Retreat Hyper 200R ERV

The series of Retreat Hyper ERVs includes five floorplans with body lengths ranging from 18ft 6” to 22ft 6”.  Below are specs for the 20ft long 200R model...

The previous page provided the detailed description of the Retreat Hyper series of all-electric travel trailers. 

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Otherwise, let's continue to technical specifications:

Retreat ERV Hyper 200R

Source: Caravan Camping Sales (Australia)

Off-road characteristics

      The Retreat Hyper 2200R is designed for long stays in an “out-of-civilization” environment. For that, it was not only equipped with mentioned above features, appliances, amenities. It was also designed with special care to take you safely to hidden spots, to drive you over unbeaten paths, and even where there are no paths at all, and you will be first to make them!

To provide this capability (as well as to promise high reliability), the dual-axle Hyper EVR comes with Extreme Duty independent off-road coil suspension, high clearance, AT tires, and Cruisemaster DO35 coupling. With the rugged body and almost zero level of dust penetration (if at all), front stone-deflector, recovery points, and crash-resistant underbelly you can safely plan your next adventure.

Heavy-duty off-road suspension with twin shocks

Source: Retreat Caravans

Specifications (Model Hyper 200R)

Exterior length

Body length

Exterior width

Exterior height

Interior headroom

Dry weight



Tongue weight (1)

Fresh water tank

Drinking water tank

Grey water tank

Black water (2)

Installed power

Battery Power


27.2 ft (8.28m)

20.3 ft (6.2m)

94.1” (2.39m)

118.1” (3.0m)

79.5” (2.02m)

6,208 lbs  (2,816 kg)

1,508 lbs (684 kg)

7,716 lbs (3,500 kg)

430 lbs  (195 kg)

2 x 39 gals (2 x 110 liter)

17.2 gals (65 liter)

39 gals (110 liter)


17 x 107W (1.7kW)

14.3 KW

Power, full length

1. Corresponds to Dry Weight conditions

2. Cassette toilet includes a dedicated flush and black tanks


  • Chassis:  Off-road, SuperGal, 6” x 2” (150mm x 50mm) laser-cut main rails w/cross sections and 6” extended A-frame

Note: SuperGal refers to the hot-dipped galvanization process in which RHS (rectangular hollow sections) are galvanized on both - external and internal surfaces.

  • Body:    Fiberglass Composite, Proprietary RXP construction w/outer aluminum and inner fiberglass finish

Note: RXP is a structure designed to improve the cabin’s thermal properties (stay warmer in the winter and cool during the summer)

  • Isolation: Floor, walls, and roof
  • Floor: Composite, insulated
  • Protection: Front stone deflector, sides, rear, and wheel spats checker plates
  • Windows: Double-glazed
  • Axle: Dual
  • Suspension: ARV Alpha Extreme Duty independent off-road coil suspension (possible Al-Ko)
  • Wheels: MPC alloy rims, 265/R16 AT Mickey Thomson tires
  • Brakes: 12”, electric drums
  • Coupling: CruiseMaster D035

DO35 Coupling. Source: Retreat Caravans

Mickey Thomson AT tires. (Source: Retreat Caravans)


  • Door curtain
  • Dimond series leather upholstery (includes seat bases, magazine holder….)
  • Fiberglass- interior finish

Bedroom w/ fragment of the dinette

Source: Retreat Caravans (2019 ERV - 17,000km in a Fully Electric Caravan | Truly Off-Grid Experience) YT

Bedroom (Sleeping quarter)

  • Queen-size bed (72.8” x 60.6”) w/storage   
  • Pillowtop mattress
  • 3-pieces bed head
  • Numerous wardrobe cabinets
  • Reading lights
  • Power outlets
  • MaxiFan w/rain dome

Fragment of the kitchen and dinette

Source: NewAtlas (All-electric off-grid glamping trailer ditches gas for solar power)

Thetford Topline 902 Induction cooktop

Source: Thetford

Weber Pulse 1000, Electric BBQ on the exterior slide-out.

