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If you have never been RV-ing and are considering buying a mobile home, we suggest that you first rent an RV motor home online....

Renting an RV has many benefits.

You can enjoy it for a wonderful weekend and even longer without having to deal with it and maintain it all year long.

Most people don’t have the time to go away every weekend or even every month therefore investing into an RV doesn’t always makes sense.

If you love getting away and enjoying the wilderness and nature a few times a year, renting a motorhome is the best option for you.

There are several companies that offer motorhome and RV rentals, and they all have different types of RVs. Here are a few that are well known, reliable and that have well maintained, great quality RVs.

1.    RVS Motorhome Hire

Located in South Yorkshire, this company has all kinds of motorhomes for rent. They have well maintained motorhomes that won’t let you down no matter how long your trip is. All vehicles that they have come with heating, warm water, en suite bathroom and media systems, so you can be sure that you will feel like at home.

Their RVs for rent include 2-4 Berth Low Profile Chausson, 4-5 Berth High Profile Ace Milano, and 6 Berth High Profile Swift. You can visit their website for current rental prices where you can also see detailed information about each camper that they offer for rent.

43' Tiffin Allegro Bus from Luxurious RV Rentals

2.    El Monte RV

Here you can start a live chat with one of the members of the company who will help you locate the desired RV that is the closest to your area. The website is also easy to use, having options for those who are looking for RVs in their own location. They have RV pickup places in almost every state of the USA.

They have class A bus style RVs, class C cab over style RVS, class C slide out cab over style motorhomes, various models of fifth wheels and travel trailers. They also offer travel packages for RV enthusiast who are eager to enjoy some time in nature.

3.    Cruise America

They rent compact, standard and large size RVs and have many further options. You can rent an RV from this company in the USA, Canada and Alaska. You can use their program on the website to locate the motorhome that is close to you for a pickup.

All of their motorhomes come with a shower and air conditioner, so you can enjoy even the hottest summer days in the desert. Most of the vehicles also come with media and entertainment systems, fridge, stove, microwave oven and more. Visit the website of this company for great vacation ideas and tips for travel planning.

4.    Silver stream RV hire

This family business is quite large and offers luxurious motorhomes of many kinds. They offer mostly class A buses with luxurious and comfortable interiors. Some of their RVs include the Articulated Dream, one of the biggest and most fancy motorhomes ever made, or the Four Winds Hurricane with a double lounge slide. Their Sky Deck motorhome has air conditioning, under floor heating, flat screen TVs, toilet, shower and more.

5.    RV rental outlet

This recreational vehicle rental in Arizona has class C rentals, temporary housing rentals, class A motorhomes, travel trailers and toy haulers for rent. You can browse through the available RVs for rent according to model, year of making, locations, price, size and more.

This way you can easily narrow down your search and find what you are looking for, no matter how specific it is. Their rates vary by season, but you can call them and find out more information. You can also visit their store if it is more convenient for you.

And now let's see the presentation of Luxury RV & Motorhome Rentals across the USA, serving the states of; Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Kentucky, California, Arizona, Nevada, New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware.

Visitor's story....

You might want to take a few trips in different types of recreational vehicles to determine if you enjoy the RV lifestyle and which type of motor home you want to buy.

The kind of motor home you rent depends on whether you have a vehicle capable of towing an RV, which of the RV’s you tried appeals more and a big factor, how much you want to spend.

Towable RV’s include travel trailers, fifth wheelers, foldable campers, and the pop up tent trailer. Motorized RV’s include the Class A motor coach, camper vans and bus conversions. You can rent an RV motor home online.

Many people choose to rent RV trailer online rather than buy a motor coach for the occasional vacation trip. They don’t want the hassle of maintenance, payments, insurance for an RV that may be used, at most, for two weeks out of the year.

Mike, my friend Joe’s son, wants to visit the National Parks around Vegas such as Zion, Grand Canyon and Death Valley. Mikey, his son, wants to see Hoover Dam so the family plans to rent RV Las Vegas online.

Cruise America is a good place to find a motor home RV 4 rent. They are pretty much nationwide so you should be able to find a dealer in your area. If you want to rent from Cruise America you can call them at 1-800-RV4-rent if you’d rather not give your personal information on line.

As a member of the Good Sam Club I got turned on to Cruise America by folks on the forums at Good Sam Club!

 Typing 1-800-rentrv or 1-800 RV for rent into your search engine will take you to web pages with lots of links to RV rental companies. Cruise America is generally one of the first rental agencies you will see. It is just as easy to rent an RV motor home online as it is to rent a car.

No matter where in the U.S. you want to visit, Rving makes it cheaper and more fun. You don’t have the problems of waiting in line at airports, eating all meals in restaurants, or of having to keep to a schedule set up by a tour guide.

Want to go to the beach and the kids want to go to a theme park, but you don’t want to pay big hotel and restaurant bills? You might want to rent RV Florida. If you and the kids like biking, water skiing, etc. you may want to rent a toy hauler to carry all of the gear.

Are you interested in visiting national parks, seashores and deserts? Consider an RV rent California. If you rent an RV motor home online in California but live elsewhere you must include the cost of getting to California in your expenses.

If you like luxurious surroundings when you rent an RV motor home online try to get a motor coach. The interiors can rival high end hotel rooms in their amenities.

A web search for motor home rent America RV led me to RV America, a site that has links to RV rental agencies in every state. They also have articles on buying and renting RV’s.

But my favorite site to look for new or used trailers is RV USA. They have many resources for both buyers and sellers.

I mention this because in my experience many people who rent an RV motor home online, eventually buy one.

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