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Do the research for yourself and compare the benefits and drawbacks of the RV gas and diesel motor home offerings.

RV Diesel motor homes are recreational vehicles known as diesel pushers because the large diesel engine on the motorhome is located in the rear of the vehicle.

This engine pushes the vehicle powerfully from the rear down the road.

Most RV diesel motor homes are class A motor homes which means they are built on the chassis of the bus or a commercial truck.

RV Diesel motor homes are ideal for long camping trips and climbing through the mountains because they are very powerful and comfortable at the same time.

They resemble a large bus and they are equipped with a range of modern conveniences from a microwave oven to shower. These motor homes are generally more expensive than their gasoline-powered cousins but are perfect for rough terrains and will surely squeeze more miles than gasoline motor homes.

RV Diesel motor homes are the largest and the most luxurious recreational vehicles of all motorized RVs.

The most popular RV Diesel motor homes manufacturers are Winnebago, Thor, Itasca.

Winnebago RV Diesel motor home models are Journey, Tour.

Winnebago Journey RV Diesel motor home is perfect example of luxurious and comfortable motor home featuring Corian solid-surface countertops and backsplashes, coffee glazed hardwood cabinetry, Ultraleather furniture and top of the line entertainment features. Winnebago Journey provides world-class ride including plenty of storage.

Winnebago Tour RV Diesel motor home provides elegant living with many luxurious amenities inside and outside. It has solid foundation built upon tag-axle chassis with lowered –rail construction, it has powerful diesel engine. There are two excellent floorplans with premium interior amenities like Corian countertops, porcelain tile flooring, LED ceiling lights, a secure safe, electric fireplace.

Tour of the Thor Tuscany RV Motorhome

Thor RV Diesel Motor homes models are Tuscany, Palazzo.

Thor Tuscany RV Diesel motor home is luxurious motor home that is ready for every kind of jouney. It is equipped with high-end amenities. Tuscany motor homes offer spacious living areas, full sized king beds, large wardrobes, large storage, beautiful furniture and many more amenities that provide traveling with comfort and style.

Thor Palazzo RV Diesel motor home is compact and easy to drive motor home with everything you may need on a trip. The features include refrigerator in stainless steel, 3-burner gas cooktop, microwave oven in stainless steel, solid surface countertops, large double bowl sink, 32"LCD TV in living room and 26"LCD TV in bedroom, 13" and 22" LCD TVs in bunk beds, DVD player, queen size bed, large shower and so on.

2013 Itasca Meridian 36M Motor Home

Itasca RV Diesel motor home models are Meridian, Ellipse.

Itasca Ellipse RV Diesel motor home feature stunning interior elements such as Corian countertops, porcelain tile flooring. It is fully loaded with luxurious and fine details that will make any journey into a dream. It is equipped with either queen or king size bed in the master bedroom. Also it has plenty of extra sleeping space with the rest easy sofa beds. The kitchen is also fully equipped for meal preparation and bathroom is also very roomy.

Itasca Meridian RV Diesel motor home is one of the most sought motor homes because it is built and designed for long trips. The luxury and comfort inside the motor home is high-level featuring Corian solid surface countertops and back splashes, coffee-glazed hardwood cabinetry, ultraleather furniture and lot of other amenities  which makes this motor home a perfect choice.

Visitor's story....

While diesel fuel costs more than gasoline to purchase, you can get much better mileage from diesel which can amount to considerable savings on a long RV motor home trip.

If you have a towable RV like a class C or 5th wheeler, be aware that the fuel consumption of your tow vehicle will rise dramatically as the truck will have to work harder.

Our camper van runs on gasoline and doesn’t cost us much more to run than our passenger van did, but if we had one of the bigger RV’s I’d opt for diesel.

Diesel for your recreational vehicle is available at just about every gas station in the country, so there is no worry about availability.

Our friends Jack and Nan have a new diesel motor coach that is less than a year old and they claim that due to the increased mileage, their running cost is actually less than they had with their old gasoline motor home.

If you are towing a car or toy hauler for your four wheeler, your fuel consumption will increase and you would do well to choose a diesel powered rig. After all, long haul trucks use this fuel because of the greater fuel efficiency. However gasoline burns cleaner.

When you set out to buy a towable mobile home, whether a 5th wheeler or travel trailer, you will have to have a vehicle capable of pulling the load. If you already have a truck then you don’t have a choice of fuel type. But if you have the RV and will be buying a new truck, I’d opt for diesel. It will cost less in the long run.

We own a camper van, however two years ago we rented a diesel class A to take our six grandchildren to Orlando to do the Disney park vacation trip. It was perfect. Except for lunch, we cooked all of our own meals and didn’t have to worry about the kids making noise in hotel rooms.

Most manufacturers offer both diesel and gasoline versions of their mobile homes, although sometimes you have to special order one or the other.

Do the research for yourself and compare the benefits and drawbacks of the gas and diesel motor home offerings.

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