Oasis Vintage Travel Trailers

Oasis trailers were manufactured by Donhal Inc. at their plant in E. Washington,  Bellflower, CA. ....

They were produced from 1957 to 1969.

After initial positive response from the market, in 1958 the plant was expanded with Donald Herfter as the President.

The company produced travel trailers of various sizes ranging from 15ftt to 35ft.

They were advertised as “America’s finest vacation trailers” and targeted small families with  yearnings for the outdoors.

Oasis “Fifteen”

Also known as Oasis A-15 this canned-ham design trailer was 15ft long and 7ft wide and weighted 1750 lbs. The model was introduced in 1958. The exterior was made from aluminium. The kitchenette with the three burner stove, a wide sweep sink and spacious cabinet is at the side and the comfortable sofa which converts to bed in the back. This model was promoted by the company as ideal for sportsmen and vacationers. The dinette is near the wide front window.

Oasis F-16H

The length of this model is 16 ft and the width correspondingly 7 ft and 6 inches. The ribbed aluminium casing with accentuation lines in the middle added to its look.  At 2200 lbs body weight the trailer was easy to tow. The initial offer price for the 16 H was $1765. One of the unique features of the Oasis is the beautiful ash wood interior. Each corner of the wood panel is rounded to give it a nice “designer’s touch”. The bunk over the hitch provided additional sleeping space. There are eight windows including the front and back ones.

Original 1957 Oasis Travel Trailer

Oasis “Seventeen Six”

Along with Oasis “Fifteen”, the “Seventeen Six” happens to be one of the most popular models from the manufacturer. This model was introduced in the year 1958. It came in three distinctive versions including one with a twin bed. The interior was made to be comfortable for two adults and two children with good size convertible beds. The big and wide front window was suitable for enjoying the outdoor view while having a meal and traveling. In fact this brand featured one of the largest front windows of all brands of trailers.

 There was a tiny toilet and shower in this model. The closet next to the front door was spacious, well accommodation the needs of the travelling family. The trailer was fitted with propane lanterns. Other features include butane refrigerator, butane water heater and twin tanks, septic tank, marine type toilet, 24 gallon pressure water tank, fibreglass and foil insulation, electric and hydraulic brakes, 4” all welded steel frame, under seal and heavy-duty truck wheels and tires.

Tour of an old Oasis travel trailer just before renovation started

Oasis “Twenty One”

“Twenty One” was positioned by the company as a deluxe model with GE refrigerator, elegant stove, hide away table and the famous ash interior. For extra comfort the trailer was made with 2 and half inches floor and glued construction joints throughout. Rounded silhouette is typical for this vintage trailer, also distinguished by the “ogee” profile of the front section below the dinette window.

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