Motorcycle Tent Camper

Motorcycle tent campers provide just as much adventure as a pop up tent camper or a Teardrop camper.

There is nothing more interesting than biking in the countryside with your motorcycle tent camper.

It allows you to ride it into the mountains, feel the freedom, enjoy the nature, everything it offers and stay as long as you like.

Motorcycle tent camper is referred to the lightweight trailers, which is easily towed by the smallest car and larger motorcycles.

Most of them are pop-up variety and can be quickly opened and set up while still attached to the vehicle. Although they are small, some models may comfortably sleep four people.

How motorcycle tent campers are equipped

What makes this tiny tent campers amazing, is the fact that they are well equipped with all important amenities you may need while spending wonderful weekend in the wilderness. When you unfold your motorcycle tent camper the sleeping area is considerably above the ground, which makes this camper more practical unlike the tents where you have to sleep on the ground.

Some models may even include a cooler for the food, a portable air conditioner, and even small TV, have more storage, counter space and even hookups for electrical and water. Such motorcycle tent campers are heavier and require a larger motorcycle or small car to be towed.

They come in many varieties and sizes; they can be easily set up, sometimes in less than five minutes and are usually of aluminum construction, but sometimes plywood for cheaper models.

Motorcycle tent camper models

There are various models of the motorcycle tent campers like Mini Mate, The Time out, Roadman, Lees-ure Lite and so on.

  • Mini Mate is a lightweight camper, which has 15 cubic feet space available. This space may be used for storing camping gear, sleeping, or changing clothes. It has luggage rack with hard top which enables you to store bulky items.

Mini-Mate motorcycle camper

  • The Time Out is the largest pop-up motorcycle tent camper on the market. It standard features include a full-size bed, full-size door and four large screened windows, air conditioner, a table, air mattress and folding chair. There is 16 cubic feet space for storage. It is comfortable enough to live in for weeks.
  • Roadman is one of the best options for the campers. It has enough storage space (15 cubic feet), it is easy to pull-it takes approximately four minutes to set up and weigh around 225 lbs and have width of 38 inches. Additional space on the luggage rack can be used for storing camping gear. The canvas is made of waterproof and fire retardant material.
  • Lees-ure Lite is lightweight and strong at the same time. It is extremely easy to set up, you can open and close this camper with very little effort and with no problem in a very short time. It is made of high quality materials and boasts a unique folding design, which enables when open to double the length of the camper, adds floor space leaving enough space for a comfortable bed.
  • Trailmaster is a very small motorcycle tent camper that can be pulled with a small car or motorcycle. It is made of superior material; it is fast and easy to set up.
  • Bunkhouse is one of the smallest campers on the market, which include a table, cooler, screen room or clothes storage compartment.

Bunkhouse motorcycle camper

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Visitor's comments

Motorcycle tent campers provide just as much adventure as a pop up tent camper or a Teardrop camper.

The only difference is the size and shape, with limitations on accessories.

Even so, the pull behind tent camper is nice for traveling with on a motorcycle. You can still have many options with a tent camper and some nice accessories.

Older models such as a 1978 or a 1979 tent camper for a motorcycle might not have the accessories available today, but you might be able to add them. Today’s campers come with awnings, screen tents, and add a room feature, thick foam mattresses and air conditioning outlet. This makes a big deal when looking and comparing the years.

The camper travels well behind a motorcycle and provides for traveling to some of them big festivals around the country, like North Dakota or North Carolina for some great parties and fun time, sharing your stories with everyone else.

It is a known fact that people like to ride their bikes everywhere and taking a camper along that is lightweight, provides for lodging while you travel.

When I think about the accessories and the freedom allowed on a motorcycle, it makes me think about how free one must feel because of the open air and the ability to travel great distances when the area weather is good. Motorcycle tent campers have durable canvas tops and the hard shell exterior is tough enough to withstand any type of conditions.

I like to see people camping and when I see someone who travels this way, it leaves me with a feeling that they like the open air and this is why people get outdoors and camp to begin with, so why not ride a bike and enjoy the same adventures that we enjoy with other types of campers.

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