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The Pop Up Explorer

The Pop Up Explorer is the ultimate website for pop ups. It has a lot of information about tent trailers, such as articles of all kinds, classifieds and of course also a forum.

I found the forum very useful to discuss things related to pop ups. Thanks to this website you can easily find RV dealers in your area, and campgrounds as well. It was very handy for me to see what kind of campsites are in my area. The forum is also useful if you want to sell or buy a pop up camper. You need to register in order to start a thread or make posts on the forum of the Pop Up Explorer.


Jayco Owners

While this forum is somewhat limited if you are looking for general information about pop ups it is perfect if you own a Jayco pop up camper or you are planing to buy one. I used the forum when I was looking for a second hand Jayco pop up camper and I wanted to find out more about this brand.

On this forum you can find information basically about anything connected to Jayco pop ups such as technical questions, fixing problems, how tos, and information about different models. When I finally purchased my Jayco it helped me a great deal to restore certain facilities and fix some parts of the camper.


RV net

This is more general forum, which contains information about all kinds of campers, not only pop ups. Great if you want to see pros and cons of pop ups and find out more about your choices. They do have a separate place for posts and threads regarding folding trailers, such as pop up campers of all kinds.

There are many answers provided here for technical questions about pop ups, such as the system functionality of different models and answers for those who are looking to buy their first pop up. I used this forum to gather information before I decide what kind of pop up to buy.



While this forum is made for off road cars and technical information, I also found it useful for off road pop up camper information. If you want to know how to convert your pop up into an off road trailer, then this place contains enough technical information for you to do so. Besides this the website also has a pretty nice photo gallery.


Expedition Portal

This is an RV website for adventurers, with a forum also for pop up camper owners. In order to see all the posts you have to register. Since the website is more of a sports/adventurer website, it contains information mostly about pop up truck campers. However, I found it useful for pop up shopping, such as choosing the best camper brand for my needs.


Other forums

Besides the pop up camper forums and the technical forums there are other places where you can find posts about pop ups that could be very useful Several websites offer forums where there are certain threads concerning pop up campers. These posts usually concern daily issues about pop ups such as maintenance and ideas to make your camper even nicer. For more general pop up related topics these websites are also great. I used them to find the most basic information about tent trailers such as how to store them and how to use them.

Some websites that we created to find answers to your questions, such as about.com can be pretty handy when looking for something specific about pop ups. A lot of people use such websites to ask questions and get answers, and these are very useful because you can always see different opinions thus have a perspective upon the subject. On such websites I found information related to camping, such as what you need to take with you when camping, campsite rules, traveling with pets, staying warm during camping and more.

Visitors Story

Pop up camper forum allows you to express your stories and travel experiences with others.

Forums allow you to discuss your 5 wheeler or 2 wheeler with others and maybe share ideas and accomplishments. I would like to see the pop up camper forum fill with some information about New York campgrounds and North Carolina.

I get to those states once and awhile, but not enough to know the hot spots.

The pop up camper forum could include people talking about there truck pop up campers as well tent popup campers. So many interesting things for a forum post. You could tell everyone about your van camping experiences if you have some or about the best place you ever traveled. Sharing stories and fascinating facts are informative and enjoyable to read. It is also a good way to keep in touch with fellow campers who you might want to hook up with again or meet some new friends.

The pop up camper forum provides many reasons to come and visit one all the time. You may learn about a future get together as well as news alerts on products. Forums can provide some great information. You may which to talk about a service you provide to campers as well as tell people about your campsite of choice, but either way, you will be able to communicate with everyone around the country.

The idea pop up camper forum would be to see everyone who camps, tell a story that has happened to them or somebody else. This is a funny side of camping or there may be some sad stories that one would share that may help other people. Either way the pop up camper forum is an excellent way to communicate with everyone from all over the world.

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