Pop up Camper Roof Repair

Tips and advices about how to make pop-up camper roof repair easy!

If you ever find yourself in need of pop up camper roof repair, there are many ways this can be done.

If your top is old and weathered, you may wish to just buy a new canvas top.

This is not as expensive as you might think.

When you think of the years of use you get from the top, you will find this a sound investment.

Canvas tops can be ordered from the company or from a company that makes top for campers.Some manufactures of the camper do supply the canvas for campers that they produce. Otherwise there are companies that take your make and model information and can make you a canvas top. Pop up camper roof repair should not be a chore and it’s not.


The top itself is very easy for you to install by yourself once you receive the finish canvas top. The top is very important to a camper and should be taken care of in order to protect the stitching and the material on your camper top to ensure a long wear of the canvas. Pop up camper roof repair shouldn’t have to be done for a long time after installing a new top as long as you keep the condition of the canvas in great condition.

I have found that the Jayco, Fleetwood and Coleman campers have websites that mention being able to make tops for the pop up camper roof repair needs. In some cases the top made be made especially for the customer and may take a little time, but for the most part I have found that three weeks is a normal waiting time.

Now if you have a leak in the canvas you can repair the leak to ensure that the inside of your camper stays dry. There are products that are made especially for this type of repair. You don’t want to use a product that is not made for the type of material that your canvas is made from. Some products can cause more damage if they are not recommended for that type of material. When you consider doing pop up camper roof repair, you will want to explore all options.

Whether you live in Colorado or California camping is always going to be a favorite for everyone. Taking your trailer out and traveling to your destination can be so relaxing and a good canvas top is needed in order to enjoy a great camping experience. The top can be cared for with the fine products that can be purchased from dealers or online.

Starcraft tent trailer (popup) roof repair by Mark

Jayco, Coleman and Fleetwood all recommend using the right waterproofing treatment that is meant for the type of canvas you have. Just don’t go to the hardware store and buy any repellent that says for canvas, it may do more harm than good. The proper repellent when applied correctly can protect your canvas from losing its waterproof ability.

Even if you go camping in Arkansas you still will need a good, dry canvas top. They still have rain there, but not as much as every where else. Patch kits can be purchased for those little tiny leaks or tears. When you follow the directions everything works out for the best. Popup camper roof repair can be done correctly to ensure you have a perfect camping trip.

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The roof of a pop up camper keeps the canvas part tight and dry. Damaged roof is not only a problem in itself, but it can cause many other issues. If there are cracks on the roof, then water can leak inside and damage the inner part of the camper, not to mention the discomfort caused by dampness inside.

The roof of pop up campers is usually made of more layers, such aluminum, Styrofoam, plywood or fiberglass. The top is usually coated with caulking or some sort of sealant.

To start inspecting the roof use a scraper and scrape off old caulking from the roof. You will see easier all holes and racks on the roof once you have done this. Wash the top of the roof with dishwasher liquid and a brush.

Once it is clean dry it. To repair the roof of the pop up camper you will need sealing tape or other sealing products that you can purchase from the RV store. New caulking should be used especially along the seams.

Some areas of the pop up camper roof are more likely to be damaged than others. Most of the times there is a leaking around the old screw holes. You should remove them and seal them with caulking or other sealing agents. The new screw should be bigger than the old one, so it fills the hole and gets rid of the old, damaged material around it. Apply more sealant in the areas of the pipe holes, roof vents and edges.

So now you know a little more information about pop up camper roof repair. It is not real hard to take care of your canvas top, and pop up camper roof repair can be done by yourself once you have the proper materials. Replacement is as simple as ordering the canvas and installing it in less than an hour.

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