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Be sure that you purchase your motor home RV generator online from a reputable dealer that stands behind their product!

Every RV needs a generator because RVs are meant to travel to remote places that may not have power sources.

And obviously without the right power source you will not be able to use your motor-home’s appliances.

So you won't be able to watch TV or have access to hot water, you won't be able to use microwave, air conditioning, refrigerator or hair dryer.

Even when the campgrounds have hook ups, sometimes (especially in high season) it isn't always possible to plug into a power source because it may not be accessible. That's why owning a motor home RV generator is of great importance.

When it comes to purchasing a motor home RV generator, there are some things that you must consider:  whether you want installed or portable RV generator. The benefit of having a portable RV generator is that it can be also used for other needs besides just camping. These generators are less expensive and can be moved from one end of a campsite to another. However there are some downsides of having a portable generator and that is - they are much noisier and usually are less efficient in gas to power ratio (in other words they use more gas and produce less power). Also they must be manually loaded and unloaded into a truck bed or a trailer.

As opposite to portable RV generators, installed RV generators are always kept with the RV. They can use the same fuel as the RV uses and usually they draw the fuel from the large reservoir tank that motor home draws from. This means that installed generators don't have to be refueled. They are less noisy in comparison to portable RV generators but unlike the portable generators, they are more expensive. That means when they break down and need some major repair the cost will be significantly higher.

There are three main fuel types available for most motor home RV generators. These are gasoline, diesel and liquid propane or LP.

Gasoline motor home RV generators are units that as the primary engine use gasoline fueled internal combustion engine. They are mainly used for back-up power. In continuous operation, they can work from 4 to 12 hours.

Diesel motor home RV generators use diesel fuel for engine. These generators are very safe; they are quiet, durable, and efficient.

Propane motor home RV generators run on propane and are known as very low-noise generators. They are highly durable and what is the biggest benefit is that they can start at any weather conditions.

Another thing that should be considered when choosing the motor home RV generator is its power (wattage). It typically ranges from 2,000 to 15,000 watts. Some of these units come with a remote muffler and special start up capabilities, which is very convenient because you won't have to go outside in cold weather conditions.

The most famous manufacturers of motor home RV generators are Cummins Onan, Honda, Generac and Kohler while Yamaha, Gentron and Duromax are also worth mentioning.  All these companies produce very reliable RV generators that can provide you power when you need it.

Let's start with : "How to service your installed Cummins Onan RV Generator......

Cummins Onan is one of the best RV generator manufacturers. They produce reliable, quiet  and long lasting RV generators. They manufacture diesel, gasoline, and liquid propane generators.

  • Diesel Onan RV generators are very quiet. They are designed for all types of motorized RVs. They feature self-diagnostic capabilities minimizing troubleshooting.  Additionally, to make their operation easier, they have easy accessible maintenance points.
  • Gasoline Onan RV generators are smaller and are great for rear hitch travel trailers, truck type campers and folding campers. They are lightweight and very simple to hook up. When it comes to maintenance, they are not complicated because they have an accessible service port from one side.
  • Propane Onan RV generators are perfect for Sport Utility Trailers, Class A and C motor homes and fifth wheel trailers. These generators are very quiet because they have enclosed muffler and low vibration levels.

Honda RV generators are portable generators perfect for active RV life style.

They are compact, fuel-efficient and super quiet.

Due to Honda's Inverter Technology, they create "clean" and stable power making these generators ideal for sensitive electronic equipment.

Honda generators can power TV, coffee maker, small or large microwave, electric fry pan, small heater, fridge, or freezer  and  some models can even run an air conditioning unit.

Control & Monitoring panel of the Cummins-Onan Diesel RV generator

Generac produces motor home RV generators powered with gasoline, diesel, and liquid propane. Impact, Quietpact, and Primepact are models that are specially designed for recreational vehicles.

  • Impact Series is a computer controlled generator designed for truck campers, Class B and C motor homes.
  • Quietpact Series are fully enclosed gaseous generators designed for highline Class A and highline Class C motor homes. This series also offers fully enclosed diesel generator designed for Class A operations.
  • Primepact Series are high performance generators designed for highline Class C and highline Class A motor homes.

Beside these generators, Generac produces portable RV generators offering the output power of 12,500 and 15,000 watts.

Kohler motor home RV generators are very reliable offering features one could expect from Kohler products. They are lightweight and compact designs, they are very quiet, and due to single-side services they are ideal for recreational vehicles. Fueling options include gasoline, diesel and liquid propane while their output power ranges from 4KW to 20KW.

When it comes to where to buy motor home RV generators, the choices are numerous. First, each company manufacturing RV generators has many dealers selling their products. All these dealers may be found online. Besides dealers, Ebay and Amazon are also perfect places where you can shop for RV generators.

"Super-quite" 7500W Kohler RV gas generator

Visitor's story....

One thing you really need for any RV is a generator unless you are really going to rough it with no lights, radio, TV, refrigerator or AC.

A generator is a must for most RV users. You can get motor home RV generators on line.

The size, brand, fuel type and output of a generator is a matter of personal taste, power needs and money.

My personal belief is to buy the best generator you can afford.

After all, you have food to preserve, lights to keep on and you don’t want the DVD player to fail while the kids are watching a movie on a rainy day. If you already have a generator but it isn’t working properly, you can get a motor home RV generator parts online at Camping World .

Personally my favorite is generator Onan RV. I got mine at Camping World and have never had a problem with it. No matter what kind of mobile home you have you can get a generator or generators to suit your needs anywhere they sell motor home RV generator online. Camping world carries Generac and generator Honda RV, power sources and supplies.

They also have an automatic generator starter which can do away with the time you spend monitoring inverter load and batteries. Whether you have a luxury motor coach or a pop up trailer it will be easier for most to buy motor home RV generators online. Our friends Jack and Nan bought diesel generators RV size for their new motor coach.

One complaint we’ve heard from motor home owners, is that generators are noisy, and many are, but we here at Online Rving agree that the Onan Micro Quiet models are the most quiet RV mobile home generators available. Go to any campground or RV park and you will see expensive motor homes, mid range travel trailers and fold down campers.

Almost every one of them has a generator. One may have a Generac generator RV, another a Honda, and another a Kohler generator. The main thing is to get a generator with enough power to meet your needs. If your Kohler generator breaks down you can get power back to your recreational vehicle by purchasing generator Kohler part RV. Also it may be a smart move to buy a motor home RV portable unit to use in case your main generator fails.

It is possible to buy a motor home generator RV used. Just be sure it has been reconditioned or at least been thoroughly checked and cleaned up before you pay and ask for a warranty even if it is a limited one. It is possible to get generator parts for all types of motor home RV generators online to fit all brands of recreational vehicles.

The first stop should be at Camping World (may favorite on line store), if they don’t have it you can contact the manufacturer of the generator or the dealer that sold you the RV. There are dozens of websites that sell RV generators and parts to repair them. I have a Generac compressor for my camper van that I bought at Camping World. Just be sure that you purchase your motor home RV generator online from a reputable dealer that stands behind their product.

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