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Pop up campers are very convenient and cheap travel trailers, but one of their fallback is that they don’t have a lot of storage space.

Due to this fact you often have to find alternatives for carrying around things that you need while camping.

Pop up campers have a fiberglass roof which is quite strong, therefore this is a suitable place for a roof rack.

Roof racks can be of many types, sizes, and they can also serve various purposes. They are often made of aluminum, which is perfect for a pop up camper because it is lightweight and easy to install. Depending on the type of pop up you have and the type of roof rack you buy, usually roof racks have to be bolted on top of the camper.

How to use a roof rack

There are many roof racks, and most of the times people use them to carry bicycles on the top of their trailer. Bike racks are strong and they keep your bike in place while you are driving.

However, roof racks can be used for many other things besides carrying bicycles. Since most pop ups don't have so much space inside for storing things, you can use the roof racks to strap on things and this way use it as a storage place.

Fishing equipment, small boats, hiking equipment and other similar things can be easily placed on the top of the pop up camper on the roof rack and safely transported. Once you have a roof rack you can also purchase a net and carry luggage on top of the trailer. Some people make home made roof racks for their pop up campers, which is also an option if you have the possibility for it.

"Homemade" canoe rack for pop-up camper

How to choose a roof rack

Before you buy a roof rack for your pop up camper, you have to determine which size to buy.

Another important thing that you have to do is look in the campers manual and see how much weight the camper roof can hold. While pop up campers are somewhat standardized, they do differ in size and the material of the roof can also vary. Usually however pop up campers cannot carry heavy loads, but bicycles and fishing equipment should be fine.

Roof racks come in many sizes, from very small ones to large ones that cover almost the whole roof. Some roof racks can be adjusted, so you can use them for different purposes. There are also special roof racks made specifically for bicycles. When you can determine what you will use the roof rack for, you can start looking for one.

Where to buy roof racks

Discount Ramps and Sport Rack are the two best places to buy roof racks from for pop up campers. Both of these companies have online stores where you can look for the ideal roof rack. Other places where you can buy cheaper roof racks are eBay or Yakaz, or your local RV store. If you don't find roof racks made for pop up campers in the RV store, keep in mind that almost any roof rack is suitable, it just has to be lightweight and fit with to the size of the camper.

Try Amazon.com for the best deals:

Visitor's Story

The pop up trailer roof racks are great for hauling all those extra belonging you think you may need when you head out. I have found many different types and I have found they are all pretty good ideas for the avid campers.

Whether you have a Jayco, Fleetwood or a Coleman like I have, you can get some really nice pop up camper trailer roof racks.The storage compartment pop up camper roof rack comes in five different sizes. Most of these types of storage compartments have gas cylinders that hold the top open when you are loading them.

The latches are heavy duty metal and secure the lids with pin locks. The design of these pop up camper trailer roof racks are made in such a way as to reduce wind resistance with there rounded corners.

The pop up camper trailer roof rack for bikes is made to either go on a car or the top of you pop up camper. When you go camping especially with kids, you will want to take the bikes.

This bike rack offers a great way to haul the bikes along for some good sightseeing. If you’re heading to Washington or Vermont, sightseeing on a bike is the only way to see the beautiful sights that these states have to offer.

The pop up trailer roof racks are an excellent idea for taking everything you could possibly need when camping. The storage compartments are the ideal problem solver for people who are traveling with families. The last thing you need to do is be crowded in a car and have to sit among supplies as well. So compartment storage units are great for solving this problem.

Even if you have a storage pop up camper trailer roof rack, you can still have a bike rack as well. The both of them will fit as long as your camper size allows for it. If you run into a top space problem, you can always use a rear bike rack to haul the bikes. This makes it possible no matter which way you choose to take everything along.

Once you have the pop up trailer roof rack installed and you’re all ready to go, the only thing to be concerned with now is getting to your destination. If your heading to Virginia you might want to see some of the beautiful caverns that a just wonderful to tour and experience the sights they have to offer. This is a state that offers a great deal of history relating to science and how things have changed from the past.

Pop up camper trailer roof racks can be obtained from any RV dealers or at online stores on the internet. These units are not too expensive when you consider all the space you will be freeing up in the car. Like with any traveling and camping trip storage is important and this will be an extra added plus.

Now that you have some information about pop up camper trailer roof racks, you can decide what you want to do; the sizes are between 10 cubic feet and 25 cubic feet. This definitely gives you size options that can accommodate your storage needs. The pop up camper trailer roof racks are very durable and made to with stand all temperatures as well as giving you a long life of durability.

The pop up camper trailer roof rack for bikes will also last a long time as it is made of a metal product that resists rusting. This is a plus as well as being affordable.

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