets. Personally I would want to check out the trailer before I put up any money.

My brother-in-law recently found a Coachmen used RV on line. Since the mini camper is at a Georgia RV dealer Coachmen and is only 300 miles from his home, we are going to check it out next weekend. You should purchase your motor home Coachmen RV trailer sas close to where you live as possible, especially if it is used and from a private owner.

A very popular model of motor home Coachmen RV, is the Cascade. Sadly for Cascade devotees, it rolled off the production line for the last time in 2005.

The interior of the Cascade rivals the amenities in the more expensive motor coach. There are two versions, the Cascade and the Cascade Lite, which is made of ultra light weight material. These campers range from about 23 feet in length to a whopping 40 feet. We did find a Cascade DLX as small as eight feet in length.

Whichever motor home Coachmen RV trailers you select, we at Online Rving wish you many years of pleasure from your Coachmen.

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