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Find what types of motor home RV storage racks are available on the market and where to buy them...

Types of storage racks

When it comes to Rvs and campers, having enough space for storage is always a problem.

This is why there are a lot of ways to store your stuff while you travel without crowding the living space.

Storage racks that go inside or on the top of the camper are great ways to save space and still bring along everything that you need for a trip.

Standard bike racks are probably the most commonly used and wanted storage racks for motor homes and other RVs. You can find bike racks that fit easily on top of the camper. Rooftop racks are in general very popular because they can be mounted and they are perfect for carrying bags, sports equipment or any extra luggage that doesn’t fit into the camper. You can also purchase special nets for the rooftop racks which assure that you won't lose anything while you travel.

Storage racks for RVs such as motor homes can also be used inside the camper. Inside a motor home or another type of RV it is especially important to make sure that nothing falls down while you are driving. For this purpose you can purchase storage racks which are not only the most convenient items to organize your stuff, but they also make sure that everything will stay in its place even on a bumpy road.

These racks can be mounted on the side walls and they are suitable for a better way of organizing and storing your things. There are storage racks where you can keep bottles of wine, water, oil or jars, and there are others which are made for storing your spices, dishes and food. Storage racks that are used inside the RV can be of many different shapes and sizes, so if you need to store something else besides the few examples mentioned above, you will surely find a suitable storage rack for it.

While most motor home RV storage racks are made of a durable aluminum, some are also made of plastic. While plastic is a widely used material, if you want something long lasting, then aluminum is a much better choice.

Where to buy storage racks for RVs

Storage racks can be purchased in all RV stores and also in some online shops, such as The Storage Shop. You can mount them yourself using a screwdriver to the desired spot in your motor home. Before you buy a storage rack or a rooftop rack make sure you have the right measurements.

Visitor's Story

When most people hear "motor home RV rear storage rack" they think of bike racks. However there is also an item called a Hitch Haul Carrier.This is a box without a lid which is attached to a trailer hitch. It is for carrying items too bulky or too messy to carry inside the mobile home.

We bought one in 2005 to haul our ice chests and fishing gear behind our van camper and attached a bike rack for our mountain bikes.

The hauler has re-drilled holes for bike racks and other accessories. You will need a hitch pin and clip. One complaint users have is that the written instructions are not clear. However they have also said that most people do not need instructions to install the rack. The hitch pin and clip costs approximately 22 dollars.

Other accessories you may want are a cargo net to hold stuff from flying out of the rack or shifting too much. One accessory I would urge you to get is the light kit. The tail lights of your motor home can be obscured by the rack and its cargo. Our friends Jack and Nan tow all of their wood carving tools in this carrier/rack mounted behind their 2006 motor coach.

Another RV rear storage rack is a bike rack. You can get a rack for just one bike or a rack that holds up to 5 bikes. We met a family who adapted their bike rack to hold their surf boards and water skis. They mounted the rack on the back of their fifth wheeler. There is also a two bike rack that mounts on the spare tire of your recreational vehicle.

The hitch haul carrier and bike racks allow you to store all these big bulky items safely outside your mobile home.

Sports equipment, kids toys, your BBQ grill, extra supplies and all the souvenirs you collect while on the road.

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