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Motor-home RV covers – or how to protect your recreational vehicle from frost, rain, wind and other harsh weather elements as well as accidental” damage

After the travel season is over and the time has come to put your motor home away, it is very important to consider what is the best way to protect your recreational vehicle from frost, rain, wind and other harsh weather elements.

Since motor homes are great investments, there is a need to cover them and keep them in good condition for the next travel season.

And actually, it is not only about weather elements but also about any other possible “accidental” damage that may happen when your motor-home is left on your driveway or parking lot.

There are various RV motor home covers available, that can be used no matter where you park your vehicle. These covers are immensely handy not only in cold weather and rain; they are also very practical in hot summer days. RV covers come in various materials to meet several climate requirements and their sizes can be customized to your recreational vehicle.

The most commonly sold fabrics for RV covers are: Polypropylene, PolyProIII and PolyX300.

Polypropylene is a single-layer of fabric. It offers all weather protection and is water repellent. Its advantage is that it breathes thus reducing mold and mildew. With its elasticized corners, it provides a custom fit.  However this type of fabrics won’t last long that’s why it is not recommended for areas of frequent winter snow or intense summer heat.

ADCO Designer Tyvek RV covers - overview

PolyProIII has triple layered, reflective polypropylene top, which protects against rain, snow, UV radiation, dirt, nicks and scratches. It has air vent system, which reduces wind lofting and buildup of inside moisture. The cover is made from full-height zippered panels, allowing an easy access to the interior of the vehicle. Summarizing – PolyProIII is very good protective solution for recreational vehicle in the harshest weather conditions.

PolyX300 provides the combination of weather protection and tear resistance.  It repels water and protects motor home against UV damage and dirt. It is fully breathable and protects the vehicle against mold and mildew. And what should be also mentioned - it is easy to install.

One of the most common types of motor home RVs covers is Tyvek, which provide all round protection for all kinds of weather conditions. Disadvantage - these covers are a bit expensive.

Another popular type of RV covers is the Expedition RV cover, which has three zippers (one on each side of the motor home) allowing for an easy access to the motor-home. They are slightly expensive but worth of their value. Being breathable, they allow moisture to escape and prevent the formation of moisture in the vehicle.

Goldline are another high quality RV covers which provide excellent UV protection. They come with 12 zippers, so there are 12 different openings for getting in. They are made of a fully woven fabric.

There are many online stores selling all kinds of RV covers for all types of recreational vehicles. Here are some of them: specialized outlets like,,, as well as known for selling everything -,

Visitor's story....

I went to Camping World and found a Class B SFS Aqua Slad cover for my camper van. It shields my motor home from snow, rain, tree sap, bird droppings and wind driven dust and dirt.

Just as important, it protects my RV from ultra violet sun rays which can cause interior surfaces and paint to fade, also rubber, leather, fabric and vinyl to crack, deteriorate, and dry out.

These mobile home ADCO RV covers are breathable.

This means moisture is not trapped inside the cover so mildew and mold growth is prevented.

Also the cover protects against rust and fading of paint, plastic or gel coat plastic graphics.

Many of us Rvers have our campers sitting idle for months at a time, exposed to the weather. You have a huge investment in your motor coach, don’t let it be destroyed by the vagaries of mother nature. There are two types of covers, the RV custom cover and a universal cover.

Custom fit covers are made for specific RV models. When you order your custom covers make sure to mention things like after market mirror, spare tires, roof mounted air conditioners and other after market accessories that can add to the dimensions of motor homes.

Whether you have a luxury motor coach or a pop-up tent trailer, you can get a motor home RV cover online. With custom covers, you can have openings for side doors or rear ramps for Toy Haulers. This allows you easy entry to your RV without having to remove the cover each time.

ADCO RV covers also come in a ready fit version, which, with the use of straps and elastic, are adjustable to fit a variety of sizes and styles. One comes in lengths of from 20 to 40 feet. They are suitable for trailers up to 102 in. wide and most Class A RV’s. Another style is specifically designed for Class C motor homes20-32 feet long, up to 108 in. high and 102 in. wide. These motor home RV covers online for Class C RV’s have tapered fronts to provide a closer fit.

Did you know that even if you have a pick-up camper or a pop-up tent trailer you can get a motor home RV cover on line to fit?

If you are truly looking to protect your RV from the weather, you also need to get a set of motor home RV tire covers. New tires, by standing for several months, can rot and be destroyed over the course of a year.

You will also want to get a motor home RV windshield cover to help prevent sun damage to your interior.

The great thing about motor home RV covers online is that they come with storage bags and weight under 50 lbs. So you can take them on the road with you, especially if you will be gone for several months, or are a full time Rver.

Do you have a fifth wheeler or travel trailer? Don’t worry, you can get a motor home RV trailer cover to fit your recreational vehicle.

Let’s not forget your spare which is constantly exposed to the elements. You will also need a RV spare tire cover and very important, be sure to get a motor home RV vent cover.

We here at Online Rving want you to have years of pleasure from your recreational vehicles. RV wheel covers are not really a protective item but they can add a touch of class or whimsy to your motor coach or travel trailer.

I use the Good Sam Club member forums and I learned from seasoned Rvers how easy it is to buy motor home RV covers online.

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