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When it comes to RVing, many people would love to have first hand information and answers on all questions they would like to ask regarding their motor-homes and in general RVing.

Although there are many different resources for RVers such as printed magazines, books as well as numerous websites, quite often they don’t give you the answer to your questions, especially when you need it “Now”!

That’s why online RV forums are one of the best options where you can share information, read the discussions, ask questions and read answers from members who usually have deep knowledge of RVs and experience from RV-ing.

These forums can help you with RV maintenance, RV safety, with all kind of “to-do” and “not-to-do” things but also may help in making decision about your next recreational vehicle to buy…

Frankly, finding a good RV Forum is like “winning a lottery” (may be not the “big ticket”, but certainly the “ticket” of priceless value).

There are many online RV forums where RV enthusiasts discuss everything concerning camping. Basically, there are three main types of RV forums online:

  • General RV Forums – as the name suggest these are general forums which have the largest user base dealing with wide range of topics, information and users on all types of RVs.
  • Niche RV Forums – these forums are targeting a specific topic and can be helpful to only certain RVs or RV owners.
  • RV Model Specific Forums – these forums are dedicated to specific brands and RV manufacturers offering useful information about repairs, maintenance, upgrades and modification of certain RVs.

That is the Logo of one of the best general RV forums

General RV Forums:

  • RV.Net is a forum sponsored by  .

It is called Open Roads Forum and it is the largest and most active RV forum available. On this forum you may find all kind of information starting from technology, to a certain class of motor homes. Here people discuss all types of recreational vehicles from pop up trailers to toy haulers and even class A motor homes. It also covers tent camping, towing, equipment, appliances, repairs. It even covers RV parks, campgrounds and boon-docking.

  • The RV Forum is the oldest RV forum online covering over 30 topics on all aspects of RVing including a “for sale and wanted” forum, photography and hobbies which are not usually found on forums. On this forum people often write about their experiences on different campgrounds, service and repair experiences, outdoor activities….. The bottom line – this forum is loaded with handy information on different topics.
  • (Forums) is another site loaded with useful information about RVs. This is a very active site offering also classifieds and campgrounds. It has several sections dealing with different topics all connected to RVing.

... meeting place for Independent Nomads.....

Niche RV Forums:

  • Women RV is a forum where as its name says, women can share information, advice, fun. As expected, this forum has “unlimited (over 10,000) topics and large user base.
  • Mexico RV Forum is very interesting forum because it is dedicated to those who want to travel to Mexico in their RVs. 
  • My Old RV Forum is meant for RVers who want to renovate, remodel, upgrade or work on their old recreational vehicles. Its users find it very useful with over 1,400 topics.
  • Truck Campers Forum is for truck camper owners. This forum targets all topics relating truck campers, their maintenance and use.

RV Model Specific Forums:

  • Heartland RV Owners Forum
  • Redwood RV Forum
  • Forest River Forum
  • Sunline Owners Club Forum
  • CrossRoads RV Forum

Visitor's center....

A motor home RV forum on line is, like message boards, a place to discuss all aspects of RV-ing with experienced campers or newbies.

It is a way to ask questions, get ideas on the best campgrounds and RV parks, share experiences and even recipes.

You may even be able to trade for or buy parts from other RV’ers.

This is the place where I go daily :-)

This is what you will get at his Club:

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Most of forum sites have several different forums such as a full timer forum, mechanic’s forum, women’s forum, pet forums, recipe forums, handicapped, and senior forums.

Be sure to read the policy statement of any motor home RV forum on line you join. Most don’t allow discussion of politics or religion, although some forum sites do have a religion and politics board for those who are interested in these subjects.

We found a site that has short term volunteer projects that Rvers can participate in with other like minded Christians. Campers on Mission is sponsored by the Southern Baptist Convention. This forum connects Rvers with current projects.

To use these forums you need to be a member of the Good Sam Club, which normally costs about $25.00. However this membership not only includes access to forums, but discounts at RV parks and campgrounds, RV publications, phone service, RV insurance and much more.

There are motor home RV forums on line for each type of motor home, camper or trailer. There is folding trailer forum, a Class A motor coach forum and everything in between.

There is even a forum for owners of Glendale RV’s; Titanium RV. This lightweight fifth wheeler cost less in gas for towing. also has a fifth wheel RV forum on line for discussing fifth wheelers in general.

The open roads RV forum on line is part of They even have a singles forum for those who travel alone in their RV’s.

In addition to the Good Sam Club forums, I am a member of’s camper van forum. This is for Rvers who love their class B RV campers.

My friends Jack and Nan belong to the motor coach Class A forum as well as the general and the Rallies and Gatherings forums.

Whether you are thinking about buying your first mobile home or have owned sever RV’s, there is a motor home RV forum online where you can get and give advice.

For instance there are parks designed solely for high end Class A and C recreational vehicles. There are also campgrounds that are set up for the over 55 Rving population.

We here at Online Rving want you to enjoy the Rving lifestyle so join a couple of the motor home RV forums on line, like a newbie forum and any other that piques your interest.

Joining an RV discussion forum online is the best way to get information and is especially helpful in keeping in touch with Rving friends that you have met on the roads and ones you have not met yet.

You can also get information on rallies and other "get togethers" that are great fun to attend. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a motor home RV forum online now.

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