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Motorhome RV towing happens so it may be wise to know what do do, where to call, whom to ask....

Owning a motor home is an excellent solution for the campers who enjoy traveling across the country and enjoying all the beauties that nature may offer and enjoying outdoor activities.

But you will have a problem if you want to go to some urban areas with your large RV.

However, there is a solution. Some campers tow another car behind the motor home.

Having an extra car means more freedom. It will allow you to go into cities or to go out for a dinner while leaving your RV in the campground.

Towed cars are also known as toads or dinghies, they vary in size from compact size to large SUVs. Very often, when you arrive to the desired destination with your motor home, this towed vehicle is very useful. They can also be used for driving on mountain roads, narrow byways and other areas that are not convenient for large motor homes.

There are several different methods to tow a car behind the motor home. 

The first option is to place a car on an enclosed trailer and tow it with your motor home. This method allows you to bring some other items with you like bicycles.

The second option is to use a tow bar to bring your car along. This is the easiest method and is called flat-ground or dinghy towing. This method of towing is very convenience because all four wheels of the car are on the ground. The car looks as if it is driving. Instead, the car is attached to the motor home.

Flat towing keeps the tires on the car balanced and are worn evenly.

Another method of towing a car behind the recreational vehicle is with a car dolly. This method provides front wheels of the car to be off the ground, which will cause the tires to be worn unevenly. Dollies are usually more expensive way of towing a car with an RV then tow bars but less expensive than trailers.

What are advantages and disadvantages of towing additional vehicle behind a motor home?

Although there are many good reasons for towing additional car behind the motor home while traveling, there are some drawbacks. With your motor home and towed vehicle behind, it would be very difficult to find place for parking. Also it is very difficult to maneuver in traffic and you will considerably feel the decrease in fuel mileage.

Despite some drawbacks of towing a car behind a motor home, some campers think that it is much easier when going on vacation with a large motor home, to tow additional vehicle in order to make their holiday more interesting and fun. Most of them wouldn't like to spend their vacation at one place without leaving a campground where they stayed.

They would certainly love to wonder around and discover beauties and attractions near the campground. That would not be possible with your huge recreational vehicle. Having another car with you will give you more possibilities for enjoying all the adventures that surrounds the campground.

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Visitor's story.....

If you find yourself in need of a tow and you drive a RV, you might need a company that specializes in motorhome RV towing.

In most phone books, you will find listings under recreational vehicle towing. Some dealerships offer this service, because you will need the motorcoach or mobile home to have servicing if the problem affects the engine or other extreme circumstances.

A RV towing company will also come out and change a tire, bring you a battery or in some cases, they can fix your problem right where you sit.

When you find yourself in need and you are in a campground, they might have a service to recommend that works with the campgrounds to provide services to their guests. Many campgrounds work this way as another one of the ways to provide the best for all their occupants. If they need to tow your RV motorhome, you might be able to have a loner recreational vehicle to reside in until your camper is repaired. Just another wonderful service dealerships offer to attract your business.

I have never had to use the towing service, but both the big R and myself have known people who where camping and encountered problems that required a tow. In one instance, a family from Wisconsin had traveled to Florida and after arriving, the RV just shut down. The engine would not start and they needed help. A towing service was offered by the campgrounds. The service came to the campground and determined their engine had overheated.

In this case, all it was was a thermostat. The towing service went and got the needed part and installed it right at the campground. There was no inconvenience to the family at all.

Motor home RV towing does offer a service unlike other vehicle towing. Whether your recreational vehicle is a mobile home or another type of camper, you can rest assured, companies are there to help.

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