Pop up Camper Travel Trailer Heaters

Pop-up camper travel trailer heaters for longer vacation season

If you are a pop-up camper travel trailer owner and enjoy winter activities in the mountain campsites, you have to think how you can warm up your pop-up camper.

Types of pop-up camper travel trailer heaters

There are several solutions to pop-up travel trailer heating you can take into consideration in order to use your travel trailer during cold winters if you can enjoy all the charms of the winter camping.

You can use electric, kerosene, or catalytic propane heaters.

Electric heaters come in many different types. Among them, some are more suitable for travel trailers than others. Their power consumption is between 300 and 1500 watts. The main advantage of the electric heaters is that they are 100% efficient and create no harmful byproducts. The most common electric heater in campers is the so called "cube heater", a very compact electric heater with very powerful fan. Very popular camper electric heater brands are Holmes and Pelonis.

-Holmes models are widely available and very popular because they are well-built and seem to be extremely durable. They feature two modes-low and high. These heaters are pretty small, approximately 8" on each side thus making them very functional inside the travel trailer. Another advantage of this electric heater is its price. It is fairly cheap, and can be found for $20 to $30.

- Pelonis models are more expensive than Holmes heaters but have some better features. The fan is quieter, the electric thermostat is more accurate, and consistent compared to the mechanical thermostat in the Holmes. It is very quality heater and its price is about $70.

 Radiant electric heaters are another option for heating your pop-up camper travel trailer. These heaters emit a beam of infrared light, which is absorbed by the body it is aimed at. Interesting fact about these heaters is that they don't have fans so they are absolutely silent.  It is energy saving appliance as it is only 800 watts and when you sit in front of the heater, it gives you the feeling like sitting in front of the fireplace. There are various radiant electric heaters, which can be found for $20.

Kerosine heaters are another way of warming up your travel trailer. As kerosene burns less cleanly than propane, these heaters emit dangerous gases and pose a serious risk in enclosed spaces. Furthermore, they smell badly. This make them less interesting and popular option for heating your campers.

Catalytic propane heaters differ from other propane heaters because the propane is combined with oxygen to create heat on the surface of a hot platinum catalyst, which means there is no open flame. This type of camper heater is very safe because of the absence of an open flame and relatively low temperature. Thanks to the "clean" burning of the propane, a catalytic heater doesn't have to be vented outside so it is very convenient for travel trailers. It is very quite heater and most of them use little or no electricity. The most famous brand of catalytic propane heaters is Olympian.

Olympian produces several models of heaters, which are suitable for travel trailers. Some of them are Wave-3, Wave-6, Wave-8, 3100 ODS, 6100 ODS, 8100 ODS, 6100 ET, 8100 ET.

Visitor's Story

Now this accessory that everyone likes, pop up camper heaters. Made for those cool and damp nights out on the road.Many types of heaters are available for tent pop up campers, as well as 5 wheeler and a truck pop up trailer. Van conversions only supply heat from the van itself, which could result in many problems, running out of gas comes to mind.

Travel experience should be fun and comfortable for the entire family, sometimes pop up camper travel trailer heaters are needed for warming the little ones in damp weather. Whether you choose a trailer with a heater or add on later, you will find this allows you to travel longer in the year and still enjoy warmth and great times.

Heaters do came in handy, but even if you don’t have pop up camper travel trailer heaters, like in a camper for a motorcycle lover you can still travel with you r bike and camper all over the country side during good weather. Montana and Missouri are beautiful scenic rides on a motorcycle and people are just amazed at the site they see and experience on the open road.

Pop up camper travel trailer heaters are like another comfort from home. You have air conditioning for those hot, sticky nights and heaters for those cool and damp nights. What more could you ask for while camping with friends and having the time of your life on the road.

With the accessories that come with a tent pop up camper you will surely not miss being home at all, in fact you will like it better, because you do not have to mow the grass, or take out the garbage!

Have someone else mow that grass while you’re traveling, and then just sit back and relax.

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