Source: Retreat Caravans (ERV Promo Reel Video) YT

Coleman fridge on an external slide-out. Source: Retreat Caravans


  • Thetford Topline 902 Induction cooktop w/2 “burners”), (Induction zones 1 x 1.4 kW (1.8 kW Boost) / 1 x 1.8 kW (2.3 kW Boost)), black ceramic glass
  • Microwave/Convection Oven/Grill
  • 224-liter (7.9 cu. ft) compressor fridge w/freezer
  • Black single-bowl sink w/lid and faucet
  • Cabinets w/ Acrylic doors and self-closing drawers
  • Weber Pulse 1000, Electric BBQ (exterior slide-out)
  • Dinette w/storage
  • 9.5 gallons (36 litter) Coleman Fridge (exterior slide-out)

C263-CS - Ceramic cassette toilet, here with removed cassette

Source: Thetford

Bathroom. Source: Retreat Caravans

NCE Washing Machine (Source: Retreat Caravans)


  • Fiberglass-shower (separate cubicle)
  • Thetford, ceramic cassette toilet
  • Black accessories (sink, faucet, holders, rails….)
  • Mirror
  • Cabinets
  • 2 towel rails
  • NCE top loader washing machine

Power Awning (Source: Retreat Caravans)


  • Double electric steps
  • 1 Jerry can holder
  • A-frame mounted Tool-Box
  • Full-length Dometic Power Awning
  • Trail-A-Mate Jack (Hydraulic jockey wheel that can be converted into a jack w/solid base plate when needed).
  • Fold-down Picnic table
  • Slide-out Weber barbecue
  • Power Awning

The concept of the "Trail-a-Mate" hydraulic jack.

Source: Autobox

  • outdoor TV (Option)


  • Typical 16 x 107W (1712 W) roof-mounted solar panels (possible up to 2,400 W depending on the length of the model)
  • Chassis-integrated 14.3 kW/h Lithium-Ion Battery w/MasterVolt’s BMS (Battery Management System)
  • CEMS (Central Energy Management System
  • 48Vdc/240Vac main installation (110Vac for US versions).
  • 5 kW Smart Inverter
  • External 240V hook-up
  • External 12V plug
  • 12V Circuit breaker
  • 3 x USB ports
  • Entrance steps light
  • 2 x Floodlights
  • 4 x exterior lights


  • 24” smart TV w/arm
  • TV antenna
  • Fusion, Premium Stereo System
  • 2 x interior, 2 x exterior speakers


  • 2 x 110l (2 x 39 gals) Freshwater Tank w/ galvanized guards
  • 110l (39 gals) Grey Water Tank w/galvanized guards
  • 65 l (17.2 gals) Drinking Water Tank
  • Built-In Water Filter
  • 6.3 gallons (24 Liter), 240Vac Electric Hot Water System
  • 12V water pump
  • Top Loader 3kg Washing Machine
  • Outside Shower
  • Exterior Plumbing Pipe Protection
  • Manifold Water Distribution System

Truma's storage compartment air conditioner and heater in one

Source: Truma

Under-bed storage: Truma Sapphire Heater/AC unit

Source: Retreat Caravans (ERV Promo Reel Video) YT

Climate Control

  • Truma Sapphire Heater/AC unit

Retreat Hyper (model 199R): Front Stone Deflector an Tool-Box housing the slide-out fridge

Source: Retreat Caravans

Hyper 199R: Full view of the Front Stone Deflector

Source: Retreat Caravans


  • Spare wheel
  • Front 3-arms bumper bar
  • Recovery points
  • Dexter sway control
  • Rear camera w/monitor
  • Front Stone deflector

The bottom line: ERV Hyper 200R opens a new era in the RV-ing lifestyle. The time when the length of your off-road adventure is only limited by the amount of water and food you can carry just came. And actually, the limiting factor will be rather your available time. Enjoy, and be sure, while it’s just the beginning, it will last!

Note: The Retreat ERV Hyper series was designed for the Australian climate (read it – a lot of sun). Its energy system’s characteristics will be certainly affected under more cloudy skies, in areas with shorter days, lower position of the sun above the horizon ….

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